Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tempus Fugit

(more about this at the bottom)

So life has been crazy busy as usual. Yesterday I took some of my soaps (the few cured ones that remained) to the co-op to sell. We'll see how that went. (I got to just leave them there with their info sheets.) I plan to Etsy the soaps, too. But I need to make bigger batches!

I've also been surfing curriculum. O. M. G. there is SO MUCH good stuff out there. Topping my WANT list are Latin Copybooks, Song School Latin, and Cambridge Latin, as well as these classical reading and writing Early Modern History copybooks (That would be Fishy's. There are more advanced ones for the bigs, and I was able to download and print the free one for the Prawn.)

And what homeschooler's life could possibly be complete without THIS BEAUTY? Invention truly is the mother of necessity with the Bind-it-All.

I also have to order new Math-U-See books for almost everyone, but Sluggie's the only one ready for hers yet. Mollusc and Fishy still have a number of lessons to finish up in their current books, and Prawn had the old 1st through 3rd grade book and is about half-way through.

In my searches, I found this incredible lapbooking site (they also have a great notebooking section if you do that.) We're working on the Ancient Egypt lapbook right now to go along with our Ancient History class. I also printed out two different Election process lapbooks that we'll prbably begin next week.

And finally, (hsingwise) I have been using this fantastic review site. Linky-o-rama, and great reviews, too. Actually, the reviews are just one facet of the site.

In other news, I have joined 2 quilt square swaps at Amitymama. We're doing the 8 Sabbats and there was enough interest for 2 swaps. I got Lughnassadh in one (Fall harvest holiday) and Yule in the other. Whee! :) Each of us will do 8 identical squares representing what the holiday means to us, and then send them to the co-ordinater, who will make 8 sets of everything and mail them back. I'll get 2 quilt's worth, since I'm in both. :-)

I'm still cooking up my own Wheel of the Year quilt, but each holiday is so inspiring that I was having trouble confining it to just one wedge of my wheel, so I decided to also do individual hangings for each Sabbat. I started with Samhain (Hallowe'en) because that's what I was inspired to do. I never used to be a great fan of Hallowe'en until I learned more about the real origins and meanings. Things sure do change over time. :-P I didn't even think about measuring when I was whacking off the extra at the edges to bind this (I guess I was in kind of a fog by then), so it's actually a bit lopsided. Mollusc has been making some great symbols of Samhain from Sculpey, though, and I'm going to hang them from the lower left corner on varying lengths of ribbons to help balance things out. I love how it turned out, and my fave part is the printing. If you iron fabric to the shiny side of freezer paper, you can run it through your printer! :-) I'm in love with the Celtic Knot font I found.


Sicilian Mama said...

That quilt is AWESOME!!! I told my husband the other day that I wanted to start learning how to quilt...but I"m a bit scared! I always get inspired after looking at all the cool quilts at our state fair.

I can't wait to see your Wheel of the Year quilt.

radioactive girl said...

What a cool quilt! I can't even believe a person can do that.

On the homeschooling topic, we are considering homeschooling one of our kids. The one that misses a ton of school due to his stomach issues. I am on the fence because I don't want to take on homeschooling all 4 kids, but then I feel like it is odd to just do one. I always love reading your posts about homeschooling. You make it seem do-able. I'm still considering it and can't make up my mind.

ablondeblogger said...

I'm lazy so I just order all my curriculum from A Beka. Luckily for us they have an awesome program.

I love that bind-it-all tool!

ablondeblogger said...

By the way, your butt looks awesome in your profile pic, lol.

Candace said...

Armie - Thanks! I was intimdated by quilting, too, but my friend's mom showed me that it can be really laid back. :)

Tori - Thank you! :) I was basically just scrapbooking with fabric. :) I used a lot of wonder-under type stuff and had fun. :)

Hsing is definitely do-able, and I can certainly see why you'd think of hsing your son. I understand, too, feeling weird about doing just one, but not wanting to have to do all four. I have a friend here with 2 kids who is thinking of hsing just her daughter. Her son is going into first grade, but has been happy with school so far, and she believes that seeing his friends reading and doing things he might not be motivated to do otherwise helps to push him along. Her 4 yo dd, however, is super-bright and functioning at basically the same level as her brother, and the private school she talked to won't take her yet due to age. She doesn't want to hold her back, just so she'll fit in when she hits school age, so she's thinking of hsing her. But, yeah, she's feeling a little strange about just hsing one, too.

Dawn - One-stop ordering sure does make it easier! I know a lot of people who are happy with A Becka. It sounds like their quality is very good. But I really do enjoy the hunt, too. ^_^

MuNKi Gchatted me this morning to tell me to buy that bind-it-all! I was blown away! Look for fun projects from me soon!! :)

Oh and thanks for the butt love, LOL! ^_^ I love my GEEK pants.

tshsmom said...

Thanks for the lapbooking link! I'd never heard of this, but I think it will work great for Z on a number of things. It also looks like a great way to help his organization issues.

Candace said...

I just love the whole concept of lapbooking! :) Our Ancient Egypt one is coming along nicely, and I plan to start the Election one with them this week.

I hope you and Z have a blast with it. There's a lot available out there now regarding lapbooking. When I first started looking a few yrs ago, I could hardly find anything!

Michael C said...

Ok, I'll admit right up front that most of this post did not make sense to me, but I still got the feeling you are doing much better things with your time than I am with mine. But, I did get all the sodas in the garage fridge sorted by most fav to least fav yesterday...

Candace said...

Ah, but by that act just think of all the time you've freed up because of how fast it will be to grab your soda now! :-)