Friday, June 03, 2005

As Miss Clavel has been known to say...

Something is NOT RIGHT!!!!

This was the MOST CONFUSING pattern I've met to date. After many, many seam rippings, more sewing, more seam ripping, and finally tossing the instructions, it came out like it was supposed to:

Closed (long loop on right slips through short loop on left):

And the inside:

The bloody thing is about 10% sewing and 90% origami. Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggh!

Dh is not impressed. His comment: "This is what you got after all THAT?!?"

LOL! He has a point. *snort*

OK, other stuff:

Shorts for the Mollusc:

And a matchy poo skirt for me: (I have yet to conquer the art of self-portraiture...)

This is a wrap skirt, and I have yet to put on the hook and eye. I definitely found out why that will be neccessary and won't be able to wear it until I buy a hook and eye. Unless I want to become a flasher...

I was going to post pics of my lovely herb garden, but alas, it appears that I have yet to load them to my site, and the other computer (with my FTP program) is off for the night. Stink! I really hate having my stuff split up between different computers, but I guess I'm doomed, because every time I seem to get stuff shifted to the "right " computer, dh does something and everything's scattered again. Sigh.

Cheeto the raccoon came to our door again. She's VERY friendly and wants to come in (NOT a good idea, Patrick!) She likes Korean snacks and she still loves Trader Joe's Macadamia Nut Caramel Corn. She does not like corn. Weird, because I knew a farmer whose corn always got trashed by hungry raccoons. Go figure...

So after the 420 kick workout followed by an hour and a half of sparring last night, some of the other TKDers and I decided to pass on sparring this morning. A good choice, I think. Only 1 guy showed up, as it turns out. Bummer. We went to the library instead. My shins are so bruised it's insane. Especially considering they don't hurt that much. What hurts is my arm which got axe kicked(OUCH!) and which has no visible marks (where it hurts anyway...) and my right lower outer thigh, which also has no marks. Someone apparently kicked me in the left upper thigh/butt judging by the bruise there, but that doesn't hurt. Strange.

We watched National Treasure tonight for the first time and really enjoyed it! That one might be a keeper. :) And it was fine for the kids, which is a rarity these days.

John and I plan to try to go see SWIII tomorrow for my bday, but I don't know if it will happen since we both forgot to try to buy tix online, and I really only want to see it in digital.

Off to soak my bruises in the tub...

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