Sunday, July 27, 2008


This is just a random geekiness post. You may experience turbulence as it jumps rather abruptly from topic to topic. Please fasten your seatbelt.

When we lived in CA, I started a tradition of blowing up as many balloons as possible and trying to fill a room with them, then letting the kids frolic. This started on Sluggie's third birthday, when MuNKi was out of the country on her special day. With just the four of us (me and 3 kids aged 5 and under) I was feeling a little bummed, and not "festive" enough, so voila: Balloonorama was born. We've missed a birthday or two here and there, but I think the tradition has been re-revived. All I can say is that whoever invented the air compressor is my hero! ^_^ (I used to have to do these all by lung.) There are at least 4 kids in this picture. Maybe more.

We're going through a massive Star Trek phase here. When I learned that Pfaltzgraff had made some Enterprise dishes, I was totally geeked up. Then I saw the price tag: $300.00. Um, no. Thank goodness for eBay! 10% of that was much more reasonable. We use these every day. The kids take turns with the cup ("Tea, Earl Grey, hot") and share the plates. I need to find more! :)

And speaking of being geeked up about stuff, I tried Paper Piecing for the first time yesterday. Here's what I made:

I started with something simple, but I can see a lot more of this happening. In fact, I'm off to look for Star Trek and LOTR piecing patterns now. ^_^ I love the web!


tshsmom said...

Sure, NOW you tell me about using the air compressor, after I was perpetually dizzy for years on my kids' birthdays! *hmmph*

Anonymous said...

You've just given me all the ammo I need to totally geek out my kids if I ever have any. I love the tea bit.

ablondeblogger said...

Love the room filled with balloons idea. How fun!

And the paper piercing looks really cool. I've never even heard of that before.

ablondeblogger said...
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Michael C said...

This is brutally honest, but I think I soiled myself a little upon seeing the Enterprise dishes!!!

Jay said...

Oooh, I want to play in the balloons. How come I never get invited?

egan said...

Mommy Idea of the Year? Possibly. I like this balloonapolooza thing.

Diesel said...

Balloonarama kicks ass.

Candace said...

Tshsmom - LOL! Tell me about it. This is the first year I've used an air compressor. I think we had 175 balloons. ^_^

Kitkat - They are total tea fiends and this cup just makes it better. It's actually a very nicely shaped cup for drinking from, too, but I think they'd still want to use it even if it was rimmed with shards of broken glass. ;-) Remember, you don't have to have kids to geek out! But it is a nice excuse. ^_^

Dawn - it kept everyone entertained for a long time. ^_^

Paper piecing is right up my alley cuz I don't have the patience for meticulous stuff otherwise. :-P

Michael - am I going to be bidding against you on eBay now? ^_^

Jay - Darn! Come for Fishy's. You can help us tie balloons. ^_^ And it will give me an excuse to make a Kiddie Pool Margarita. I've always wanted to do that.

Efo - Do I see a lot of balloon's in Baby Singe's future? ^_^

Diesel - It rocks! We're doing it again this month! Woo Hoo!! It's funny to watch them migrate all over the house as the winds change. ^_^

egan said...

We did buy some balloons for her big birthday bash last Sunday. Not nearly as many as seen in these photos.