Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh Frabjous Joy!

Yes, we made it through the test. :) It was 5.5 hours long and I'm still sore, though doing class last night helped that a bit. The bottoms of my feet are still sore from all the turning, too. Even the muscles inside my feet were sore on Saturday night. For breaking, we only got to do a pulling-step axe kick, which felt very anti-climactic and lame. :-P J, who was testing for 1st degree, got to jump over 3 people (Mollusc and Sluggie were 2 of them) and flying-side-kick his board. There are a couple of vids on my Facebook page of that. I think I was dehydrated, because in retrospect, I realised I'd stopped sweating at some point, and then when we went to put on our sparring gear at the end, my inner thighs and quads started cramping up. This led to my scooting around oddly on my bum with my legs stuck out in a V while trying to get my helmet and subsequently being accused of doing a Zamboni impression. ^_^

So it's great to be alive after all that. :)

Better still, today is my favourite sister's birthday. OK, also she's my only sister, but let's not split heirs. (boo, hiss) She has reached the age of the answer to The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Happy birthday, She-Ra!! I love you. :-)


Sicilian Mama said...

Yay!! So exciting! I'm glad that everything went well!

I remember my first week of TKD and saying that even the insides of my feet were sore. People thought I was crazy, but it's so true!

Candace said...

Thanks!! :)

Oh man, my first two weeks I was SO SORE!!! I tell people that if they can just get through the first 2 weeks, they'll make it. :)

ablondeblogger said...

Oh yeah? Well *I* walked a block to a meeting tonight rather than drive, so there! *sticking out tongue* :)

Happy birthday to your sister!!

Candace said...

You know, a LOT of people would just have driven. Sad, huh?

I'll pass on the birthday wishes to my sis. :)