Monday, October 31, 2005


I have to admit to loving the profanisaurus. I laughed so hard last night trolling through there. One of my faves was the definition of Yoff:

yoff v. To shout soup.

I laughed so hard I nearly spoke Welsh!

speak Welsh v. Blow chunks; shout soup. To yoff (qv).

What a fun site! It had definitely been too long since I last visited.

A raccoon is trick-or-treating on the deck. Or maybe it's the skunk dressed up as a raccoon. Anyway, it worked, cuz John is throwing her food. I guess it was Cheeto (one of our regular raccoons.) She's named after her favourite food which she just now got.

Meijers is having a Star Wars movie release party thing tonight and I can't believe my Not-Sufficiently-Star-Wars-Geek of a husband kaiboshed the idea of going. Sigh. I really should have checked his credentials better before getting hitched. . . I guess I won't get my copy 'til tomorrow.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ad astra

I'm not sure why I click on the Trebuchet font in my blog other than the fact that I'm amused by these ancient siege engines.

Tomorrow I attempt Colcannon for the Eve of Samhain. There's too much Irish in our blood for us to ignore this one. :o)

Tomorrow I'll also attempt to dye Sluggie's hair red with Kool-Aid. Should be interesting. She wants to be Ginny Weasley for Hallowe'en.

Enya has pinioned my arm to the couch. I guess she wants to do the typing. I keep waiting for her to come out with something brilliant. . .

What do you think: is this too much like Muzak (scroll down to listen), or is it lovely? I'm slightly afraid to admit to liking some of it. Does that make me old and haggardly? Concentrate on his photo if you must. ;o) Besides, if Sting sings on the album, it's can't be Muzak, can it?

I'm feeling a bit disjointed. Prolly cuz I have 4 writing projects fighting for the spotlight in my head. I guess it's time to give in to the voices. ;o)

Saturday, October 29, 2005


We watched part of The Man With the Golden Gun last night. A lot of the action takes place in Hong Kong and Macau so far. It's pretty weird seeing those familiar sights in a movie. It came out in 1974, which was the year after we moved to HK, so the ever-changing landscape of Hong Kong is actually just how it was when we moved there. It's been a real blast from the past, so far - the hydrofoils with their red curved whatchyamacallits underneath, the skyline, constant construction and bamboo scaffoldings everywhere, and all those roads packed with little hole-in-the-wall shops. I'm waiting for Ocean Terminal (the gigantic mall) to show up. . .

I can't believe Scaramanga is played by Count Dooku, LOL! I still don't see even a resemblance.

Fishy tested for his brown belt today! Wow! He did a great job. I'm so proud of him. :o) John and I test for red next month. Scary. We've started a Black Belt Testing savings account already because 4 of us will come up for black at the same time and it is going to be oh, so expensive!

Hallowe'en is just around the corner and we are pumpkinless as usual. I guess we should go buy some. Maybe we could get giant ones and recreate this event at the lake in Kensington Park. I'm kinda bummed that I missed that, though I don't mind having missed out on the collapsing pier.

All the kids are engeaged in playing with our hordes of Star Wars guys, and I'm hearing some pretty interesting things.
"Can we pretend this is Threepio's leg? Threepio's holding his leg."

"I will race with my beast named Boga" (3 year-old in Yoda's voice) "aaaaaaagh!" (as Yoda is ejected from Boga's back)

"Can I have a clone trooper please? I don't have any money but I can trade."

"Oh yeah! You can trade me Mace's head! Or I can give you Mace's head for free." (runs off and returns with head) "Which one do you want? Do you want me to give you Mace's head? Or you can give me Mace."

"Can Taun We give me the clone trooper? She has hooves by the way."

"He has two left hands."

(Taun We's voice)"If you want them for war, I shall give you all the clone troopers."

"It's for a friend."

"Yoda left his shirt at Taun We's place. Why is that?"

I just noticed that 2 AT-AT drivers are "driving" Taun tauns, LOL! (I guess the rebels ripped off their AT-ATs.)

I'm not making great headway through the Thomas Covenant books because I'm writing more than reading these days. I'm about halfway through. They really do transport you to a different and believable world.

Speaking of writing, I guess I'll get back to that now. . .

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ita erat quando hic adveni

"It was that way when I got here!" Tee hee!

Mollusc has covered her shredded foot in salve and says it smells like Michael's. By this, I assume she means the store, not her friend. How did she shred her foot you ask? Interesting question, that, with an equally intriguing answer. She somehow managed to "cheese grater" it on the tub drain. You know how tub drains tend to have a cover over them with slots or holes that are intended to filter things out from going down the drain (like wedding rings. Oops!) The problem is, the injury is on the TOP of the lowest knuckle of her big toe. Would you like to explain to me how she could possibly have managed that? Because I'm still having trouble visualising it. . . She says she was "sliding around" in the tub - "skating" I'm guessing. She also claims she'll never do it again. I should think not, looking at that wound! Zoiks!

Trillian must approve of blogging because she seems to have fallen asleep in my lap. In the meantime, the Prawn spouts forth Romanian upstairs. Chiefly, the word "haiduc" - "outlaw." What strange lives we lead.

We've started on The Boggart. It's tough reading the first chapter out loud, cuz I always feel like crying when the MacDevon and his dog Fergus die. It's uphill from there, though, thank goodness. The ending of the Last Battle was very poignant as well. It was nice to be able to discuss how Lewis intended it to be an allegory for Christianity with the kids, though. The older 2 are able to grasp it all. I didn't know that as a kid because my mom didn't read fiction and hadn't ever read them. I guess I must have been a little thick not to sort it out for myself. I think it was the first fiction I ever read though (aside from picture books.) I'm eternally grateful to my mom's cousin for sending the whole set to us in Hong Kong when I was 7. Those books opened up an amazing new world to me.

Tonight was a great workout at TKD. Kicks, more kicks on paddles, then when that hour was up, an hour of 3-step sparring. I'm exhausted! Time for a bath! I think we're finally going to try to watch Frequency - or at least part of it.

