Saturday, May 28, 2005

Random Musings

What? Two posts in one night? Well, gotta do something while nursing the Prawn --yes *gasp* I'm still nursing her to sleep at 3 yrs, 5 months of age! :oO ;o)

So one of the good things about living in Michigan is that you can ALWAYS pretend you're camping because there's so much iron in the water. AND, you don't have to shell out for iron supplements! Also, the weather is startlingly unpredictable. However, it's pretty much guaranteed to be the opposite of the extended (2 or more day) forecast, which is a very helpful tidbit of info to know. This is as opposed to the California forecast, which was always correct because there was never any weather. I don't mean to suggest that there was no atmosphere, and therefore no resulting atmospheric conditions. I mean "weather" in the colloquial sense of the word, which suggests actual CHANGE in these conditions. Call me crazy, but it actually got monotonous. And when it rained, people forgot how to drive. That was weird. Maybe they were so entranced by seeing actual "weather" that they forgot to look at the road, or to press the gas pedal, or, in some cases, simply forgot where the brake pedal was located.

This really ought to be the Iron State, instead of the Wolverine State, since wolverines don't live here anyway and never did. (There's some irony. Maybe the Irony State would be more appropriate...) There are iron stains everywhere from sprinklers. Toilet bowls are good at accumulating them, too. (ugh) My friend's tub (older farmhouse) is actually COMPLETELY orange, even though it was once white. Fortunately, we were the targets of a drive-by Rid-o-Rusting, and we now know how to get rid of the stains. (And no, CLR does NOT work. I think the R actually stands for "ravioli" or something.)

See, I meant it when I said "random musings."

So I'm reading The Princess Bride now and was gratified to learn through net research that my suspicions were right about the non-existence of S. Morgenstern. It just seemed so weird, but there were a lot of credible-sounding details, too, in both intros. (I'm reading the 25th anniversary edition so there are 2.) I was starting to feel like a real dork not being sure about this "Florin" country, LOL! I guess all that stuff about Goldman's son is made up, too, if he even has a son. And how about his wife? Same story, I guess. Anyway, he's obviously a talented writer and the story looks like it's going to be great. I have heard so many good things about it from fans of the film.

I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite. That was kinda painful because I lived through a lot of that. It It certainly had its moments, though. I think I'll use "you're bruising my neck meat" at Tae Kwon Do during self defense #s 3A and B when we get put in headlocks. :o)

Well, the babe crashed pretty quickly tonight, so I'm free to do other things like rid-o-rust the iron stains in my toilets, so ta ta...

Oh - gotta link this hilarious yoga clip before I go. :oD

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