Monday, May 12, 2008

The Six Word Memoir Meme

Nothing I could write would be a poignant as Hemingway's 6 word story, which, as legend has it was "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." IMO that's his most brilliant work. (To be honest, I haven't liked any of his wordier stuff.) But since I was tagged by the lovely Claire, I'll give it a crack.

Here goes.

*clears throat*

*cracks knuckles*

*gets sidetracked and cleans the fridge*

(You know, if that was shorter, that would sum up my writing process.)

~~Disgustingly happy family junkie loves creating~~

Oh look! A chicken! (hey that could be another one for me, and only 4 words cuz I might get distracted after that. . .)


Michael C said...

Mine was: more meat and more cheese, please. Every time I type that in someone else's comments section, it gets dumber. Maybe I should work on a new one. I wonder what I could rhyme with Franchitti and Judd???

Candace said...

Heh! Well, it doesn't have to rhyme. How about My bathtub seats four, apply within. ^_^

Maybe yours should have deep-fried cheese.

tshsmom said...

Yup, Hemingway ranks right up there with Salinger. ;)

Claire said...

Well done!

Candace said...

Tshsmom - HAR! I've been discussing Catcher with a boy in my TKD class. He's reading it for school right now. Last night he said "Mrs. M. you were right! It started off hmmm (dull) and then it just got worse." Actually, I think you could more accurately say we've been "dissing" it. ^_^ The pothead, drinking kid in his class, though, loves it. :-P We can't figure out how it could be appealing to anyone. Maybe you need to be fried to enjoy it. We share the same opionion of Hemingway as well. He's a good kid. ^_^

CLaire - Thank you! :)