I think I'm in for a rash of renting movies of the sort I don't usually watch so I can study the whole craft of filmmaking better. It's fascinating. I'm still writing daily. It really feels great to be doing it again. I've even found that I'm able to rough draft on the laptop rather than longhand. It used to be that I always had to write longhand for the ideas to flow, but I think I've successfully transitioned to typing it. Thank Goodness for that!

Off to soak. Join me if you like. . . ;o)

Ita, te adloquor.

Or in English, "Yeah, I'm talking to you."

I found
this great site today.

My sister was talking to me about a movie she just saw called
Copenhagen. Sounded interesting and I found out it was a play written by Michael Frayn (a fave of mine since University - see my fave books) and put it on my "to rent" list. Guess who stars in the film? (scroll to bottom) So today I went to the library to get the book referenced in my first link. All they had in was the book on tape, which I got. I also grabbed a tape by Stephen Hawking while browsing the section. I haven't heard about Hawking in the news lately, so I googled him later in the day to see what he's been up to. That led me to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Remember Heisenberg from Copenhagen? Nullo modo, eh? Life is weird.

Now, I know what you're saying: "Fac ut vivas!" But nescio quid dicas. *grin*

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Block Begone!

Well, it worked! Now I'm just tormenting myself in a sort of Vanilla Sky way, lest I find out how this thing ends too quickly. Ah, delicious suspense.

Trillian, having sucessfully subdued a wad of tape, a bit of string, and her own tail, is now asleep atop 2 cushions piled on the couch. Such a princess! I'm tempted to sneak a pea under there and see how she takes it. Meanwhile, wheezy Emmett is purring and kneading the blanket on my legs into submission.

I have this incredibly strong desire to just debauch and have fun. Sheila, where are you?? You really, really need to come back. 'Tis far easier to debauch here than whilst staying in the basement of one's parents-in-law, even if heavy medication does render said PILs fairly zombie-like. Come on, woman - good food, great wine (oh, great wine! Falcon Ridge, 2001. See if you can get your hands on some. Otherwise, I'll hook you up) good company, silliness, movies galore. Sigh. Tipsy true confessions (that WAS fun, wasn't it?? :o) ) Nothing quite like family is there? Hey - so I can't remember your answers to some of those Qs. I'm going to have to interrogate you via email.

Oh yeah - bring this Michael guy. I dare you! He sounds lovely. We'll take him to TKD and if he doesn't cry you'll know he's a keeper! *grin* Can we call him Mickey? I had a hot prof named Mickey once. I was never comfortable calling him Mickey, though. Maybe if he hadn't been so good-looking. . . Anyway, you have to tell me more, because you definitely haven't given me nearly enough info. "Cute" is hardly descriptive enough. Are we talking tall? Dwarf? Glasses? Beard? Hair? To tell the truth, I have that guy who wrote to you on the Veg site stuck in my mind - the one that looked like whatsisface, um, Greg Kinnear. That's no good - this guy is prolly completely different-looking. Unless he's the same guy and stalking you under a different name, which would be kinda creepy and in which case I advise you to come visit immediately! Besides, we have to fix your car! I was talking to friends about your car today and there is actually a more dilapidated car on record if you can believe it. One of them told me about a boyfriend's car that could only be entered through the hatchback, LOL! Of course, maybe pigmallow has progressed to that point by now. But then, if pigmallow had suddenly developed a hatchback, that would be worrisome enough in itself. Now, I can't sit here all high and mighty about my car. The whole reason the topic came up is because someone noticed I have no door handle on the sliding door. Nyuck nyuck! Apparently hot air blows out through there. I'm gonna have to duct tape it. Ductapo Ergo Sum. Veni, Vidi, Ducti.

You are bad to make me stay up talking to you. You know I'm in a different time zone! Bloody Eastern Time Zone! I am not gruntled. Then again, tomorrow is Wednesday - no commitments. Now that is very gruntling indeed!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"Oh Freddled Gruntlebuggy"

Writer's block is a bit of a bummer. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to last long. In the meantime. . .

Have you ever been gruntled by something that seemed shadowy becoming quite terious? It is such an appointing feeling!

I have yet to figure out whether gurgitating a fine meal is a good experience or not. I think it's the sort of thing that would make me quite consolate, but I'm not completely sure.

Cats can retract their claws, but dogs can only tract them. Yet this doesn't necessarily make dogs tractable compantions.

My friend's son was pelled to school this year.

Some of the battle scenes in the LOTR movies were pretty intense and I could only hale. (neither in nor ex) Victims were re-emboweled at the houses of healing.

Can you cant something into a bottle? "He canted the wily leprechaun and shipped it to a zoo."

My friend furbished her new house for the first time.

He was very glad to have recieved the Medal of Honour humously!

She fought for the rights of prehumous babies even though protesters were attacking the contesters all around her.

It was eerie when the record stopped volving and started revolving again all on its own.

I hate to remonstrate with you when I've already monstrated with you once.

My friend was very dignant when I apologised.

Fact or Fiction?

John has been helping me proof my stories, which is awesome, because I am truly sick to death of re-reading, PLUS, since I know what it says, I read words I meant to put there but missed. D'oh! He catches the missing words for me AND adds suggestions from an outsider's point of view, which is great since I know the story too well to be able to see what is clear and what isn't sometimes. I do have to remind him that the character is "her" and not "me." This is fiction! In the meantime, I continue to be inspired and to write! Yay! I do find myself surfing for inspiration sometimes, but it works, so, whatever!

Trillian is busy killing - well, I can't actually tell what it is, because it's engulfed in her many-toed paws. The girl has 24 toes! Impressive!

I realised the other day that I live in the wrong country. See?

(Ha! Beat that, Sheila! Yes, each word links to a diff pic)

Then again, we have our merits here. . .

The draft by the viewing port is getting downright frigid. I think I need to hang a blanket in the window or something! Or maybe I'll just click on all those hot guys. . .

Monday, October 24, 2005

Carpe Chocolatum

I didn't post it on Saturday, so here it is now (disc 2, #7) Maybe it was the movie that makes that song so great, LOL!

We took all 4 kitties to the vet again today and poor Emmett had just HAD it with the whole shot process. After the vet dragged him out enough to inject him in the scruff of the neck, she let him go, and he retreated (bumping his kitty head on the door of his box) to the depths of his carrying cage, meowing, hissing and complaining loudly. He then proceeded to plaster himself to the floor of his cage, sideways, and continue his grumbling. I've never seen such drama in a cat before! What a goof! He seems to be over it now, thank goodness.

