Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh Hoppy Day!!

Yes, I'm letting the wider pics bump my sidebar. :)

I'm going to try to do more pics now that I've returned to the Blogging world. I did some writing while I was gone -- not enough, but more than usual. My novel is about 1/3 done now. I read and listened to a bunch of books, watched a bunch of films (though a large portion of that was the LOTR trilogy over and over and over again ^_^), played a ton of Scrabulous games, did a lot of TKD, sewed some goodies, and ate, drank and was merry.

Additionally, MuNKi choked on the anniversary of my dad's death, but his co-worker (the lovely, lovely Erica, may her name be forevermore praised! I'm not kidding) Heimliched him, and saved his life. So you owe all additional forthcoming MuNKi anecdotes to her.

Some of what went on during my hiatus was recorded digitally for posterity as you will now see.

The dangers of Kool-Aid, sale hair dye, and too much estrogen in one place:

Come and join our newfound D&D geekery!! Did you know that you can emboss velvet with rubber stamps and an iron? Cool. :)

Quilting Cat Approves of This Thread (T-Puff awaits her turn in the wings) :

Let it not be said that I never finished that quilt. The Prawn loves her quilt.

We have entered a phase of prolonged LOTR obsession. It's still going strong. (Men of Gondor. . . Yummmmmm. . .) Mollusc has become a GIMP wizard and created this for her desktop:

Sluggie and Jet wait for me to finish making her Fellowhip Cloak:

Trillian helps me with the hood lining:

She is pleased.

"RRR shorts." I hacked off the legs of a blown-up pair of jeans, cut off the 3 big flowers from the flared bottoms and sewed them onto the leg. Prawn chose the placement as they will be her shorts. They look better now that they have washed and frayed because the edges of the flowers are fraying to match the bottoms, which helps to tie the whole look together. (Don't I sound fashion-knowledgable? Don't worry, it's just a facade.)

I. C. Frosty Trees:


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Candace! I love that your blog was still very much alive even whilst you were away.

I had to read the paragraph about MuNKi twice before I realized you literally meant choking (I read it first as "messed up" or "failed"). I'm glad Erica was there and he's all right.

Simon Sterwin said...

Well hello, C!

What a fine selection of snaps for your much anticipated return. Having discovered how to do this linky thing and being very excited about it, I'm sending you a spoofingly funny Lord of the Rings ditty.

Good to see you back. :)

Trundling Grunt said...

My you have been busy while off. I was far more indolent. Still bloody cold up there I take it.

Started to get things for the garden this weekend - ever the optimist eh?

Michael C said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!! Please thank Erica for me. After all, MuNKI may be the only other one who gets the whole NASCAR/Ashley Judd thing ;-)

I look forward to your daily bloggings. Not floggings, because that would be different, much different.

And yes, I DID have a slight cardiac episode when I saw your name in my comments section this HAS been a while!!

egan said...

Does Trillian drink coffee too? Might fine coffee those LOTR folks like. Hey, welcome back. I'm glad you made it this long without posting. The quilt looks fantastic. I get to be Mr. Mom in a week for a week.

Sicilian Mama said...

Wow! You had a really good bloggy break!!!

I love, love, love the background Mollusc made!! Too awesome!

Speaking of LOTR obsessions...this is our latests (our being my friends and me) Taters

radioactive girl said...

I am so happy to see you back!

Will you be explaining the iron/velvet thing and how to do it? That sounds really cool to me. I am left once again wishing you lived closer to me so we could be all crafty together! I am the crafty/creative one in my group of friends but I am not actually all that creative, just do my own thing with what I see other people do.

I love the pictures and I love that you are back!

Candace said...

Kitkat - Thanks! It good to be back! I loved that, too! :) The comments came to me in my emails, so even though I was being good and not logging in, I was able to see the chatter, which was great! :)

Hello S! Ooh, now I can change my sidebar to add your fabulous new blog! :) Great ditty! :) I do love a good parody. ^_^

TG - Ha, I, too, got gardening stuff just a week or 2 ago. I had this bizarre notion of starting some seeds, but I'm not sure it will ever be warm enough to transplant them if they do sprout. We got a bunch of snow on Friday, and though a lot melted off yesterday, today isn't going to be that warm - 35ish. Wah. I'm fantasizing about summer days at the lake. Sigh.

Yo Michael! Yes, I shall, indeed, thank the lovely Erica for you. Shocking how few people seem to appreciate that whole Ashley Judd thing.

I could maybe arrange a flogging. Sounds like your co-worker (inverted staples woman) might be on board with that plan. ^_^

Efo - Trilly does not seem to be a coffee drinker so far. ("Still tastes like coffee! Add more creamer!") I'm not sure how to take your gladness for my lack of posting. ;) And thanks for the quilt praise. Mr. Mom, eh? I saw that on your blog. Yikes!

SMama - Hello!!! Now I can finally read your blog! Woo hoo!! :) Yeah, I was really impressed by Mollusc's work. :) Ha! The taters thing totally cracked me up. A friend of ours just used that line at the store the other day. (We sucked their family into our obsession.)

Tori - OOh, sure! I can explain the iron velvet thing. :) It would be awesome to beable to craft/create together. I love seeing what other people do . It's so inspiring. :)

egan said...

Blogging has changed a bit since you left, just warning you.

Gawpo said...

Wow. I think they've each grown half a foot, and just over Lent.

Wekkom bek!