Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Witch's Winter, Aslan's Spring and a Very Cheeky Squirrel

Well HAPPY MAY everyone!! April certainly went out with a bang. The White Witch put in an appearance on Friday the 22nd, bringing her evil, Christmasless winter with her. Here's the back yard on the 24th (it was STILL snowing - hadn't stopped since the 22nd...) I guess this entry is more a photo essay than anything else...

Fortunately, Aslan put in an appearance for Mollusc's birthday the next day:

For those with a small screen, a juxtaposition:

It was pretty weird.

Today a very cheeky squirrel stole the birdseed bell. He made off to the back yard with his prize, but was then dive-bombed by a blue jay and a robin, who both thought they deserved a share of the booty. Maybe they were the lookouts or something. Even when the squirrel disappeared behind the tree-trunk
(he was attempting to carry it up the big oak) or a branch, we could tell where he was by the attacking birds. He eventually dropped it and had to risk life and limb (fur and tail anyway) to retrieve it.

The empty stick (swinging in the wind - a bit blurry):

The culprit with his prize:

Isn't he naughty??

In other big news, I went to a movie in a THEATRE!!!!!! How bizarre! Haven't been to one of those since Jonah (Veggie Tales) and before that I think Mollusc was an infant. I did go to a Star Wars re-release (Empire maybe?) but can't remember when that was. Suffice it to say that it's been about 10 years since I saw a movie in the theatre. Anyway, John and I went to
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and it was great! I've loved the books forever. (You may have noticed the review at the top of my blog which has been there since Day 1.) It was different from the book (which was different from the mini, which was different from the radio show...) but still very much in the whole DNA style (obviously since he did write the screenplay) and very enjoyable. If you go, be sure to stay through the credits. I do have the "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish" song stuck in my head though...

The casting was great, using nearly all 9 of Britain's actors and actresses. I think Hugh Laurie was the biggest name missing. Oh, and Hugh Grant. Maybe there was a "No Hughs" policy or something. Stephen Fry does the narrator's bit (aka The Book) and Martin Freeman made an excellent Arthur Dent. I was really trepidatious about who they'd have for Arthur, but Martin was fantastic. If you think he looks familiar, it's because he's the porn movie lighting stand-in guy from
Love Actually . I didn't recognise Zaphod, but my sis says he's Crew Member 59 from Galaxy Quest. I guess I need to see that again. After a brief web-search, however, I've concluded that she's on drugs. It was Crew Member #6, not #59 and it wasn't Sam Rockwell from what I can see. He was, however, in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And, eerily, Alan Rickman, WAS in Galaxy Quest (AND Love Actually, by the way. This is what happens when you put a limit of 9 on the number of actors/actresses allowed in your country.) Weird... Other than his head/s being messed up, he (Rockwell) was a great Zaphod. I didn't recognise Trillian or Ford, but Mos Def (apparently) made a very good Ford. It would be hard to ever top the Ford from the mini, though, IMO. Snape - er Alan Rickman - was great as the Voice of Marvin, who was played brilliantly by Wicket the Ewok - erm Willow - um, ah - Warwick Davis. Helen Mirren was the voice of "Deep Thought" (You know - the famous Answer to The question computer.) I was thrilled to see that the "real" Marvin and Arthur from the mini, also had cameos. :o) (Arthur was the pleasant "here come the missiles" message guy from Magrathea and Marvin was in the Vogon office-thinggy where Arthur was trying to fill out the proper forms for Trillian's release.) I thought they did a FANTASTIC job on the planet production floor on Magrathea. Wow! :0)

As a side note, I got to see a fair amount of the Star Wars Episode III trailer and WOW! I will be needing to see that in the theatre as well!!! What a difference the theatre makes. I hear that at celebration III, Ralph McQuarrie was begging people to only watch it in digital, so I'll attempt to do it right.

My Go-Go Fishy lost his second tooth tonight. He let me attempt to pull it out a couple of times, but I couldn't get a great grip on it, so Kacey yanked it out. Mayhap there will be pictures for interested family members on the morrow. He also got his blue belt on the weekend before last. Pictures of that will also be delayed due to the fact that the other (host) computer is off for the night.

In other news, I bought more Korean Movies on eBay and a Japanese one as well. Sea Monkeys (Japanese) is basically a Coast Guard Rescue Divers version of Top Gun and was fantastic. Even though my DVD turned out to have a glitch, it was GREAT!

Butterfly Club was racy, but good. It could have had a happier ending. We've decided that just after the credits roll, the husband and wife pull off the road and have a good scrog.

Everyone Has Secrets was great - lots of twists and intricacies and just very entertaining.

Daddy Long Legs was very good as well, though typically Korean in that someone snuffs it near the end. ;o( I'll pretend he doesn't. There is QUITE the twist in that one. Also, in the movie she's named her benefactor "Daddy Long Legs" and says "like in the book" By coincidence, I found "the book" at the library the next Friday, so I borrowed it. I didn't know it was REALLY a book. Weird... I think "My Tutor Friend" is still my favourite Korean movie.

Well, I had TKD tonight and the hot tub is calling me. So is a Margarita. Nice combo, I think... :o)

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