The phone is ringing off the wall, as it always does when I try to write anything, and it's mostly 800 numbers and "out of areas." I HATE that! Ugh.

We have only 2 chapters left in the last Narnia book. Bummer. What will we read next? Actually, we have a ton of good books lined up. I think we'll do the Boggart next.

I'm working simultaneously on 3 different writing projects right now, but most of my attention is on just 2 of them. It feels great to be writing every day. Ahhh! John's helping me proof another one I just finished. I'm sick to death of reading it over and over again, so it's really helping to have a fresh pair of eyes, as well as some constructive criticism.

Carpe Chocolatum! I made fudge last night. Danger, danger! Yum. Good thing I have a house full of kids to keep me from eating it all.

Tonight is class and sparring again. I wonder what wonders Master Han has in store for us tonight. If it's anything like what he had Sluggie do in advanced sparring on Saturday, we're in for a fun but GRUELING workout! I'm still trying to figure out the magic formula for having lots of energy in class. There is a magic combo of water (plenty throughout the day) and certain foods at the right times. I've hit on it by accident a few times, but it's hard to duplicate. Maybe it's just that some nights you have it, and some nights you don't. Fudge is unlikely to be the answer. Sigh.

It's cold today and I have to do something about our viewing ports. I can't call them windows because that would imply an actual barrier between us and the outside world, and that wouldn't be feasible considering the gale coming through them. I've never met glass that was such a capable transmitter of winds before. Time for some shrink wrap, say I. Though I'm not sure what to stick it to - no casings. Argh!

Poor Prawnie is reading to herself on the floor after a failed attempt to get me to do lessons with her. I should stop sucking in my capacity as a mother and do some reading with her now. The voices are telling me to do more laundry, but I'm ignoring them.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bidibodi Bidibu

OK, Googlers. Here's the Bidibodi Bidibu link. (the song the guy in Super Troopers in playing in the stolen car.) Disc 2, #7. That's to listen to it. If you want the lyrics (as best as whomever bothered to try and transcribe them got them - just a C&P job on my part) scroll to the bottom of this post.

My older 2 are at another sleepover. This is just weird. It's awfully quiet and empty. Makes me think how awful it would be if we had stopped at just 2 kids. I'm the sort that needs to be surrounded by "pandelerium." I thrive on noise and chaos. Usually. :o)

We hit the BX/PX and commissary today. We're ready for a blizzard now. ;o) Actually, we're supposed to have flurries this week I think, but the weather guessers are rarely right, so who knows?? I got jeans at the BX cuz I shrank out of my old ones. I thought I needed to get size 10, but as it turned out, I needed size 8. Woo hoo! My pre-pregnancy size! (from all FOUR kids!!) I'm still thinking they must be sized a little generously, but I'm happy anyway!

I watched disc 1 of The Return of the King in the tub last night. I think it really helped my sore legs and bum. (Thursday night was a killer workout, followed by sparring.) I see why everyone says that's the best one. It's very well done!

Trillian is busy gnawing on the Prawn. I hope she realises that Prawn is not on the OK-to-eat list. So far it's OK. . .

On the way home from the Commissary, Mollusc and Sluggie were singing "Won't You Linger a Little Longer," a song written by our very talented friend Frank Sommers (last paragraph) and sung for the disc we have by my sister, Sheila, of Navan fame. The Prawn started singing along and doing her own lyrics as 3-year-olds will. I had to chuckle when I heard her refrain of "Won't you winger a wittew wonger wif meeeeeeeee." :o) Now THAT'S alliteration!!

Chow time. Ciao!

OMG, I am having so much fun with this post!! If you want to see the lyrics in the original German, I'm going to make you find them in the comments so you get to see what some of the brilliant (anonymous) people who have come here before have to say. ^_^

Or better yet, go here.

(Super Troopers version)
********Lyrics for Bidibodi Bidibu***********

Wont find them to bang bomb boom
when love and choice mean to bang bomb boom
why, while were leaving the band can move
well leaving tall well to evil evil too

we dont find them to bang bomb boom
when love and choice mean to bang bomb boom
why, while were leaving the band can move
well leaving tall well to evil evil too
freedom find them the rain mine boom
with love and choice lead to bang bomb boom
why while were leaving the band can move
well leaving tall well to evil evil too

while were leaving its round too round
and shrivel me, to the deutchland band
and leave me dancing too round round round
means i get to get the play the beatsbow


while were laid here one summertime
we will love old sea again and say bybybyby
we will leave them tall one bang bam boom
when we sea sun the gang tooth come
when we love them both and the band can too
we will love, biddibodi bidibu

bow wow(x5)

tin theiving zoggy and the ran thieve run
whoa up and time below up high

we will love, biddibodi bidibu

we dont find them to bang bomb boom
when love and choice mean to bang bomb boom
why, while were leaving the band can move
well leaving tall well to evil evil too
we dont find them to bang bomb boom
when love and choice mean to bang bomb boom
why, while were leaving the band can move
well leaving tall well to evil evil too

we will love, biddibodi bidibu

Leave a comment if I made your day, LOL! :o) PS WHY is everyone googling this these days? Is Supertroopers running on HBO or something?

Friday, October 21, 2005


Did you have some strange old toys that you just loved? One of mine was the Micronauts Aquacopter. Another thing my sister and I played with to death were our Fisher Price Adventure People. (You'll have to do some clicking to see pics, but maybe you'll remember them, too.) I remember when we went to visit my Grandma and one of her pomeranians chewed half the arm off one of my adventure women. Someone (my dad?) fixed it with a piece of a straight pin (inside her arm) and some blue-green glue. After that I always pretended she had a bionic arm. Speakinawhich, how could I forget Steve Austin?? I remember when we came to the States on furlough (or maybe it was when we had first moved back?) and we saw his Rocket Ship in a toy store for only $10. In Hong Kong it was $35 (HK) and I thought, "Wow - things are so cheap here in America!" Of course, once you made the conversion, that was $50(HK) at the time, LOL! But $10 still sounded way cheaper to me. :oP I can remember my mom showing us American money before we moved back and telling what each coin was and how much it was worth. They were so alien! And the silver dollar - I was so impressed with those enormous, heavy things! And $1 bills! Who ever heard of $1 bills?!?! In Hong Kong there were 1 cent notes (thet I never, ever once saw being used because everything was in nice round multiples of ten cents there and there was no sales tax) and the the smallest bill after that - I can't remember. It may have been a $10. We had $1, $2 and $5 coins, though there may have been $5 bills, too. I can't recall.

