Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Inauspicious Day

In Chinese philosophy/theology, there are days that are auspicious for certain endeavours, and other days that are less so. Today, March 19th, is a particularly inauspicious day for our family, as it's the day my father died, as well as the day that MuNKi choked last yr, requiring the Heimlich to save his life (thank you, Erica!)

Today we played hooky from TKD in the morning, because we were so behind in everything else due to extensive yard work this week. (A result of the gorgeous weather.) After I decided not to take the kids, I realised what day it was, and silently breathed a sigh of relief for the avoidance of whatever driving disaster we may have ended up in had we gone. We agreed that my dad would have highly approved of our schedule-breaking hooky behaviour.

MuNKi went off to take part in a BIG presentation at work, dressed (as we would later realise) in one of my dad's suits. He ate his lunch with full supervision in the office and did not choke even once.

I took the kids to the library for volunteering as usual for Thursdays, but when I saw Grumpy Newspaper Man in the Teen section, I got worried about the Littles, who were in the kid section. Usually Grumpy Newspaper Man stays in his wing chair by the fireplace, thus leaving my Littles free of his candy-giving, worriesome-question-asking behaviours. Today, noting that he was on the prowl, and also taking note of the date, I uprooted from the teen section (where you can plug your laptop in) and took my laptop over by the Littles in the Kid Section, passing GNMan on the way. He was already interacting with some tiny kids, but their dad was there, so I felt comfortable moving on to my own crew.

I got hold of MuNKi upon arriving home, and determined that he was still alive (he was supposed to call me after lunch, but is notoriously bad about remembering to call me back, ever, LOL!) and not too long thereafter, he arrived home safe and sound.

We played hooky from night class and sparring, too. I just wasn't in the mood, which isn't really like me, but what can I say? I felt guilty, but it passed (all too quickly, as Mr. Bennet would say.)

And that was March 19th. There's an hour and 5 minutes remaining. I think we'll make it. In the meantime, a weirdly coincidental song that found my sister today:


Jan Mader said...

You homeschool. You live in chaos. Your blog caught my eye!

I'm a children's author. I post frequent writing activies for teachers, parents, and writers.

Please stop by for a visit!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it was an inauspicious day for you but glad you survived it. Now tomorrow is the vernal equinox, full of new beginnings.

SM said...

I hope the remainder of your day went by without incident.

I've had days like that too, though. The day before my birthday - bad things always seem to happen that day.

Ashira deSembre said...

"He ate his lunch with full supervision in the office and did not choke even once."

Hee hee. :D

Jay said...

Is anyone else worried that there have been no further posts since this "inauspicious" one?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I keep checking back. Where is Candace?!?!?!?!?!

Toby said...

I still envy you. The bennet link crashed my computer.

Candace said...

I am alive and the photo computer is WORKINGGGG!!!

Posting time! :)

Sorry about the Bennett link, Toby. Poo.

SM said...

Has it really been almost 4 months since you've updated??? How are things? I miss you!

Candace said...

That was a long break. Too long. I miss you, too. Do you have another blog yet?