Thursday, August 02, 2012

One Month Ago

This is the part where I jump back in and pretend I never stopped blogging.

We've lived here 9 years now.  Nine!!  I've never EVER lived in the same house this long.  I'm starting to notice, for the first time, how time takes its toll on things both inside and out.  On the other hand, I'm getting to see how the trees and plants mature.  I get to add things each year, and know they'll still be there, even bigger, next year.  Many of my plants are having babies, too. :)  Slowly, slowly, I'm wrangling the "weed beds" so that they are more flower than weed.

These were taken a month ago.  Summer in full riot!

 But in case I were to forget, I also got these little reminders:

Winter is coming.


SM said...

Hey! Long time, no blog! I did the same thing a few months ago. 2 years haitus & then back. Not regularly but occasionally. Better than nothing.

Beautiful flowers. Hope the kiddos are well!

Domestic Kate said...

Nice to read your words again! I was just thinking about you and your family the other day--the way that you guys all seem to do so much with your time. I'm envious.

Winter is coming? Let's hope so. But I think we have to have fall first and collect $200 for passing go before we get there.

Candace said...

Hi SM! Can you send me a link to your blog? The kiddos are great, thanks! :)

Kate - Sometimes I feel like I'm getting absolutely NOTHING done, LOL! I guess it all balances out.

I'm SO looking forward to Fall. It's my very fave. Yum! Knitted things! :D

Sheila Shigley said...

Love, love, love!!!! I am so sweltery-hot I am BEGGING for snow, lol!! Seriously, I want to ROLL in it, RIGHT NOW!!

Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Sees-tore.