I miss my Adventure people. Maybe I'll buy some for my kids on eBay for Christmas.

CD of the day: O-Zone. We listened to it on the way to swimming and on the way back, then looped it when we got home - mostly track 4 - the kids' new favourite.

Right now John's listening to ABBA. There was a song that was driving me nuts a few mins ago because I KNEW it was from something I'd seen. Thank goodness I remembered - it's the one in Johnny English that he's dancing to while brushing his teeth etc. The one that gets shown to basically the whole world during the attempted coronation of Monsieur Sauvage. Nyuck, nyuck!

Swimming was fun as usual. The kids continue to learn new skills. Prawn and Fishy are working on swimming with actual breathing - coming up for air, or trying to keep their heads up. The girls were doing flips and cannonballs off the edge and working on improving their crawl strokes. The water was so warm today that Sluggie claimed it burnt her feet, LOL! I made them take a quick shower (much to the amusement of the lifeguards with some of the squealing involved, LOL!) right before we went in, so that made the water feel positively bath-tub-ish! Ahhh - I have to say that it was wonderful what with my sore bun muscles and all. Too bad the kids can't go in the hot tub - that would have been nice. They have the biggest hot tub I've ever seen.

We need to go to the comissary tomorrow and Sluggie has advanced sparring, so that kind of shoots the day. Then the 2 bigs have yet another sleepover. The floodgates have opened! Yikes!

Still writing and happy about it!

We finished The Two Towers (talk about a sudden ending!) and I need to move on to The Return of the King so I can return these flicks to our friends, so with that noble goal in mind, I'm off to the tub! :o)

Question of the day: what one thing would you definitely do if you were guaranteed success at whatever it was that you chose to do?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Half the Kids Gone!

This is so bizarre! Half the kids are gone at a sleepover. I think this is the first time they've slept away from home without us. Is that possible? Meanwhile, the poor Prawn is missing the Slug and wanting her. Sigh. Fishy seems to be doing well, other than being tormented by the Prawn that is. Everything was fine until bathtime - Prawnie wanted Sluggie. Then it was OK during the movie (The Neverending Story) and story time, but once it was time for bed, Prawnie started melting down. Sigh. I think they have another sleepover date on Sat. Maybe Prawnie will do better by then. . .

Here's an article about a woman who tames cats with Tibetan chants! Interesting!

We actually ATE OUT last night. I know - shocking. Other than when we visit family in Madison, we NEVER eat out. I think the last time we did was about 2.5 years ago when we first moved here. Well - we've taken fast food home a few times, but not actually eaten out. Oh, hey, we did eat out sans children when we went to see Hitchhiker's Guide in June. Anyway, we totally lucked out because it turned out to be kids eat free night where we went, and not just 1 kid per adult, but ALL kids. Wowza! What a deal!! Maybe we can go back someday. . .

My phone is dying, just to prove that the fridge doesn't work harder than it does. Here's a weird communications sequence. John called home and the phone died after Sluggie andwered. I didn't want him to worry and I saw that my sis was emailing me, so I emailed her and asked her to call him and say all was well. Of course we're in different states, so that just seems very roundabout, but, hey, whatever works! And of course the monitors are both dying, as mentioned before. John says it's a monitor flu, so I recommend that anyone who comes to visit leave their laptop at home.

I'm watching the Two Towers a bit at a time. Not my recommended way of watching, but it's all I can manage right now. I'm finally ready for disc 2!

Still writing. It's the painful re-writing process that drags on and on, but I'm hoping to have this ready by Friday. Almost there!

The Librarian was entertaining, if I didn't say so already. I'm on the lookout for a really good movie, but alas, nothing is striking me as something I really want to see. Recommendations are welcome.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Another Suburban Family Morning. . .

Grandmother screaming at the wall. . . OK, not really.

Busy day today - writing, cleaning (Monday is our big cleaning day), homeschooling, all 4 kitties to the vet for their next to last de-lousing shot, helping Mollusc with her big bookcase project (reorganising, weeding out etc.) TKD class and sparring.

The vet very kindly gave the kids a feather from a blue and gold macaw today. :o) She was talking to us about books and raving about Because of Winn-Dixie. I actually have it from the library so I can pre-read it for the kids. She also said she'll bring in her CD of the Hobbit for us to see next week because I was telling her that we'd like find a plain reading rather then the somewhat overwhelming dramatisation we have from the library. She's a really neat person - also a UW_Madison alumni like myself - quite possibly a cousin of a high school friend of mine as well - same surname and she said there are a lot of them.

I tightened up the story some more and I've been checking out the websites of the various publishers I'm researching for possible submission. I found one already that seems to be a VERY good fit. They pay £200 for short stories. That would be nice!!

I seemed to have no energy tonight. I did OK, but man was I wiped out when we were done - head-rush and the shakes after class and sparring. Someone gave me a glucose tablet thing from Wallyworld and that helped. I'm going to have to get some to keep on hand. I tend to have some hypoglycemia issues sometimes.

CDs of the day: O-Zone - mostly Dragostea Din Tei on loop, LOL! Also Sting: Brand New Day (yes, rut, rut, rut. Who cares!?!?!? I love it!) and Harry Connick Jr. - um - gotta check. . . OK "To See You" which is nice at times, but frankly got so slow I had to go back to Brand New Day (mostly track 2 - lovely!)

Trillian is getting much less bony. Hooray! She's a real purrbox - still likes the kitchen the best.

