Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Day of No Pics

~I'm working on a disappearing nine patch quilt for a friend's baby.

~I'm reading one of Kevin J. Anderson's new books for review and have another of his coming to me in the mail. Yay! He's a great writer, and dorky as it may be, I feel a little bit of a connection cuz he and MuNKi were friends in high school. I know that's weird. *shrug*

~One of my friends got to touch the Stanley Cup the other day. I think he may have licked it. I certainly would have. And then his sister went to visit it last night. I would like to go visit it it, too. Or at least some of those sweaty hockey players. ;-)

~I saved a snake from the neighbour cat a couple of days ago. Neither of them were too thrilled about that. Well, I think the snake may have been in the long run. I don't think I've ever been struck at by a snake before.

~And then I found a dead mole. This was the day after reading a blog from Somerset England (which I found by doing a search on quilt squares) which had a pic of a dead mole that the woman's cats had left in the yard. And then Mollusc came downstairs and told me she'd dreamed about finding a dead mole in the yard, so I told her about it. She dreams about stuff that's going to happen all the time.

~I think we're going to the beach today. Everyone else is in school. ^_^


Anonymous said...

My cats drag in dead moles all the time. At least, I think they're moles. I've begun to wonder if they're just mice, but they look more like moles. Anyway, I've certainly seen my fair share of them.

egan said...

Well did you go to the beach or not? By beach, what do you mean? The river's edge, a lake shore? I'm in the dark here.

Dead animals aren't to my liking. Moles are weird.

radioactive girl said...

My daughter and her best friend found a mole treading water and probably half dead in her next door neighbor's swimming pool. They scooped it up and saved it. I am glad I had no knowledge of this going on because moles sort of gross me out.

The beach thing makes homeschooling look very enticing. Except I suppose since I would most likely only be homeschooling one kid, I would only take him? That would add to the weirdness I would feel about only homeschooling him!

Good thing it is raining here today and cold so I don't really have to ponder that too much. Did you end up going to the beach? Is it getting cold by you yet or do you still have nice weather? Monday and Tuesday it was in the 90's and today the high was 60 something. People weren't meant to deal with such drastic temperature changes so suddenly!

Slade said...

I just found a dead rat in my yard the other day...yucky!! This is the first critter I've found in my backyard...2 kitties.

Diesel said...

If it's a disappearing quilt, how do you know where it is when it's done?

Candace said...

Kitkat - moles are velvetier and don't have the long tails.

Egan - we sure did! It was nearly deserted. It rocked! We went to one of the MANY nearby lakes. :)

Tori - rodents can swim for a surprisingly long time. I'm glad they saved it. :)

Yeah, that would be weird only getting to do that with one kid, but then again, it's a bummer to deny one the possibilities just cu the others couldn't partake. That would be a huge dilemma for me.

The beach was AWESOME! :)

Slade - Oh that's a bummer. :-( At least your kitties don't bring them around much. :)

Diesel - seriously, dude, pieces disappeared. It took me some definite math to figure out where everything had gone. My friend lost a bunch of her pieces for a while right after cutting them. They have a well earned name! I guess it's done when there's nothing left! ;)