Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter! Take a Peep! :o)

Mollusc found this hilarious Peep Research Page and we laughed until we cried! Make sure to check out the Medical Miracle page. :o)

We also loved the Lord of the Peeps site. Check out the story - fully illustrated with marshmallow bunnies - here.

This weekend has been "Master Bathroom Upgrade" weekend. Yesterday, John painted the ceiling (pretty much a squash colour) and tomorrow he plans to do the walls. ("orange spice") The colours were inspired by a Thomas Crown Affair mounted poster we have in there. What better inspiration could one ask?? Voila:

Haven't sewn much of anything lately. But maybe now tha the weather's changing, maybe I'll get inspired. What I'm really inspired to do is go canoeing at Kensington again. That is always such a great time. We did go there to the Farm on Monday to see the baby critters. They were, of course, adorable. One of the biggest hits of the day was a teeny baby mouse that was rummaging about in one of the pig's stalls. I think Marley the duck won everyone's heart, too.

I really will post pics soon. But now it's time to go soak in the tub and stare at the new ceiling.

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