Oh, Sheila, how could I forget?? Viggo works at our vid store! Well - he's kinda like Viggo. Tried to scope out his ring finger for you but it was a no-go and I didn't want to take his hand and just stare, LOL! (well - maybe I did. . . *grin* ) Very tall Scandahoovian sort anyway. Come visit me and I'll take you to see him. :o)

Today I renewed the warranty on our lemon of a fridge since we can't afford a new one and the door is starting to fall off again. In the meantime, I've fixed most of the freezing probs by masking off the gap with some speed tape. Yay! I don't want to call every few months for a new door - figure they'll stop replacing them at some point since the door is over $800.00 (Good Grief!! The whole fridge was about a grand!)

I have movies that people have piled on me that I need to watch and return, so I'm going to try to make a dent in the pile now. Or at least in one of the DVDs, LOL!


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Showin' Some Leg

Some bruises: (they're fading)


In other news, we got the hanging chair up!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, say no more? Bwa ha ha ha!

We shuffled around all the bedroom furniture and I think this is going to be great! There's the added benefit of not having the bed viewable from the windows beside the front door when our bedroom door is open.

Tonight we played Harry Potter Scene it with friends, and had a great time. It made me think that we might like the new Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game after all. I had been avoiding it cuz it runs off a DVD and seemed less "board-game-like." But now I'm thinking maybe it would be cool!

Got a silly movie to watch this evening. A guy at the video store saw me getting it and said it's funny. We shall see. . .

A Great Day for Mail!

I got both the O-Zone CD AND my ring today. Cool! So now I'm married again and I don't have to stick a SOLD sticker on my butt.

I got out my dictionary today and it fell open to "hypocrite." The entry was a giant picture of Madonna. Un-be-freakin'-lievable. . . Words fail me.

And she's from this neck of the woods, it appears. Oh please, please don't let it be something in the water (which tastes really bad unless filtered.) Please, please don't let my kids grow up to be like her. Fortunately, I don't think they've ever heard of her. Madonna's not the only one who doesn't do TV, but she, and everything she spawned are much of the reason we don't.

The kids have a friend over for the night. Do you think they'll ever go to sleep? Prolly not.

Last night was sparring again and I'm all beat up! (beaten up just doesn't sound right, LOL!) One of the young guys (18ish) is getting really good and he's tall, too, so he's a force to be reckoned with. I have bruises all over the back and side of my left arm. Yes - he kicks more with his right leg, LOL! No one at the pool called the cops though. ;o) I ought to post pics one of these days. . . At least I did my share of beating. But the guys don't bruise like I do for some reason.

Saw the rest of Tomb Raider 2 and didn't like the storyline that much apart from Croft's character and Hillary, the butler (still Arnie Rimmer to me.) Terry Sheridan's a great character, so why kill him off? Argh! 2 is way more violent than 1, and just an out-to-lunch premise if you KWIM. Why not just destroy the orb if you don't want Pandora's Box to be found? Cuz then there'd be no movie. Hmmm. . . And also, how come she can open the box partway, and nothing bad escapes, but throughout the movie we're told that if the box is opened, an apocalyptic plaugue will be released? Last time I checked, viruses were really teeny. . .

Is there hope for #3? Not at the rate they're going, but I'll give it a try anyway. Not sure why they had folks speaking Mandarin in Hong Kong, but the Mandarin Spongebob bit was humorous. They didn't coach the actors in their Chinesevery well (no discernible tones) which I found odd, cuz I thought Jolie's Cambodian sounded pretty convincing in #1. But my not speaking Cambodian could have a lot to do with that, LOL! I thought her Russian was OK, too. Then again, I don't know a lot of Russian, either. . . Still, if you look at it as pure entertainment, well, no even looking at just that, the Croft character, Hillary, and TS are about all it has going for it. Sheila, you should check it out anyway since the Gerard Butler-without-his shirt scenes will more than make up for lack of plot for you. ;o) (edit from the future - ok, now I know who this guy is and appreciate the movie more, ha ha!)

Did they seriously consider Colin Firth and Hugh Grant for James Bond?!?!?!? I'm sorry - much as I love those guys and their movies - James Bond?!?!?!!? I think Craig is an excellent selection from what I've seen of his work. Or myabe I'm just smitten . . . No, he's great for it.

Back to real life. Class wasn't too grueling since we were all sore from yesterday and Master Han took pity on us. The backs of my thighs - yow! Still trying to figure out what we did yesterday. There were a couple stretches we don't do often, but I didn't thing they'd affect the back of the thigh. Maybe it was because I got into the hurdler's stretch farther than ever. (laying head on the ground) We kicked paddles tonight, which is always fun, and rarely done.

Swimming was great this morning. Everyone was happy - no goggles catastrophes, plus we had new goggles so that there were plenty to go around - even for me. It's weird because I can see underwater with goggles almost as well as if I was wearing my glasses. The Prawn was starting to swim a wee bit with her head above water. She can go a nice long way with her face in the water. Fishy can float on his back better than ever. He's experimenting with the crawl. We shall see. We had the pool to ourselves again. Actually I think there may have been a couple of older folks lurking at the end of the deeper pool, but I didn't see them until they left. The locker room wasn't as bloody freezing as it usually is, but the hot shower still felt great after the trek though there. They have a great setup - family locker roms with pump soap in the showers, toilet, sink - everything you need except an outlet. I haven't needed one yet, but it'd be nice in January to be able to use a hair-dryer before going out into the arctic winter.

Got apple cider and pumpkin doughnuts for breakfast. I do love the Fall. Today was simply gorgeous - crisp and fresh this morning when we went to the pool, and balmy when we left. Ahhhh!

Fishy battled the Slug to a stalemate in chess yesterday. He's been doing really great drawings, too. Mollusc has been inventing new creatures and drawing them. She's making a lapbook about at least one of them. Sluggie continues to shine in the physical realm. She has advanced sparring tomorrow - always fun to watch. The Prawn - well other than making illegal chess moves and painting her arms brown - has been able to crank out some nice artwork lately and is getting her math (place value) figured out pretty well. Not bad for a 3 year old! She got a tip on her belt on Thursday and so did the Fishy. I'm so proud!

The kids have gotten quiet upstairs. Hope that doesn't mean something bad. . .

Guess I'll go rest me achin' bod in the tub a bit.

