Thursday, October 21, 2004

A fun Korean movie :o)

This one is fun for one and all! (adults that is) It's called My Tutor Friend and is so much fun - a love story, a little Tae Kwon Do, showdowns between good guys and bad guys, and a little risquee humour; definitely a keeper. It's 2 hours long, but no one dies, which, for a Korean flick, is pretty amazing. The subtitles are delightfully improper English at times, though not as much as those in Lost in the South.

I got a little inspiration, finally, in the sewing universe. I signed up for a table at a bazzar. I'm sure that whole experience will lead to some interesting blogging and probably notes to self to never do another one. But maybe not. Anyway, the new Ottobre came, so I whipped up a ton of fleece hats. Kacey swiped one for herself (purple fleece with a fussy cut Karate girl on pink fleece for the crown) and Mollusc scored an orca fleece blue hat. Prawn got a sushi hat (how appropriate) from the last of my green microfleece sushi (wah!) and I made it's twin for our TKD Master's 2 year old. I don't know if Gordo wants one or not. I think I want one! I might scarf one of the Hello Kitty ones from myself.

Speaking of scarf, I knitted my first scarf last night. It went REALLY fast on size 19 needles. :o) But don't expect this to turn into a knitting blog, cuz it's not gonna. I mean it.

We tried Bertie Bott's Every Flavour beans today. Whleah! (interpret this how you will) Sardine was overwhelming. And I got one like mold or dirt that I acctually spat out. I also had either spaghetti or vomit but it didn't taste like either, thank goodness. Gordo loved the earthworm flavour. I'm just relieved that they're gone. It was funny to watch Prawn's face, though, while she ate them, since she didn't really understand the whole concept. :oP

Argh! It's 1:16 am, my legs are sore from an extra TKD class and, um, other things, and I have to get up early for the kids' TKD and then have my own class and sparring tomorrow night. Better go to bed. Sorry to rob you of my sparkling humour. Mayhap I will grace you with it again soon.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Luke Skywalker's Head Fell Off

So that's a bummer. It's my old Luke - probably my first figure. But I guess I have to expect some fallout when I let the kids play with them. And it beats having them sitting around in some old box in a corner of the basement. All those guys are getting plenty of action these days. Like Luke. I'm not sure if Dags pulled his head off cuz she thought he was like a Lego guy, or if he fell off the countertop and lost it that way. It was probably the Evil Emperor in the conservatory with a candlestick. Or blue lightning bolts. I should never have mailed away those points for that guy; he's nothing but trouble.

Sewing has yielded more failure than success lately. I did another pair of pants for Gordy's friend and the waist was still too big. I was very uninspired about doing Gordy's so they're a UFO (UnFinished Object) sitting on the table right now. And I have a 3rd pair cut out waiting to be sewn up for another friend and found something funky with the front and back pieces. Looks like the front waistline is about an inch or more shorter than the back, which means I prolly traced the pattern wrong, but I can't check OR fix it since I lent my book and patt sheet to a friend. Blah. Next, I ripped off one of my Ottobre patterns for a shirt for Kacey. The cross neck shirt from the 3/2004 issue only goes to 110 cm and she needs a 128, so I folded a Kwik Sew sweatshirt patt (couldn't find my long-sleeved T patt if, indeed, I do have one,) traced, modified and re-cut and that worked all right. I made the shirt out of thin stuff with a high lycra content and BOY did the edges on that stuff roll. Very frustrating stuff. Of course the shirt was way too big, so I serged it down a bunch. I lettuced the sleeves and bottom - again very frustrating with that high roll factor - and the sleeves are really long on her. But that's the look these days, right? And it will fit forever.

I'm just uninspired, lately, and that's unusual. Maybe I just need a good fabric fix. Or maybe it's because the kids are doing OK clothing-wise now. I'm signing up for a Jesse Tree ornament swap with some other Amity Sewing Mamas , so maybe that will re-inspire me. The SOAA theme should inspire me, too. Maybe I'll do some cloaks. In fact, now that I'm not NAKing (just got Dags down) I'm crazy to sit here blogging rather than playing with fabric and my machines...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Clowns SUCK!!!

