Friday, August 01, 2008

"Scuba, Scuba, Scooby-Dooby-Dooba. . .

Here we go, scuba, come on!" Is it any wonder I have the Veggie Tales "Stuff Mart Rap" stuck in my head?

I am now hoping to keep my impossibly skinny Prawn from freezing to death and wanting to exit the water after 15 minutes of swimming. :-) I wish I'd thought of this for the other kids when they were wee like this. Actually, I didn't think of this at all BG did. She even sent me a link to where I was able to get this for $29.95 and no shipping. Yay!!

The Prawn insisted I take an action shot, too:

There have been many forces at work intent on keeping me from the blogsphere. Sewing is one of those things. I had a heck of a time figuring out how to make a layered sleeve T without sewing the bottoms of both sleeves into the same seam, but the Sewing Mamas came to my rescue and voila!

Since I can never follow directions or do things as they're intended to be done, this is a rather modified mix of 2 different patterns. The 2 sleeves are completely independent of each other. Wait, the 4 sleeves? Because of course the 2 would be. . . Anyway, the long and short sleeves are attached to each other only where they join the body. The fabrics are SUUUUUUPER soft thermal and jersey from the $1 table at Walmart that just happen to match each other perfectly. I now have orders for 2 more shirts just like this. I hope I have enough fabric since I got all they had (which wasn't much.) I'm seriously considering swiping Sluggie's shirt from time to time. ^_^

I also did some more paper piecing. Now sure what I'm going to do with these squares I've been making, but it's fun.

This next one is made mostly (all but the border) from vintage fabrics from MIL and I hope to make her a table runner or hotpads or something from various Christmas-themed squares.

And I think that's all I have time for today since I have to: phone in kitty med Rxs, get gas, pick up Sluggie and friend from sleepover, get cash to pay library membership, pick up meds, take the kids to the library teen summer reading party and pay membership, take everyone to the Milford pool (the snake slide should be open today, huzzah!) and get everyone home in time for red belt classes! Somewhere in there I should probably remember to feed everyone a couple of times, too.

Maybe I can sneak in a trip to Stuff Mart to look for more fabric. Nah. Not today!

". . . and if you need an air compressor to blow fruit flies off your dresser. . ."


radioactive girl said...

I am so jealous of your sewing skills. I almost made a horrible pun and said I am "sew" jealous, but thought better of it. And then because I couldn't let it go, I wrote it anyway. Either way, I wish I could sew like you can! It is one thing that I can not get the hang of, and it bugs me to no end!

My son gets cold after about 5 minutes of swimming and then whines for a while until he sees that we aren't going to leave no matter what he does. Then he just finds something to amuse himself with until we are done. I should probably look into something to keep him warmer. If I was less lazy I would do that.

Anonymous said...

So, the paper-piecing is with fabric? Not paper? Okay, the sewing world is so foreign to me. I'm glad you said something about a table-runner because I was going to say that they reminded me of placemats, but I didn't want that to come off sounding rude. I was thinking, mix-and-match placemats to go with your random plates idea (Rich finally broke one of ours in a set, so I might be on my way to doing that!).

Claire said...

Love the shirt you made. Aren't you glad that the style pendulum is swinging back toward covering the tummy and not exposing the ass crack? It made finding clothes for a modest daughter difficult.
My best sewing projects are window treatments, pillows and such stuff. I love making costumes for Halloween. All stuff that hides the inevitable imperfections well.

Candace said...

Tori - You could SEW do this. :) I'm not an impressive sewer (eew - seamstress?) by any means. I'm too impatient. I do like making clothes for the kids (instant gratification) and I'm glad that I NEED to make them some stuff now. ^_^

OMG the scuba suit was AWESOME! We swam for over 2 hours with not a PEEP about coldness AND we spent a bunch of time in the colder pool with the diving board. It was AWESOME! I so wish I had done this sooner! She went down the giant snake slide a bunch, jumped off the diving board a ton, and had a great time because she could focus on swimming and having fun rather than trying to keep warm. If you don't find the $29.99 suit right away, LMK and I'll send you the link. Free shipping on anything over $25 -- what's not to love? Now my big girls are jealous, LOL! ^_^

Kitkat - Oh yeah! I should have pointed that out because there IS paper piecing with paper, too. (as in scrapbooking) With quilting, it's a process where you print out the piece and sew fabric over the various numbered spots in order. It makes for nice, precise pieces with minimal fuss.

Placemats doesn't come off as rude at all! That's another option I'm considering. :) I wanted to be able to use this vintage stuff in a way that would be meaningful to MIL yet also practical. :)

Bummer about the plate. It DOES give you an excuse to get something unique and lovely, though. ^_^

Claire - Thanks! :) Oh, I am SO glad! I love long Ts :)

My sewing fallback is the tote bag. If I'm bored, wna tto sew but have no idea what to make, I make a tote bag. We have a LOT of tote bags. ^_^

I haven't been so into the costumes until recently. I had trouble doing all that work for a seldom-used thing. But since my kids have discovered the joys of Harry Potter, LOTR and Star Trek stuff, I'm getting more into it, cuz they actually wear the stuff a lot. (Hey, they're homeschooled. They can get away with it. ^_^) In fact, I just won an eBay auction for Starfleet uniforms, TNG style. ^_^

Jay said...

Whoa, awesome action shot!!!
She looks cool, but does it work?

egan said...

If a kid gets cold while swimming, it's obvious they just aren't swimming fast enough. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Prawnie!!! Prawn is so big now! That's what I get for being out of the loop for so many years.

I also have a kid with zero body fat--maybe if I got him a scuba suit, he would actually swim.

Your blog reminds me how much I used to like sewing. One of these days I'm going to have to get my sewing machine fixed.

Candace said...

Jay - It DOES!! Hooray!! :)

Egan - Maybe you oughta come and crack the whip over her while she swims. Can you do a "mean swimming coach" impersonation?

Zoo!! Isn't she huge? I bet your crew would shock me now! Do you have pics on your blog?

Hey, I bet the scuba suit would do th trick. It's been awesome for Prawnie. :-)

I'm just getting back into sewing after a dry spell. I need to post pics of Mollusc's shirt. :) I didn't have enough of the thermal, so it's a hodgepodge, and I like it even better than the first one. :)