Friday, May 02, 2008

Green Grow the Rushes-O

Sluggie got hit on in the library yesterday. She came to me all giggly and embarrassed about a teenage boy who had asked her to come sit by him at the computers to play Runescape. In case you have trouble keeping track Sluggie is my 10 year old. :-P It's really incredible to watch my girls climbing onto the cusp of womanhood -- carefree kids one moment, and so grown up another, with all that giggly in-between stuff thrown in for good measure.

May is here in typical Midwest fashion. You'd think that with 26 years experience in the Midwest, I wouldn't be foolish enough to think that after the first 80 degree day it would never be cold again, but I'm still learning. We had our classic warm teasers and plunged right back into the 30s. Today we're back in the 60s. At least it's heading in the right direction.

The tulips are blooming. I had kind of forgotten about them.

And some little pinky white things are out, too. I don't know what they are, but they make enchanting little faerie carpets through the grass and woods.

The Littles are playing outside, though it's thundering now. Excitement runs high!

Mollusc got braces and a palate expander on Tuesday. She's still at the "can't chew" phase, which totally sucks. Hopefully she'll be able to chew in a week or so. Food suggestions are welcome!


radioactive girl said...

We are living the same lives it seems sometimes!

My oldest is 10 and got whistled at when we were at her school for the invention convention about a month ago. She was embarrassed because I was there to witness it, but I think she was pleased about the attention from the boy. It seems like only yesterday she was just a baby. It goes so fast! (I know, that is so over said but I think that is because it is so TRUE!)

Our tulips are finally starting to come up too, but we are behind you (and the rest of my neighborhood)again! I really do think it has something to do with how my house is situated...maybe it blocks the sun so it takes longer? I have no idea, but our flowers are always the last to come up, which is sort of cool because then they last longer. Not in actuality, but it seems that way because everyone elses are gone while ours are still pretty since they came up later.

About the mouth stuff, my son has the junk in the top of his mouth and couldn't eat anything for the first week. Then he started trying foods (finally) and now (only 2 months later) he can eat anything he wants except the foods forbidden by the ortho. I guess it just takes time. I'm sorry I don't have any more helpful suggestions!

What helped my son was when I cut his food (pizza) up into tiny bites that he didn't really have to chew at first. He sort of swallowed them whole. I also fed him lots of pudding and yogurt, which he still complained about, saying it was too cold. I wonder if all the tooth movement caused some tooth sensitivity to temperature.

I do know he ended up with an ear infection, which made sense once I remembered that every time he grew a tooth as a baby he got one. Must be something about how his teeth are located next to his eustachian tube and when they move they do something to make him more likely to get an ear infection. Listen to me all doctorly like I know what I am talking about.

Good luck with the teeth thing, and hopefully in a few weeks she will be able to eat normally again!

tshsmom said...

The weather is just plain weird this spring!

Welcome to the world of orthodontia! :( Chewing will be a luxury over the next couple of years. Just when their mouths quit hurting, the orthodontist tightens the braces again.
Mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, CREAMY peanut butter, soups, casseroles....basically anything that can be mushed up with a fork. Tuna-straight out of the can-and pasta, became our daughter's mainstays.

Michael C said...

Those pics are great! And to answer your question, Kyle Busch is the devil ;-)

ablondeblogger said...

Tell Mollusc to say "Eden eats at the eatery every evening" with her expander on. :) We used to make Amanda say it all the time when she had hers and it was hilarious.

LOL @ giggling over boys. I just found this note in my 7-year-old's notebook: "I want to be in love." hahahaha

Slade said...

Milkshakes!!! lots of them!!!

I'm so glad she is getting hit on in the library of all places...maybe he was smart!

Candace said...

Tori - It IS true. Yikes!

It's so good to hear that he can eat normally now. Whew. FOr a while there I was wondering if it was going to be like this the whole time it was in. :-P

The tiny bites are working. Yay! ANd pudding and yoghurt. RIce with sauce is good and she ate Mac and cheese tonight, which is probably the biggest food she's eaten yet. She put tuna in it too, so that's good. :) I'll be so glad when this thing comes out!

Tshsmom -OOh peanut butter! Great idea. She a skinny minnie and can't afford to skip too many meals, so PB might come in REALLY handy. I'm taking notes. Thanks! :)

Michael - Thanks! :) I thought you might think that about Busch. I think he made a LOT of enemies.

Dawn - Ha! I will! Ee sounds are really hard for her. She was cracking herself and all of us up with some of the things she was trying out. ^_^

Oh MAN! 7? That's only a year older than Prawn. Noooooo! ^_^

Slade - LOL! Good point about the library boy. A silver lining. ^_^ And milkshakes. Yum! I wonder if she can use a straw? If not, she can just drink it.