Thursday, November 29, 2007

'Tis the Season. . .

. . .for 6,000 catalogues to arrive daily. Scary. I think my mailbox is part TARDIS.

Speaking of TARDIS and words that sound like that, what's wrong with this picture?

I guess that's their way of making sure they never have to send anything out. Ever. I don't know why I bother teaching the kids proper English. It's not like anyone else out there is going to care by they time they're employable. Or even know what proper English is. (No, that's not a proper sentence. But you can do that on blogs. For emphasis. Like that. Also in books. Like the one I'm listening to now. By Dan Brown. Which has quite a bit of improper grammar. But. In dialogue. So maybe it's. Forgivable. Even though the people speaking are supposed to be. Really smart. Whoa. This is turning out like the opposite of a James Joyce piece. ^_^)

BG and I did have plenty of fun on Wednesday, much of it spent laughing ourselves silly over Eddie Izzard bits on YouTube. I want to share the love. And this one seems particularly appropriate considering that A) BG and I were also laughing over a woman my SIL knew who asked her "what language they speak in England" and B) how much I could have used the Scrabble word Eddie mentions in the game I'm just finishing losing. ^_^

And finally, Autumn Zephyr had this on her blog a few days ago. Fun! Funny, too, LOL!


This is what homeschooling moms develop when they look at too many books online and try to decide what to buy and then what combination of sellers will give the best value. :-P

I'm having a lot of parent-teacher conferences with myself tonight.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wednesday Eve Again

Holy Wednesday approacheth! Huzzah! I think BG and I get to play together tomorrow, which is always fun as long as we don't get arrested.

Today I sewed patches on for a lot of the day, but I'm making $$, and I also used the time to listen to Deception Point by Dan Brown, which I got on CD at Borders for $5.99. It's getting very intriguing. :) I also made cookies that are freaking delicious!! I'll try not to be such a lazy ass and perhaps post the recipe tomorrow. It involves chocolate chips and espresso powder. What's not to like?

A friend of mine gave me his new Thos Covenant book to read today, which is awesome, cuz at the price it's selling for, no way was I going to buy it. He got it from a friend as a thank you for some very Samaritan stuff he did. :) Then I found out that another person we know has read them. I'm up to 3 real live people I know who have read those books. And my friend knows 2 others. So that may about cover everyone who's ever heard of them. Wait. I think Trundling Grunt may have read them, too. Our general consensus, though, is that Donaldson DID use a thesaurus for many of his word choices. Especially since he uses some of them improperly. Fortunately, in the 20 years between the last trilogy and this, he seems to have lost most of his thesaurus. Not that I mind learning new words or anything, but it gets old looking stuff up every few pages only to find out that the author didn't even use it properly.

I've been thinking lately about how a lot of the new music I like has rather banal lyrics (though every now and then Nickleback comes out with something clever -- OK well at least once) and then I realised that's because EVERYTHING has lame lyrics compared to Peter Gabriel and Sting. Maybe I need to broaden my horizons more. What to you listen to that really makes you go "Hey! That was brainy!"??

Sunday, November 25, 2007

And Now It's Sunday

Kind of.

This is what happens when I open my laptop to write. I mess around on my blog and Facebook, and wait for someone to plonk me in Gmail. Oy.

Speaking of Facebook, I suppose one of these years I ought to change my avatar. I keep getting friends requests from boyz (yeah, young) that I know are based solely on my avi. Sad part is that while I'm shaking my head I can't help but smile a little, too. ^_^

And now for something Completely Different:

Snowflakes!! Devour them!!

Is it possible to choke on a snowflake?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Already?!?

I find many things running through my head just now, though none of them really make sense or will be of interest to anyone. But it's my blog, so I shall spew it anyway.

Thanks to magnetic poetry words (but not Magnetic Poetry™ words) and a sleepover friend, we have a new definition of the word "rainbow" at our house. The sentence posted was "When my foot runs on soft jam I rainbow" I bet you can guess what rainbow means. It's much akin to having a Technicolour Yawn, 'yoffing' or 'shouting soup.'