Bong Sewer, as Hagrid would say. :o)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I love Wednesdays! and the Dangers of Mulled Mead

Wednesdays are great! We don't have to go anywhere, don't have to get up early, just ahhhhhhhh!

We put the last coat of paint on the bedroom today and peeled all the tape. Wow! It's lovely!!

Stupid phone keeps ringing with Out of Area and Toll Free numbers. I've resorted to telling them "wrong number" when they ask for John. It IS the wrong number if they want to talk to someone who gives a shit. (oops) We're on the Do Not Call list, but all the non-profit places can use loopholes for fundraising. Hah! Fundraising. At this point we need to be on the receiving end of a fundraiser! We have GOT to do something about our financial situation. We're making headway in the grocery arena, which is our biggest area of expenditure, so that's something.

So we've been reaping unforeseen benefits from my new writing focus. As in, writing this stuff makes me randy, baby! Cool! That is a great bonus! Hope I can sell some. My first short story is going to end up well over my projeced 4,000 words. It's prolly going to be closer to 7,000 or 8,000. I've been checking out publishers and have some online places where I'm going to start.

The kids were painting pictures in the kitchen while John and I finished painting the bedroom. The Prawn decided to paint her arms brown. Sigh. Sluggie and Fishy are still working on the general mess. Mollusc is just thrilled she didn't participate.

CDs of the day: Sting: Brand New Day, Sting: Sacred Love, Children of Dune soundtrack. Don't tell me I'm in a rut. That's how it goes when I'm writing. Can you say "repeat?" Besides, you can never get too much Sting, or dare I say even enough Sting? Hubba hubba (LOL! does anyone actually say that?) Maybe I sould try to get some of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack stuff. Sheila, have you got that? Obi-Wan has a voice like an angel. :o)

I was thinking today about up-and-coming songwriters and wondering who the next generation will have that could be anything like Sting. No one else is that cerebral. No one else seems to have that kind of complexity. And all the references to classic poetry and literature - who else has a brain like that who can write music these days? Anyone? John says Sarah MacWokwok (what the Prawn calls Sarah McLachlan) has some of that. OK, maybe. But mostly it's just cuz he's hot for her. ;o)

I came up with a name for the Production Company today: "Rickety Ladder Productions." Actually, I have to Google that and see if it's taken. We were painting when I thought of it. Can you guess how it came to mind? ;o)

So, painting with your significant other in various stages of undress (to save your clothes of course) can be a fun marriage builder. I'd like to recommend to anyone who's considering having a room painted that they choose to do it themselves, even if they're rich. You hang out scantily clad, climb up and down ladders (ho HO!), help each other with tricky bits, and end up talking and laughing a lot. It doesn't hurt to be randy from penning erotica, either, LOL! Most people pay to have a good night out together, but I have to recommend this as a great date AND money saver! We're going to have to find another room to paint. Too bad paint is so expensive!

Tomorrow I teach Little Kid class again. I can't believe it will be Thursday already. I can't get over how much better class is going since it was changed to 10:00 am. (from 11:00) Amazing what a difference one hour can make. The Prawn knows her form and blocking set now, which just blows me away.

Fishy started reading Harry Potter a while ago. Zoiks! It's funny, he seems so young at 6, yet Mollusc could have read it at 4 had I let her. Boys are so different. Last night hecame down from their room to complain that the Prawn had taken one of his pieces with an illegal move in chess. He was cracking me up. I guess Prawn is going to have to learn the rules.

Well, the laptop is making disconcerting noises, so I'm gonna post this before it explodes or implodes, or whatever. . .

I just found out yesterday (or the day before) that there are spaces between the dots in an ellipsis. I feel so stupid. . .

Oh - the mulled mead! I had a partial bottle that had been around I while, so I decided to try mulling it (it came with the spices.) I simmered it with the spices, got it nice and hot, and then I tried to drink it. Holy moly! You know how you have to blow on a hot drink and then sort of slurp it if it's too hot? Well, this was nice and hot, so I blew on it, and when I breathed in with my face in the mug (big mug - maybe that was my downfall) I nearly asphyxiated myself with alcohol fumes. It was good when I finally managed to get some in, but SERIOUSLY! How do people drink this stuff hot without killing themselves? The alcohol fumes are rising because the mead is hot, and then you blow on the surface, so they curl up even more, and if you want to be able to breathe, forget it. But now that I think about it, I bet a smaller-mouthed mug would help a lot. I'll post if it does.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yippee! I have a laptop on which to type my stories. This is important with over-the-shoulder-watching children. Ours blew up but I have a broken one from John's work that can still do word processing.

So John got the thing hooked up to our network ( so I can print) and checked it out by going to Drudge. Imagine my surprise to see this. OK, for some reason, it wasn't that big of a shock. But cool, nonetheless. Poor Pierce, though. I'll have to invite them both over for a consolation/congratulations party. :oP

I made the kitten a bed today - just fleece stuffed with fluff and serged around the edges. She seems to like it. I'll have to try to get a pic up eventually.

John got an old video of Marvin the Martian at Family Video. I have to admit to being utterly clueless in this realm since we (sis and I) couldn't watch Sat. morning cartoons as kids. It's entertaing - not stellar, but entertaining. Mollusc thought it was entertaining that he's called Marvin and is from outer space, since we've been in Hitchhiker mode lately. Twelve, huh? (If that makes no sense, read this book.)

I'm getting psyched to read the Thomas Covenant books again. Can't wait 'til they get here!

CDs of the day: A Festival of Baroque, Sting: Brand New Day, Sting: Sacred Love, Children of Dune soundtrack, Korean pop mix, Shim Tae Yoon (Korean dude)

Back to the typing!

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Accidental Blogger

My sister accidentally started a blog today. How does that happen? It's easier than you might think!

I did some web research today and I think I'm going to start out with e-publishing in this new genre. It's quicker and seems to pay a little better, initially. Might be a good way to build a portfolio of published work for later breaking into the world of paper and ink.