I have always loathed clowns. Always. Not because they are scary, but because they are embarrassing. They have no dignity. How can a human being lower themselves to such a level? Answer: they aren't human. :-O And that makes me uncomfortable. I guess I'm NOT ALONE. Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

You know that movie, European Road Trip? (or something like that) The best part of that whole movie was when Scotty kicked the French Robot Mime's derriere. :-D Mimes, clowns, there's not a lot of difference. The only one I know of is that clowns are allowed to make noise and are therefore able to add a whole extra level of irritation factor to their schtick. I guess there's the whole costume difference, too, but they both look like idiots so that's basically a push, IMO.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Navan RULES!!!!

Hey, look at that! you can click on your profile and click anything in your profile to see who else likes the same stuff. So Hello, Julia, fellow Navan fan! :) I am obliged to like Navan because my sis is 1/4th of the group, but I'd like it even if she wasn't, really Sheila. Yes I would. Bwa ha ha ha ha!! BTW when are you coming to see me again? I found a new Indian store with some rockin' curries, and Great Land (the Chinese Market) carries some AWESOME roti bread. Go figure. So is that enough to entice you out this way?

Impressive how many Atlas Shrugged fans there are out there! I'm going to have to play with this feature some more.

Why Fairy Anyway?

Well why not? And also because my of my business, The Fairy's Whim

I'm no good at performing under pressure - well not with sewing or making things or writing anyway. Actually, I'm not that bad at it, but I hate doing it; it takes all the enjoyment right out of it. So my biz is strictly what I feel like making when I feel like making it, no custom orders. You know how those custom orders can turn into nightmares when a demon possesses your serger and it eats a hole in the back of your nearly finished shirt and you're all out of that fabric and every place you know that carries it is backordered for 6 weeks? Yeah, that's why. The one time I did a custom order (6 fairy skirts in various sizes) I was so nervous and couldn't put it down 'til it was done. Yeah, I made good $, but it's no good for family life.

Here's something annoying - I made John a really cool Dragon Shirt (I'll link a pic as soon as I figure out how) and everyone was asking where he got it. One guy wanted to know if I had a site. Well, yes, but no Dragon Shirts are on it. Now, if I had figured out that I ought to make a couple to sell before that, it might have been fine. But now that I feel like I "should" make some for the site, well ugh. Isn't that annoying? What a dork I can be. Why is that, Captain Ron? No one knows.

I feel semi-inspired to write more, but the mixer is screaming my name. I think it wants me to make Congo Bars...

The True Meaning of Life 101

Yep, here it is. The long awaited blog. Let go your collective breaths, because I've finally done it. Make sure to tune in frequently, so you don't miss a single, scintillating post. Here you will find all manner of fascinating truths, and possibly fictions as well. Or vice versa.

How does one start a blog, anyway? Simply announce "here I am?" Or is it "Here I am, here I remain?" Fellow Dune geeks will know what I'm talking about.

Well, stay tuned and you'll find out about my sewing successes (and nightmares as well,) current obsessions (Dune Minis, YES!) and everything else I feel like rambling on about. I may also clue you in on which Korean movies to watch and which to avoid (The Quiet Family - ummmm not so much, Lost in the South, Mission: Return Home - or something like that - Yes!) In fact, while I'm on that subject, why is it that Korean movie scripts usually kill someone off? Are they all controlled by Disney or what? If you are clueless as to what I mean by that Disney crack, pick up any Disney movie from the last 12 yrs or so and watch it. Somebody will snuff it in the film, I guarantee it. If they don't snuff it in the film, it's because they're already dead. (a la Lilo and Stitch's parents.)

Oh yeah - the answer is 42...