Friday, August 03, 2012

Of Sage and Honeybees

Eldest and I went library hopping to our fave non-local library today.  I scored a couple of Albinoni CDs and some fun knitting books, as well as what promises to be a cheesy Russian children's film.  Delight!  I also leafed through a copy of what I thought was a 50 Shades of Grey spoof, but turned out to be one of the actual books.  How?  How???  English grammar and good writing are going the way of the dinosaur, apparently.  Oh well, it gives the rest of us something to feel smug about, right?

I have discovered the joys of the Game of Thrones books (as evidenced by yesterday's closing,) and am currently on book the fifth.  Yay.  Oh, hey!  I guess good writing isn't dead after all.

Lately my flowers are full of butterflies and hummingbird moths.  Listening to my sage buzzing is really

Get it?  The bee's knees! (Well, OK, knee.)  I'm so glad you can't hit me from there.

Anyway, yesterday's pics were from about a month ago, but these are from last week and today.

 One of the six bajillion honeybees enjoying my Russian sage.

So sorry to

you with pictures again.  I just can't stop myself sometimes.


Sheila Shigley said...

Summer is in full summ!!!

SM said...

I like my smut well written, thank you very much. I tried to start reading 50 shades but I couldn't. I just couldnt. Not because I'm a prude but because I've read Harlequins better written.

My friend swears by the Game of Thrones books.

So glad you're back!

Elinor Blackwood said...

I wish our sage would make sage-coloured flowers as well. How amazing would that be?

Candace said...

She - Yessssss!!

SM - Pretty sad, huh? I think the English language is getting more and more dumbed down. The last 5 books I've read/listened to have grammatical errors.

E - That would be gorgeous! :)