Tonight was sparring - another night of bruises and injuries. Why we love it so much is a mystery, LOL! Actually, my biggest smash is from class - just a fluke during self-defense. My partner was throwing me and I somehow landed with the outside of my thigh on his heel. Poor guy - his toes were bent under instead of out straight, so he got reverse turf toes AND some ankle damage. And poor me cuz all my weight came down on his heel, so I have a big red lump that will no doubt turn technicolour. I have a lovely blueberry bruise (you know those deep blue ones?) on my hip from last sparring. Oh and I kicked someone in the elbow tonight so I have a gorgeous bruise coming in on that foot. I swear the pool is going to call Social Services someday because of all my bruises, LOL! At least we're most often there with the Master's wife and kids, and she can back up my story. :oP John did something to his foot inside - not sure what. Yikes!

We took all 4 kitties to the vet for their anti-louse shots. Fishy is fascinated by the heartworm models there and came up with the spectacularly disgusting idea of "Gummy Heartworms" today! Mollusc said they should come in a candy heart. Bleh! LOL! They obviously have my sick and twisted sense of humour. :o) (I'm so proud! Tee hee!)

CDs of the day -- Sting: Brand New Day (has been WAAAAAY too long since I listened to this) and Sting: Sacred Love I tried to put in a backup copy of Chess I actually found, but the bloody DVD player can't see it. Wah. Will no doubt be locked into the Sting music groove tomorrow, too. Children of Dune might get to sneak in while I'm writing though.

We got some Korean prase cards today and a bunch of workbooks. Oh - Sheila, one of the workbooks is for you! :o) I have quite the assortment. And the Master's wife got the full CD of one of the Korean reggae groups so I'll get to hear that soon. :o) The kids can't get enough of the one song of theirs we have.

So much to do, so little time. I'm off for now! I teach kid class tomorrow, so I need to get a semi-early start on the night.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


I think Dagny has finally weaned herself. I guess she got plenty of nursing since she went 3 yrs and 9 mos. It's strange to think I'll never nurse another baby after 10.5 years nearly straight, and 4 babies. But it's good to be moving on, growing up together as a family rather than out. Every stage is the best when you have kids, and I'd never go back even if I could because it just keeps getting better. How sappy of me. :o) But it's true.

Woo hoo! The second coat of Bordello paint is on. What a difference. Tomorrow night we have class and sparring, so the last coat will prolly go on on Tuesday. In the meantime I'm appreciating the more intimate atmosphere the colour has created. Can't wait to get our saari curtains etc. back up. Oh and the hanging chair will FINALLY be going up. *wicked grin*

I worked on the story all day and finished it up. Maybe I was inspired by the paint job. :) It needs a rewrite now, but I love it! John's going to be busy tonght, though, cuz I'm all inspired now. Sheila, I might need you to proof the story for me. Oh, yeah - I have a newspaper article I'm mailing you. Hopefully you haven't seen it. I just happened to catch it in a USA today John brought home from his trip to MN. It's sure to make you randy, baby!

Trillian continues to be amazingly cute. She discovered our bed today and spent many hours reposing regally upon it. She's a big fan of chicken and turkey and will eat 'til she's dangerously close to Critical Mass. The Kitchen is her favourite room by far. Like Ennie, you can tell she was abandoned because she really appreciates a fine meal - or ANY meal for that matter.

I made Potato Thing today. I'm going to have to make that more often - sure is easy and oh so good. It's basically this recipe except you use REAL cheese instead of Velveeta (I did spend most of my life - to date - in WI, you know) and mine has onion and ground pepper, oh and corn flakes instead of potato chips.

Found a nice Riesling at Trader Joe's. Same maker, same year, diff bottle, but maybe they do a diff one for TJs. Yummy.

Oh my! a kitten is climbing my back! Funny girl.

I've been playing the piano again lately. Seems to go in spurts (wink wink nudge nudge... nah...) I love the Chess album and am so glad John got the piano book for it. That stuff is great fun to play. I love the album so much that I need another copy of my original burned cuz I keep losing them all over the place (car, house, etc.) and the kids drag them all over since they love the music, too. I'm going to have to see if there's a DVD available of the play. That would be fun.

Now I have to go make an online house payment before I forget, and then we will be poor until Friday, LOL! I hate it when that happens, but c'est la Vie!

("Life. Don't talk to me about life." ~Marvin the paranoid android)

Saturday, October 08, 2005


The painting adventure is going well!

We started with the grey primer:

Then we moved on to the COLOUR!!

It will still need 2 more coats, but I'm loving it already - Bordello colours as a friend put it. ;o) You can see our mango bathroom in that pic, too. I'm really happy with how that came out. When everything is all cleaned up, I'll post some "after" pics. :)

Today while we were painting, I heard a whistle blowing and I was wondering WHO was foolish enough to buy a whistle for my children! Then I remembered that it was ME. (argh) It came with a little survival guide from Scholastic. Maybe I'll bury it in the backyard. I can always tell them that they get to dig for buried treasure if they figure out it's missing...

Trillian has become quite the blogger. She really likes to hang out here in my lap while I type. I can't believe how much she can eat in one go. She's definitely getting some meat on her little bony body.

I ordered that ring I was coveting. John made me do it. He said it was either that or get a SOLD sticker and wear it on my bum. ;o) I also won a lot of 8 Stephen Donaldson books on ebay. Sadly only 6 are the Thomas Covenant books, so I'll still be missing some, but the price was right! ($10.60 shipped)

I've been re-inventing myself because - well - it was just time! So I've made a switch in style to some rather Bohemian type stuff something like this (WOW! looks like I'm not the only one!) and am actually wearing skirts (so not my usual style!) and loving it, but I'm not sure what to do about cold weather attire. I guess I still need to figure out my style there. I'm a no-shoes kind of person for the most part. And I'm DEFINITELY not a nylons person. Here's what I'd REALLY like to wear but where can you wear something like that? And I'm clueless about footwear. I've never paid attention to what women put on their feet. I know a few basics like "no white after Labour Day", and I know combat boots are a no-no, (not that I want to wear those - had enough of that in the Air Guard back in my airplane-fixing days!) but I guess I'm going to have to start paying attention. It's kind of pitiful how clueless I am about this stuff, LOL!