I went shopping with Fishy just a little yesterday. I was mainly after wee trees for the kids' rooms. Somehow I ended up with a cool little kitty hideway and some other stuff, too. The lines weren't major, even though there were few checkers. Today, however, I went to Joann's to get thread for my recently booming TKD patch-sewing-on and pants-hemming biz (which still feels like highway robbery, though I'm not complaining) and ended up putting it back and leaving empty-handed because the line was so looooooong. Fortunately the trip was still successful in the Christmas and birthday present realm because we hit Tree Town Toys in Ann Arbor, which has no end of cool stuff.

I might have more to say, but I can hear Christmas Vacation starting without me, so I'm off.

Later, Dudes!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Today I learned that it takes about 2 Nickelback albums to scrub my kitchen floor on my hands and knees. Don't worry, I'm not crazy enough to do it on my hands and knees more than about twice a year. The floor I mean.

It takes significantly fewer songs to clean out the icky leftovers from the fridge, but the volume must be turned up at least twice as high. If the volume is loud enough, it will interfere with your sense of smell. Try it. But when you're done, don't be surprised to find that at least 2 of your kids have pulled the cushions off the couch and constructed an obstacle course involving running 'round the living room, bouncing off the cushions and twirling through the air, landing (hopefully on their feet) and skirling (yes, I do mean skirling) off through the office, only to reappear for another lap. Nickleback does that to me kids.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (aka Turkey Day) here in the States. Even though it might seem like Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the same day since the Beginning of Time (Existential-americanically speaking) it wasn't until 1941 that our current date was set in stone ink. I find that kind of shocking.

I'm not a big fan of turkey (the meat, not the country,) nor are the kids, so MuNKi is is making something much more delicious tomorrow. And I, of course, will be constructing Potato Thing.

And now, for those of you who embrace the 2nd Amendment (the right to arm bears ;-) ) to its fullest, a recipe or 2:

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Very Dirk Gently Sort of Life

I don't mean that I bill people for trips to Jamaica when I'm supposed to be looking for their cats, or that I routinely find disembodied heads slowly revolving on turntables. I just mean that my life is always filled with odd little coincidences that are all interrelated.

And now, some completely unrelated random moments:

My children want to write a fan letter to Sean Bean that says "Dear Mr. Bean (even at this they cackle wildly),

Please have lots of children and name them Green, String, Kidney, Wax, Scarlet Runner, and Garbanzo."

This slays them.

They can't decide whether it's funnier to refer to him as Shon Bon or Seen Been.

* * *

I love the film Tomb Raider and am embarrassed to admit it.

* * *

I wrote a scene in my novel only to find that I had already written the exact same scene about 40 pages back and somehow forgotten about it. At least I'm consistent.

* * *

My slimy politician's name has been changed to Leon Sphecter.

* * *

Did you know that there was a Battle of Sphacteria? I bet they could have ended it with a huge antibiotic suppository.

* * *

The Island of Lesbos is said to be covered with over 11 million olive trees. That seems like a lot of trees to me.

I can never hear of the Isle of Lesbos without thinking of Jeff.

* * *

Mollusc has had a major motion picture character named after her.

* * *

Did I post this already?

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I did something really stupid. The "L" key on my keyboard stopped working (unless I really banged it) so I pulled it off today. You'd think that after repairing multi-billion-dollar jets for 7 years, I'd be able to get my "L" key back on, wouldn't you?

Think again.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sink, Dollar, Sink!

So was it bad of me to root for the dollar to sink so that my payment from Xcite books in British pounds would be worth more? ^_^

The new book of short stories (including mine) is out.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Life is Full

as is my memory card. . . almost.

"Now you don't have to be a Caesar to concord the digital world while feeling safe and proud." It's about time! ^_^

Why does Boba Fett sleep so soundly?

Because Shaak Ti always checks under his bed for monsters!

I made an art quilt!

Trillian isn't overly impressed by it.



"Nom, nom, nom!"

Stopping to smell the horses. . .

Horses like artsy fences. Who knew?

Who comes to drink?

. . .and take a look around.

"Do you know who I am?"

"I could kill you with a thought."

In a Faerie Ring