Saturday, August 09, 2008

Flesh, Blood and Fire

Not necessarily in that order.

The other day I wanted the kids to make notebooks for the Ancient History class we're doing. Sluggie, having other plans was less than enthused, so like any mom, I tried to come up with a way to make it fun. As we all know, fire makes EVERYTHING more interesting, so we did this.

(Fishy used one of the Blems to make a scroll)

I heart how they came out.

For those of you with kids old enough to shed teeth, you will be able to share in my delight at Prawnie's loss of a dangler. You know, one of those teeth that's gotten to the point where it's horribly askew, but it just won't let go. Sluggie and Prawn were playing the in the basement yesterday and all of a sudden I heard raucous laughter. Then Prawn came up, looking like this: (squeamish people should scroll past quickly)

Sluggie had accidentally smashed the tooth out of Prawn's face with her hand. I say "accidentally" but I know how much that dangler was bugging Sluggie, because I heard her trying all kinds of ways to cajole Prawn into yanking it out or letting her do so herself. So I kind of wonder. Anyway, it's out, so hallelujah for that! I found this next pic on the camera just this morning. I'm assuming Sluggie took it. You can see the new tooth already. (No that's not blood on Prawn's fingernails. :-) )

And finally, after 6 yrs I went to the doctor for a complete physical. The good news is that my pulse and blood pressure and pap smear and all that junk were great. The bad news is that I have high cholesterol. (genetic, I guess) The urf news is that I have to get my first mammogram. I thought I got to wait until I was 40, but I guess they recommend them earlier now. At least it should be blogworthy.

So in the week that I've known about my cholesterol, I've been making dietary changes. The big bonus is that the extra pounds I've been wanting to shed have been falling off, so hooray for that!

I totally forgot to ask about this random dark patch, though. I noticed it a month or so ago. One of my friends has some a lot like it on her cheeks and says hers are "age spots." Is that what this is? It's not a spot I missed with sunscreen because it's been there too long. I completely forgot to ask the doctor about it. It's not scary or anything, I'm just curious. I guess it's kinda hard to see in the pic, but it's kinda hard to see in real life, too. Oh, and please ignore my racing stripes. If you look closely, you can see part of my pussy in this picture. (the orange one >^_^<)


Anonymous said...

Age spots! I shudder to think. Good luck with the mammogram.

I did that burning thing with a "journal" I made for a history class once. My mom had me dip the paper in coffee or tea or something to make it yellowish.

Diesel said...

Prawn looks awfully happy for someone who has just lost that much blood.

Thanks for your comment about my book. Hope you find some time to get some writing done yourself.

Logophile said...

there is a comedian, Tim Hawkins, or Ted Hawkins, something like that, and he does a song "The Homeschool Family (snap snap)"
:P you would probably find it as amusing as I did, anyway, the ancient history reminded me, so there is a little free association for you.
Dunno about the dark spot but the high cholesterol kinda sucks.

egan said...

Nice abs! The tooth thing was real? I'm squeamish apparently.

Someone's got a birthday this week.

Claire said...

OOhh so you get to have your boobies squashed. WooHoo! It's weird but it doesn't hurt (well some giganticly breasted women say that it does).
Kids just love any excuse to burn shit up don't they? I like that history project.
bloody teeth -yuck! LOL

radioactive girl said...

I had a mammogram a few months ago. It wasn't so bad and the way the woman just grabbed, pulled and squashed made it really quick and left me no time to be embarrassed that a woman I didn't even know was grabbing my boobs.

The cholesterol thing sucks. My 10 year old has high cholesterol. The doctor says it is hereditary too. I have extremely low cholesterol, so low with the bad kind and high with the good kind that they retested it because they thought it was an error. Too bad my daughter couldn't have gotten my cholesterol gene! Do you need to take medicine for that, or just keep tabs on it? For my daughter we are just supposed to recheck it more often. I have no idea why since our doctor said he wouldn't consider medication until she is over 18 anyway.

radioactive girl said...

P.S. your stomach is very toned! I can't see the spot, but I can see your muscles!

egan said...

What Tori said about your abs.

egan said...

Go Fishy, go Fishy, Go!

Candace said...

Kitkat - I always thought age spots were a fictional gimmick made up to sell cream to old ladies. ^_^

We might try some tea or coffee on the next thing we "age." The kids had a lot of fun with it. :)

Diesel - I think she was mostly thrilled at the prospect of the $ she as going to get. ^_^

I have, indeed, been finding time to write lately. Hence the severe lack of blogging.^_^ But I'm finally unblocked. Hooray! :)

Logo - OOh I've seen that. Hsing friends of ours showed it to me. I think they know the family, but I'm not sure. It's a hoot!

I'm determined to bring the cholestorol #s down. It's annoying, though.

Egan - Definitely real. Tooth loss isn't usually quite that bloody, though.

Good memory! Gogo's bday was yesterday. :)

Claire - That's what I hear, too. And since I have far from ginormous boobies, I'm not really worried about it. ^_^

Tori - I just need to get off my butt and make the appointment. I guess I'm waiting til after testing, but that's Saturday, so life will move forward again after that. ^_^

I like my stomach pretty well right down to a certain point, but then there's that spot that still needs work. :-P The spot is so weird. The funny thing is that it's about the same size and shape as the ones my friend got on her cheeks.

Egan - thank you. You are both very kind. :-)

Egan - Yep! He's NINE! Holy cow!!!!

egan said...

I didn't realize he was nine. Man, he's an old fart. By saying that, it means we're even more ancient. He's a young sprite.

Gawpo said...

You are the coolest mom EVER! No one would post their kids' loss of a dangler except one person and one person ONLY!!! Candacia the GREATIA, that's who.

Crap, that is funny stuff.

Gawpo said...

By the way, I did biggen the pitcher and I just wanted to say that your pussy looks as good as ever.