Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Everything Costs $$

I had to order new math books for Mollusc and Sluggie today. Argh - both at once of course! Mollusc (10) is headed into the 7th grade book, and Sluggie (7) into the 4th. Mollusc's NEXT book will be Pre-Algebra! Unless that's too lame and we have to skip it and go straight on to Algebra. Zoiks!! At the rate Gogo (5) is going, he's not going to be far behind and I'll need to buy YET ANOTHER book. A couple of weeks ago we were in the grocery store and he announced, "I know what ten minus one hundred is." And I was thinking "Well, this will be cute..." But then he proudly said (OK, he's Gogo, so really he was shouting...) "It's NEGATIVE NINETY!!" Um - yes - that would be correct. :-O So I gave him another Q -- 10-90 --and he got that one right, too. He also loves to multiply. Go figure... Oh and chess - my goodness, the boy loves chess already. He sets up the board with no probs and knows the moves the various pieces can make, can castle, put someone in check, etc. The other night John was working through Chessmaster 9000 and Gogo ambled up and said "Oh, the knight can eat that pawn, or he can go there..." Oh my. He's a total Star Wars nut, of course. Good lad! Too bad this next movie looks like a bit much for the kids. I wonder how long 'til it comes out on DVD.

John got his new sparring pads (he'd kicked splits and holes in the others - mostly on people's elbows.) Hopefully these will be better. So far mine are OK...

I started reading "Frindle" to the kids last night. I have to hide it when I stop so no one steals it to read ahead. Always the hallmark of a good book. Mollusc is reading the Hobbit and the Geronimo Stiltons and the Lemony Snickets, Sluggie is reading Goblet of Fire and several other things. Gogo is pretty happy with his Star Wars books, and Prawn (3), while able to sound out words now, prefers to jump on the bed while reading her sight cards. :oP

Did I mention reading "Our Lady of the Lost and Found" recently? I really enjoyed that one. :o) I've been looking through the Bas Bleu catalog lately and checking out possible buys from the library to see how they are. I did buy "Here Speeching American" for Mollusc for her B-Day and she loves it. We laugh 'til we cry over some of those!

I FINALLY am able to do the end of my form (Tae Geuk O Jang) without falling over. We call it a "Twist Stance" though in that link it's referred to as a "cross stance." (scroll down in the link for the pic) Now I'm working on perfecting my side kick. I've been chambering it a little wrong all this time. Argh! I think I have it fixed now, but I need to keep practicing to make it stick. After a hot, sweaty class and then some more practice on my kicks, I think my hips will be glad to get in the hot tub, so that's where I'm off to now...

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Cheryl said...

You sure grow some smart kids! I can't believe Gordy plays CHESS already!