Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Planner Joy!!

After stalking Happy Planners online for some weeks (months?) I FINALLY bought one.  I used a coupon at Hobby Lobby and managed to snag the ONLY Peony-themed one in the store.  I love it!  I LOVE IT!  I.  LOVE.  IT.

Since I'm more of a bullet journaler, I REALLY appreciate being able to move things around if I later decide I want them in different places.  I'm not a super-great organiser.  Sometimes just knowing that I have to get it all planned out and get it written in the space allowed without forgetting anything is enough to cripple me from the start.  With this planner, I haven't felt any of that.  It's so freeing! :D

I made a fun Alice-in-Wonderland-themed charm for it:

I also created a sticky-note holder that's made from a Little Twin Stars sticker I got when I was about 8 years old.  It's laminated onto cardstock, edged in washi tape, and punched to fit. I laminated and punched some other cute papers for note-making as well.

And finally, I made an adorable Sumikko Gurashi page-marker, also laminated, that's great for making daily notes in wet-erase marker.  I love it so much that I made another one for my Etsy shop:

Ah!  I just adore these little characters! :D

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C said...

To whomever left the comment, I'm sorry. I thought I clicked "publish" but since it appears to have gone, I'm guessing that perhaps I clicked "delete" instead. :( I'm recovering from a rough illness, and I'm still a bit addled.

You kindly mentioned that I seemed like an organised person and went on to ask about the benefits of bullet journaling.

I LOVE bullet journaling because, for me, it removes the pressure of not getting everything in the right place. Say, for instance, that I decide to make a list of movies I'd like to see. I can flip to somewhere in the journal where I have lots of room, start my list and put the page number in my index at the beginning of the book so that I can find it again.
Say that some time later I realise how much I'd like a list of books to read. I can find another page for that and record its location as well.
If, for whatever reason, I run out of room because I planned poorly, or read much more than I expected to, or whatever, I can start another list (or pick up the same list a bunch of pages later) and add the new location to my index.
I'm really paranoid about "getting things right." So much so that it would preempt my actual starting of a journal if I didn't know what to put where, simply for fear that I'd forget something and want to put it in later, and then end up with it in the wrong place. Bullet journaling freed me from that worry.
The other thing that freed me from that is this LOVELY Happy Planner. :) Quite a number of times now, I've moved pages to "better" locations. I LOVE being able to do that. ^_^