Saturday, October 16, 2004

Luke Skywalker's Head Fell Off

So that's a bummer. It's my old Luke - probably my first figure. But I guess I have to expect some fallout when I let the kids play with them. And it beats having them sitting around in some old box in a corner of the basement. All those guys are getting plenty of action these days. Like Luke. I'm not sure if Dags pulled his head off cuz she thought he was like a Lego guy, or if he fell off the countertop and lost it that way. It was probably the Evil Emperor in the conservatory with a candlestick. Or blue lightning bolts. I should never have mailed away those points for that guy; he's nothing but trouble.

Sewing has yielded more failure than success lately. I did another pair of pants for Gordy's friend and the waist was still too big. I was very uninspired about doing Gordy's so they're a UFO (UnFinished Object) sitting on the table right now. And I have a 3rd pair cut out waiting to be sewn up for another friend and found something funky with the front and back pieces. Looks like the front waistline is about an inch or more shorter than the back, which means I prolly traced the pattern wrong, but I can't check OR fix it since I lent my book and patt sheet to a friend. Blah. Next, I ripped off one of my Ottobre patterns for a shirt for Kacey. The cross neck shirt from the 3/2004 issue only goes to 110 cm and she needs a 128, so I folded a Kwik Sew sweatshirt patt (couldn't find my long-sleeved T patt if, indeed, I do have one,) traced, modified and re-cut and that worked all right. I made the shirt out of thin stuff with a high lycra content and BOY did the edges on that stuff roll. Very frustrating stuff. Of course the shirt was way too big, so I serged it down a bunch. I lettuced the sleeves and bottom - again very frustrating with that high roll factor - and the sleeves are really long on her. But that's the look these days, right? And it will fit forever.

I'm just uninspired, lately, and that's unusual. Maybe I just need a good fabric fix. Or maybe it's because the kids are doing OK clothing-wise now. I'm signing up for a Jesse Tree ornament swap with some other Amity Sewing Mamas , so maybe that will re-inspire me. The SOAA theme should inspire me, too. Maybe I'll do some cloaks. In fact, now that I'm not NAKing (just got Dags down) I'm crazy to sit here blogging rather than playing with fabric and my machines...

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