Had a good breakthrough in my story today. I wasn't sure where it was headed, but it suddenly came to me what needed to happen next, and I'm quite happy with it. I'm all inspired to sit down and write the next part now. It seems to be growing out of short-story length. I'm not sure what it's becoming. I think I'm going to need a Nom de Plume, though. Can't have children's books published under the same name as this adult fiction. :-O (assuming I do get published, LOL!) I'm still waiting to hear back from the publisher about my latest manuscript, and I have to work on tightening up another one I'm polishing up to send out.

Time to go be productive!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Allo, Salut!

Woo Hoo! Bought the O-Zone CD! Can't wait til it shows up!

Swimming today was a bit of a bummer for Prawn today due to a mask malfunction, but she got over it eventually.

Trillian has turned into quite the purrbox. Such a happy little bit of a cat!

I lost my wedding ring a week ago yesterday. I was pushing the kids on the merry-go-round at the park (a bunch of us homeschoolers went together after homeschool TKD class) and I must have gotten a bit too energetic - well plus my fingers have been shrinking as I shed more weight - because it just flew off. It wasn't my actual wedding ring - lost that down the tub drain years ago. This one was one I got while pregnant with the Fishy because my (replacement) wedding ring had gotten too tight. At least it wasn't an expensive one. I certainly got my $30.00 out of it. :o) I have been coveting this ring for quite some time now, so I suppose I should order it. I can't wear my 1st replacement because they soldered that to my engagement ring and the diamond fell out of that shortly after we moved here. D'oh! But I've never been a ring person and the diamond sticking out of that has always been a bother. Just think if I'd found the One Ring instead of Bilbo. The story would have ended about 2 chapters in when I lost or destroyed it!

Anyway, it's been nice for sparring, since the one I'd been wearing has cut my finger a few times (cutting into the finger beside it when I block kicks) so having no ring has been good there. I should have just taken it off during sparring, but I was afraid of losing it. The one I want to order has rounder edges so maybe it will be OK.

I watched Shakespeare in Love last night. Kinda wish I hadn't wasted my time. I kept waiting for it to get better, and then I just started fastforwarding. The acting was great, but the story just wasn't a gripper. Dame Judy Dench was a very good Queen. It was a bit unsettling when Will was making out with Master Kent (actually a woman disguised as a boy.) But that's pretty Shakespeare-ish in itself (no doubt intentionally so.) I had to follow it up with some Children of Dune just to end on a good note. I'm going to watch Tomb Raider again with John and at some point we'll get to Frequency. Mead might be required *wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean? Say no more...*

New post-Prawnie low on weight today. I've lost about 21 lbs since I got serious about dropping the rest. I don't actually know where I want to end up since I'm a lot more muscular now and I know that my ideal weight will be more than it used to be. I guess I'll just figure it out when I get there, though it's nice to know what you're shooting for... Maybe 15 more lbs...

I'm happy:

I also appear to have developed a squint in my left eye, because I think all the pictures I tried to take came out that way. ;o) <-- (squinty)

EXCITEMENT! Followed by a plunge into disappointment. I just saw some comments for the first time - people are actually READING this? OK, there was 1 real one, but the rest turned out to be SPAM (Acronymn for Super Pressed Ass Meat as my SIL explains it.)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oy Vey!

I think Master Han was trying to kill us tonight, LOL! Man, what a workout. We did 3 step sparring and holy cow! It was a huge workout but also really good. I'm still working on that jump spinning back kick, but it's coming along, and I tried a new one for the first time - a combo af Nalyabang and inside crescent kick, so it's a kind of jumping spinning inside crescent kick - very cool once you get the hang of it, but also hard to use without hurting anyone - like spinning hook kick, it's definitely a kick to be pulled! I was lucky I threw it really high - or I guess I should say my partner was lucky! Here's a pic of the kick (last pic on the page,) but you prolly need a vid to really understand this kick. I swear my face was glowing like a nuclear test site after 45 mins of continuous 3 step with the bigger guys.

On a pretty much unrelated note, here's a great new crayon I just discovered:

So tonight I think it will be Frequency. Or will in be Shakespeare in Love? Hmmmm which one is John more likely to watch with me since he returns tomorrow?? Whichever movie it is, it's going to have to air by the Jacuzzi. :o) I have bruises in places I've never (knowingly anyway) gotten them before from tonight's session.

Swimming tomorrow! Yay! I can't believe how much the kids have all learned simply from swimming in a warm, zero-entry pool where they are comfortable. Fishy floats on his back really well now. The Prawn can do forward (double!) and backward somersaults in the water and swim about 12 feet with the current. Mollusc and Sluggie are improving what they already knew. We worked a bit on side stroke last week - had the whole fabulous pool to ourselves for much of the time. When someone else did show up, it was only a dad with his cute little red-headed baby. Plenty of room for all!

Talking to Myself

After a dearth of blogging activity, here I go making it up in one fell swoop. Thanks for the fun emailing fest, Sheila. :) Here's a little bit of what happened here today:

and then:


Yesterday: check out those toes!

Spot the kitten: (watching BBC mini of Hitchhiker's Guide)

That's right!

Humph! My FTP prog is refusing to upload some of my pics. Maybe that's enough for now...

Non-sanctimonious Meditations and Links Galore

"I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a handsome man can bestow" ~not quite Mr. Darcy :o)

So Tomb Raider was actually pretty interesting - kind of Indiana Jones meets Spy Kids and Angels & Demons. I thought it ironic that Angelina Jolie had to put on a British accent and Daniel Craig put on an American one - not too bad of one, though - maybe a little cowboy twang on those "R"s. Still prefer the British one by far. :o) I did NOT expect to see good old Arnie Rimmer as Hillary. What fun! He made a great Hillary.

So thanks for the heads up on O-Zone, Sheila. Any way I can get the Romanian version? I've learned all kinds of stuff, like what a meme is, and that William Gibson has another book out I'd like to read.

I really need to do some picking up and de-clutterning. That's why I'm sitting here blogging. Tonight I have class and sparring. I've been practicing my jumping back kick and hope to try it out tonight. I think I'm getting better at the jumping-backwards roundhouse kick when separating from close sparring. I bet there's a name for that, but I don't know it yet. I need to get going on my water drinking. It helps a LOT with energy during class.

Since my monitor is going out on me yet again, I guess I'll take that as a sign that I need to blogoff.