Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photographic Dysentery

Quilt top for MIL:

DIY SuperPeople:


Bird Woman

"The Fringe"

"The Human Chrysalis"


Close Encounters:

Feeling Wild:

Major Milestone:

Close Encounters Deux:


Feeling Crafty:

Global Inferno:
Obscenely Crafty:


Nom nom:

Nom nom nom:


kitkat said...

I like that bird woman has some kind of modesty tail going on. That's nice. I could really use some of those cookies right about now too.

egan said...

What's with the "nom nom nom" stuff?

Great pictures as usual. I think the lips are quite charming. What's the big milestone, is she ten? Have a good weekend.

radioactive girl said...

The food all looks amazing...I am starving and should get some lunch!

What are you knitting? Is that the thing you were telling me about that looked somewhat naughty? I just started some arm warmers and they are really stretchy. When they are not on me and stretched out, they look so tiny!

Candace said...

Kitkat - Isn't that handy? Aeodynamicy (new word!) and modesty rolled into one fashionable accessory! ^_^

Efo - It's an I Can Has Cheezburger thing.

Aren't those lips awesome? My girls get their ears pierced when they get their first period. I have 2 with pierced ears now!! O_O

Tori - MuNKi is the one making the food. It's awesome! I was knitting armwarmers. Well, I still am, but I'm on my 3rd set and #2 and #3 look way better! And less obscene when done in diff colours. ^_^ These are really stretchy, too. And yep, they're the thing that looked so naughty. My friend and I were giggling about them while I was knitting, and then Mollusc started cracking up over them, and then Sluggie came and said "What is that?"

ME: What do you think it is?

SLUGGIE: A tunnel

ME: um, yep!

SLUGGIE: (after a pause) Where do you put it? **breaks into raucous laughter** ^_^

Trundling Grunt said...

Love the hummy photos. It is sad that they are leaving.

Candace said...

They're so cute! I think ours are all gone now. :-( Just in time, though, I guess, because our raccoons just trashed their feeder. :-P