Monday, June 02, 2008


If I were to get off my lazy ass (well, ON it, I guess would be more appropriate) and make a new post, it would go right here.

And if I were to post pics, they would probably be about here.

And here (but further down.)

But I'm too lazy.

My soap is curing in the kitchen. The whole place smells like spearmint and it's just lovely.

I made more cookies from the Martha book and chive vinegar (for consumption) and lemon/orange vinegar for the laundry. What a shame I'm too lazy to post.


Michael C said...

What a shame indeed. But you did provide such a perfect picture of what I would have seen.

Claire said...

Whatever :)

radioactive girl said...

If I weren't too lazy to comment, it would go here.

Anonymous said...

If my summer class doesn't pan out, I'm totally going to spend July making soap and being otherwise old-fashioned.

Sicilian Mama said...

Your "no pictures" label cracks me up.

Candace said...

Michael - we're you feeling energetic enough to picure it? I wasn't. ^_^

Claire - Exactly! LOL!

Tori - Har! Too good! ^_^

Kitkat - I have almost everything I need to make a batch at home. I just have to buy a pot. Yay!

Armie - I have quite a few of those posts, LOL!

Trundling Grunt said...

A DIY post? Original.

ablondeblogger said...

Mmmm...spearmint soap? How do you not eat it? lol

Candace said...

TG - It was lame, but I felt compelled to add something, yet to blase to actually do it. ^_^

Dawn - It's been hard. ^_^ I love how it makes the kitchen smell. :) I'm dreaming up what other lovely combos I can make next.