Monday, May 16, 2016

BJD Bag and Paper Pleasures

I love, Love, LOVE all the Alpacasso stuff that's out there!  The other day, I felt (hahahaha) inspired to make this kawaii little bag for my shop.  It's hand sewn from blue, white, pink and black felt, with a teensy embroidered nose and mouth, and has a tiny hook and loop closure.  The strap is white plastic chain, and there's a lobster clasp for easy on-and-off. :)  I couldn't stop myself from adding a super cute bag charm of tiny cubes and stars.  More pics in my Etsy lising.

 I'm definitely going to have to make some to keep.

In other news, I got this super cool book at B&N.

 It's in Dutch and English (though there's not much writing) and is crammed with yummy papers, envelopes (to cut and fold), cards, stickers, buntings, and even a pop-up dollhouse and paper dolls.  I decided to send out some Snail Mail using my new trove of paper goodies, and my first piece went out to Mollusc's Godmother today.  I can't wait 'til she gets it. :D

Almost ready to send out my book to the publisher.  For reals.

And as a final note, I learned today that one of my favourite (out of 2) professors at UW-Madison passed away in March.  Requiescat in pace, Professor Baughman.  So long, and thanks for all the fish.