Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm so pleased to be raising mini geeks! ^_^

Helm's Deep

Aragorn, Legolas and half of Gimli (so he'll be short enough) man the wall.

Theoden hides inside where it's safe

Gandalf has brought the Riders of Rohan over Mount Spiderman just in time to save everyone from. . .

. . . one dead orc!

In other news, MuNKi made yummy bread

and stew

And I made "Lembas cookies."

One mouthful is enough to give a grown man a sugar buzz for an entire day. ^_^


kitkat said...

Mmm...bread. Anytime MuNKi makes surplus bread, feel free to send it this way. There's just nothing better.

I like the little plastic Orc with the white handprint. Nice touch.

Simon Sterwin said...

I 'Marvel' at your heroic mountain, C. Only today I 'spied a man' who looked a little like Peter Parker.
Though I'm not sure if all of my family are fans of Spiderman. My uncle might be, but my 'Aunt May' not be. I'll send her an email to find out. Ah, the power of the 'web!'

(All bad spidy-puns have been placed in "scare quotes" for ease of reference.) :)

Jay said...

Wow, intense all around!!

Logophile said...

I must not let the Things see this post, they will be overwrought with jealousy.
They've a touch of LOTR fever from time to time

Sicilian Mama said...

Can I come play at your house? I have a Gollum figure.

That bread is making me salivate.

egan said...

I can hear Eddie's voice in my head. You make me salivate.

Candace said...

I so love that MuNKi makes bread. :) If you're ever passing through our neck of the woods, you'll have to stop by and have some. :)

Isn't that orc funny? ^_^

Simon - Oh, VERY nice! Your punning silks - er skills are vast indeed! ^_^

Jay - Especially for the orc!

Logo - Heh! I found those guys being clearanced at Tolkientown.com. I think they got them 2 Christmases ago, but are only just now really loving them. ^_^

Armie - Oh, yes!! Bring Gollum! ^_^ We'll bake and play LOTR ^_^

Egan - Is Eddie's voice different from the others in your head? How shall I take the salivation comment? ;)

egan said...

Gosh, I wonder where you will go with the salivate comment. It's not like you have a dirty mind or anything.