Friday, July 08, 2005


Today we went with friends to a sprayscape and had so much fun! The Prawn and the other little one would only go through when the stuff was cycling through the low-spray setting, but the others got soaked and ran through everything. Then we moved on to a nearby sand pit, and after that to the huge play structure where my friend proceeded to blow the minds of some cute Korean kids by speaking Korean to them. :o) It was awesome weather - sunny with a bit of breeze, and off to one side thunderstorms were booming and lightning was flashing but they all passed by with a good berth. We brought food and made a day of it and had so much fun. I'm sure we'll be back soon.

Right now I'm in the midst of making a pie crust to fill with Snow Ghost pudding. I'm determined to make a stinking pie crust if it kills me. (So far the few I've made have not been what you'd call great.) If this recipe works, I'll post it. So far, I'm not too impressed with the instructions, which say to use a KitchenAid blender on pulse to mix the dough. All it did to MY KitchenAid blender was jam up the works. Right now the 2 crusts are "resting" in the fridge. I guess pie crusts have a well deserved reputation for being high-maintenance. But the crumbs I scraped out of the blender tasted awfully good (if you like that sort of thing, that is) so I haven't lost all faith in this recipe. Next comes the arm-breaking task of stirring that pudding for what seems like weeks.

I have a bruise (I say, "bruise" but there's no mark yet) inside my left elbow that is spectacularly painful. I didn't discover it 'til I was toweling off after my bath last night. If it does start showing it should be rather technicolour. But I do recall that it was a great block. Of course I re-smashed my left shin and re-wrenched my right ankle, so I'm lopsided when I walk.

On June 20th, daughter #2 was evicted from her room. She was hoping to earn it back by July, but alas, her putting-away skills were not strengthened by the experience and she's now been evicted from squatting in her brother's room. (#1 has also lost squatting rights there since they both mess it up and leave it that way. Sigh. Not sure what it's gonna take...) On the other hand, her old room (now #4's room) has never looked better! (helped a great deal by the fact that #4 still Family Beds with us, LOL!)

We're counting down the days to Celtic Fest on the 16th. This time we'll have to make it back to the kids' area in time for them to make some of the cool crafts. Navan, my sister's group, will be singing there a few times, so of course we'll catch a performance and take lots of pics for my mom. I wonder if I can get inspired enough to whip up something Celtic for the kids to wear...

We found out a bit about a pool about 20 mins from our house that has a fabulous play area and is all indoors so we can swim year round. We may have to buy a year-long pass!! I'm taking the kids to check it out next week.

I think my pie crust is nearly done with its beauty rest, so I'm off to bake it. Wish me luck!

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