Thursday, June 05, 2008

Picture This (Part 654)

We found some plates that were made somewhere besides China! (Italy in this case.) MuNKi is semi-embracing my desire to get completely mismatched dishes. My logic is that we can get a bunch of interesting stuff and if something breaks, we simply find another interesting setting. I know stacking won't be the greatest, but who cares? MuNKi liked these enough that he bought a bunch, though. I don't think he's quite on the same page I am.

Lamb's ears. Not deceptively fuzzy. They really are as soft as they look.

I wish I could make the lilac one scratch 'n' sniff.

Cookies, cookies, cookies! They look better than they tasted, IMO. But MuNKi liked them.

This tastes pretty good though. ^_^

So if you put chive flowers in a jar of vinegar (with some plastic wrap under the lid to prevent corrosion) . . .

it turns into this!

Emmett is always such a help in quilting.

He's practicing for his role in the upcoming Puss in Footwear here.

Trillian, on the other hand, contents herself with helping to change the lightbulbs.

Tashiya brought only one of her three babies this day. (Or maybe it's Winona. I'll have to ask Mollusc.)

Awww! Who could say no to a face like this? Well, besides Egan. ;-) (photo credit goes to Mollusc)

And yeah, I'm being brave and posting a pic of my haircut.

I think I look slightly less liney outside. Thanks to Mollusc for the first pic and Fishy for the second. :)


Sicilian Mama said...

Egan is going to love the cat pictures. Meow.

I love your hair! And your shirt!!!

I'm addicted to lambs ear. I have to touch it everytime I see it (twss).

And is that swirly stuff fudge? MmMMMMM!

Candace said...

Meow indeed. >^_^<

Thanks and thanks! That's the shirt MuNKi got such weird looks for asking to see in a women's style. ^_^ (well duh)

I touched lamb's ear last summer and had to buy my own this year.

The swirly stuff is chocolate cappuccino spread from World Market. (nom nom nom!!)

egan said...

Carpe Noctem? Wait, that's a different t-shirt. Cats and racoons. I noticed you're feeding the marsupials. Awesome because they would otherwise starve. Maybe they can spend some time on your trampoline too? Has it been a year since we met in person?

Candace said...

Carpe cakeum! No marsupials here, Matey. Well not at present. They come in the winter. But PLENTY of raccoons.

Has it been a year? No way. I've gotta get out on the trampoline.

kitkat said...

1. The hair looks great.
2. I'm glad the lilac was not scratch and sniff because my allergies are terrible enough as it is! The photo itself makes me want to rub my eyes :(
3. Re: Emmett and the shoes: I'm still trying to make some naughty joke incorporating "pussy" and foot fetishes, but I can't make it work.

Candace said...

Thanks! :) OMG allergic to lilacs?!?!? That sucks BIGTIME! I love the way they smell. Come to think of it, I do know one other person who's allergic to them and she said I can come dig hers up and take them home, LOL!

Something like "is that a pussy in your shoe bin or are you just glad to see me?" Ummm. . . yeah I can see the difficulty there. ^_^

Oh! "Those shoes must be for pussies." ;)

Claire said...

Baby raccoons!! *squeals with delight* How ever did Mollusc get such a good close up?
I like the plate idea. We use antique tupperware plates for everyday noshing.
My cats like to climb into boxes too, what's that all about?

tshsmom said...

Your 'coons have GOT to be better than our skunk family! Although baby skunks are just as cute as baby 'coons. ;)
LOVE your hair!

Candace said...

Claire - Aren't they just sqeeful? ^_^ I think she just opened the sliding door, but she might have gone out there with them. They try to come in when you open the door.
I think it would be fun to get really neat old china settings from Goodwill and Salvation Army. :)
I'm not sure why boxes are so great for cats. We have a kids' book called "My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes." >^_^<

Tshsmom - OMG skunks are so adorable. We get them on the deck now and then, too. Once, one was squaring off against a raccoon. We were really afraid the guy was gonna spray the deck, LOL!
Thank you! My whole head feels lighter. :-)

Michael C said...

I'm liking the mismatched dishes idea, a lot. My wife has a dish collecting fetish, so you could see where mismatched dishes might appeal to me.

I like the new 'do!!!!

Michael C said...

And oh my god, I just noticed the TWSS in your first commenter!!!

ablondeblogger said...

You are adorable! But the racoon baby is just a tad bit more. :)

ablondeblogger said...

Wait....I meant that to be funny but now I realize it could be an insult, which is totally not how I meant it. I will go away now, lol.

Candace said...

Michael - I think it's a highly practical idea. ESPECIALLY for collecters. ^_^ And thanks! :)

Yep, Armie cracks me up. ^_^

Dawn - Thank you. :) I agree - he is infinitely more so. Such soulful little eyes. :) HA! Don't get paranoid, I know what you mean. ^_^

radioactive girl said...

So many things to comment on. I love your dish idea. I have been looking at flea markets (which sound so gross but are actually not) for some old dishes that I can make work for us. My mom bought us a ton brand new when we got married and they aren't our style at all. Since we already have some that we can use, I don't want to be wasteful, but at a certain point me wanting to throw them at someone every time I see them might make me consider donating them and finding new ones. Your idea is one I think I will steal because I love love love mismatched things like that.

I don't know if I have ever seen a picture of you before! You are beautiful! It could just be the picture, but I think you look like little bits of each of your kids put together. How awesome is that?

We had a raccoon that kept coming to our backyard and he actually scared me a little. He/she was so unafraid of us that I worried about it a bit. He sure liked our dropped food though! And we loved watching him pick it all up and eat it. It was the coolest thing ever to be so close to him/her while she/he ate with the adorable little feet.

Candace said...

Tori - I think a dishwasher can sterilize just about anything. ^_^ I was thinking of Goodwill and stuff, too, cuz you can find some really great stuff there.

Thanks, you are too kind. :) I'm usually the one behind the camera. I have been accused of cloning myself where the kids are concerned. ^_^

It is fascinating to watch those guys. They're so dexterous! And so stinking cute! :)