Monday, July 20, 2009

Casanova Frankenstein

It is aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

Life has been really busy, as you've probably guessed by my absence. Big changes are afoot. We're still waiting to find out about Germany, but the decision is supposed to be made at the end of this month.

I'm still stunned by what a glorious summer we're having, and enjoying every minute, though (to the children's minor chagrin) we are still doing some schooling (Homeschool Lite ^_^ ) so they don't turn into puddingheads.

We watched Mystery Men this weekend, which was a riot and, IMO one of those heretofore unappreciated gems in manner of The Princess Bride (as Bridget Jones might put it.) I mean seriously, a guy who can only go invisible when no one's looking? And a guy who can shovel better than anyone else? Too funny! The title of this post is a reference to the villain in the film, who I was sure was James Woods, but turned out to be Geoffrey Rush. Be forewarned, though, you have to be able to deal with fart humour to appreciate this one. (You already knew I never claimed to be sophisticated.)

I'm reading the second book of the Thursday Next series - VERY funny - and listening to Atonement - great so far! I was listening to Atlas Shrugged, too, but the digital download expired (well it's a little over 52 hours long and you only get it for 2 weeks) and I had to go back on the waiting list. I've read that book so many times that my original copy fell apart, yet it's always even better than I remember it. Maybe it's better just to return to the hard copy anyway, since I have another audiobook to listen to. The reader of Atlas drove me slightly batty. I looked him up and he's "the Golden Voice" of audiobooks or something like that, but he reads (this one at least) like he's preaching a sermon and it makes me a little crazy. I figured out, though, that if I put him on 1.5 speed, it's less crazy-making, PLUS it goes faster, so I can fit more in. ^_^

I'm also working on a new book while finishing up rewrites of the first. This one's completely and utterly different, so it's a refreshing change for me.

To top it off, I wanted to share this amazing vid. It gives me goosebumps every time. Especially when the whale sharks come looming out of the gloom to glide silently by. Here's a link to the creator's other Youtubes.


Ashira deSembre said...

Casanova Frankenstein has to be the best villain name ever. Seriously. :D

I haven't posted since June, pushing you ahead in the Frequent Blogger Contest. I must remedy that.

Ashira likes manta rays. :D

tshsmom said...

I seriously started thinking that you'd already moved to Germany...on a mountaintop...without internet access. ;)

Logophile said...

I liked Mystery Men.
and I LOVE Jasper Fforde.
You can't ever eff enough, can you? :p
The more effs the merrier, carry on

egan said...

You might be moving to Germany? You're the second blog I've read tonight where a family might be moving from the midwest to live in Europe. I need to read blogs more often.

Candace said...

Ash - I think would should make a "fewest blogposts per year" traveling trophy. Of course, it won't have to travel far. . .

Tshsmom - Facebook is evil. And life is crazy. I suspect that the blog will get more use if we actually DO go to Germany. :)

Logo - I must thank you most heartily for putting me on to the Jasper Fforde Bffooffks!

Efo - I'm never sure if you're really being oblivious, or just being silly. ^_^