Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sigh. I Was Wrong, and You Were Right

There, Sheila. Are you happy now? Yes, Sam Rockwell WAS Guy Fleegman in Galaxy Quest. Here's his filmography. Myueuh! (general noise of disgust)

I do need to see that again. I love the bit about the Pig-Lizard. "It turned inside out...And it exploooooded!" **snort** Is it true that an alternate Klingon soundtrack exists on the DVD? Some people may well have too much time on their hands...

Today we spent the day at a tournament in which Sluggie participated. All the kids from our school did great jobs, whether they scored that way or not. They were clearly superiour in technique. And even though this is the rigged tourney in which one of our kids was robbed of her gold last year (announced as 1st place and then given a re-match so the gold could go to a student from the host school - GRRRRRRR!) our kids took a lot of first places. There were quite a few frustratingly insufferable moments and I'm glad we'll never go again, but it an Experience. Sluggie did the best form I've ever seen - just AWESOME! She got a silver for forms and gold for sparring. All the Han's TKD kids had vastly superiour sparring styles. Most of the other kids only threw round kicks or tried to punch (rolleyes) -- even the red and black belts! Now at that level, that's just embarrassing! But ours were throwing all kinds of kicks and combos, and I think they were a real wake-up call to the main school that ran the tourney. Then we hung around to watch Jamar spar (excellent young man we've seen at the other 2 tourney's we've been to - prolly an Olympic hopeful.) His match lasted all of 15-20 seconds before his opponent was incapacitated. And I think he was taking it easy on the guy. It must be frustrating for him because there's just no one in his league with whom he can spar.

After the tourney, I was too brain dead to do anything so, after recalling that it was national scrapbooking day, I attempted to find QVC since one of my mags claimed there would be scrapbooking specials. Now, we have satellite TV, but only John uses it, and only for football and racing. I have no clue where any of the channels are. Sigh. The only one I've ever known is BBCA. Suffice it to say, I found a Spongebobmini-marathon by accident, and John and I drifted in and out of consciousness (both wiped out!) while watching with the kids. Actually, the kids were drifting back and forth between Spongebob and their new Lego Star Wars game. Now THAT is a really cute game. :o) When I eventually did find QVC, the endless chatter was so annoying I couldn't stay with it. Something about the infomerciality of it all, if you know what I mean - it just makes me want to run away.

We've been planting our weed beds lately. I've chopped up quite a lot of all 4 weed beds and have planted actual herbs and flowers in one of them. In the others, I started planting seeds and plantlets we started from seed (at least those remaining after Enya grazed on them!) including a bunch of mystery seeds I'd saved from our Wisconsin garden. I'd like to do some more tomorrow, but I think I'm running out of stuff to plant. I also need to get the food gardens going, but I need some kind of wooden box beds first, since I'm going to be doing lasagna gardens. And I'm all excited about finally having a compost bin. Hooray! Now our kitchen waste can be recycled into the garden. :o)

My fridge smells like a Korean grocery store since my friend came over to teach me how to make some Korean foods. Stinky, but sure tastes good! Kimchi Bokum is particularly easy: cut bacon into about 1/2 inch strips, fry and then add a whole bunch of kimchi and continue frying until the kimchi is hot. The white part will get even whiter and that's when it's done. Or, if you want soup, fry the bacon, then add the kimchi and cover with water to within about 3/4 inch from the top of the pot and bring to a boil. If you like, squirt in a bunch of really soft tofu near the end. (I hadn't ever seen this before. It comes in a soft plastic sausage-looking package with a snip-off end.) Yummy! And much milder than kimchi usually is, due to all that water.

I planted some more sesame leaf seeds. I hope they work. The leaves are really pricey at the Korean grocery store. I also hope my 2 plants from last year come back to life this year. I'm incorporating herbs and edibles into the landscaping this year. Hope it doesn't get too hideous. I also planted echinacea seeds even though the packet said to plant them in late fall. I don't have that kind of patience. We'll see what happens...

Hey, when is Sting going to come out with a new album, and where is my Sacred Love album? If you know, or even think you *might* know the answers to these very important Qs, please, please, please let me know! For that matter, when is Peter Gabriel coming out with a new one?

John and I finished the Season 5 Red Dwarf DVD and are ready to move on to Season 6. The Suicide Squid was pretty funny. I plan to re-read the books soon. They make me laugh so hard I can't breathe. :o) In the meantime, I'm reading Early Thunder (again - to the kids), Prince Caspian (again - to the kids), The Original Michael Frayn (funny, funny, funny!!!), Eyes of the Tailless Animals (depressing, depressing, depressing), Blindness (ditto) and ah - can't recall the title - three stories of Lyra or Llyr or something by Patricia C. Wrede (very good so far, actually.) Ah! Here it is. HOLY CARP!!!! Um, I got it either for free or for a quarter at the library. Think I should sell my copy? Good GRIEF!!! I had no idea it was worth so much! Gulp... And it's even in good condition. Oh my!

Well, on that note, I'm off to bed and to read some of my extremely valuable book! Good night! :o)

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