Sunday, October 10, 2004

Why Fairy Anyway?

Well why not? And also because my of my business, The Fairy's Whim

I'm no good at performing under pressure - well not with sewing or making things or writing anyway. Actually, I'm not that bad at it, but I hate doing it; it takes all the enjoyment right out of it. So my biz is strictly what I feel like making when I feel like making it, no custom orders. You know how those custom orders can turn into nightmares when a demon possesses your serger and it eats a hole in the back of your nearly finished shirt and you're all out of that fabric and every place you know that carries it is backordered for 6 weeks? Yeah, that's why. The one time I did a custom order (6 fairy skirts in various sizes) I was so nervous and couldn't put it down 'til it was done. Yeah, I made good $, but it's no good for family life.

Here's something annoying - I made John a really cool Dragon Shirt (I'll link a pic as soon as I figure out how) and everyone was asking where he got it. One guy wanted to know if I had a site. Well, yes, but no Dragon Shirts are on it. Now, if I had figured out that I ought to make a couple to sell before that, it might have been fine. But now that I feel like I "should" make some for the site, well ugh. Isn't that annoying? What a dork I can be. Why is that, Captain Ron? No one knows.

I feel semi-inspired to write more, but the mixer is screaming my name. I think it wants me to make Congo Bars...

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Cheryl said...

It's a good things for me you don't take custom orders. Your Fairy skirts are just gorgeous!