Saturday, October 18, 2008

Loving the Lapbooks

I found the coolest site for some already put together lapbooking packs. It's called In the Hands of a Child. They're having a sale on each of their All American Lapbook Packs this month, and just by mentioning that in my blog, I earn a $5 coupon. Woo hoo! They also have quarterly freebies (this quarter's is Thomas Alva Edison - cool!) I love that you can buy the packs in eFormat and print them out right away on whatever paper you like.

Our Election and Ancient Egypt lapbooks are coming right along. We're planning a trip to the DIA on Friday with some other hsers. Planned activities include, but are not limited to:

~Tour of Ancient Egypt displays (BYOBoD -- Bring Your Own Book of the Dead)

~ Modern Art Mocking Competition (extra points to those whose kids sketch something better in 3 mins or less -- OK so everyone will get those by default. Extra, extra points if you can stick it to the wall when the docents aren't looking.)

~Find the "Dumbledore Stairs" Before the Youngest Ones Can Ask About Their Location for the 5,000th Time Race

~Lie On Your Back and Stare at the Beautiful Ceiling Event (bonus points to those who remain unembarrassed by gawking passersby)

~Translate the Latin on the Walls near the Diego Rivera Murals Race

And here's how the lapbooks are looking these days:


tshsmom said...

LMAO @ "Modern Art Mocking Competition"! My family could give you a run for the money in that one.

One of Z'a favorite finds in his HS research was an article on a piece of modern art that had been hanging upside down in a museum for YEARS!

Candace said...

I wish you could come with us! The more the merrier in a MAMCompetition. :)

I'm totally cracking up over the article. What a hoot! ^_^

tshsmom said...

My first rule of thumb on art is: If you can't tell which way to hang it, it ain't art! ;)

In our HS studies, Z and I have encountered works of "art?" that our DOG could have copied.

Candace said...

Good rule!! :)

Heh! have you seen the book "Why Cats Paint"? I'm still not sure whether it's meant to be a spoof, or the people who wrote it are just crazy. ^_^

Anonymous said...

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