Saturday, May 28, 2005

It's Friday and I'm out of my sewing slump!

So, what are y'all up to these days? I FINALLY, FINALLY made the circular knitting needle holder for my friend's bday (which was waaaay back in January) and thus ended my sewing slump! So over the last coupla days I've been whipping up things as I feel like it. Nothing with a pattern - just catch alls, PJ bags - stuff like that. I think a twirly dress for Prawn may be coming on soon.

So I don't have tetanus, which is good news. ;o) I stepped on a toothpick the other day - totally JAMMED the sucker into my foot. YEEEEOUCH! Kacey extracted the remainder from the carpet - it had really gotten shoved in there and was hard to remove. John was insistent about finding the rest of it when he got home, even though there was nothing visible in the hole in my foot, so I dug up a few pieces and it looked like they all went together with nothing missing. It was a little tender for a few days, but no biggie. I did class and sparring that night on it, class on Monday and Tuesday, too. My biggest concern was keeping it clean since the Band-Aid wouldn't stay on during TKD classes. When we got home from class I'd just clean it well and I was using Bactine, and triple antibiotic twice a day (a little paranoid since my tetanus booster is overdue.) One night I had a sore neck and couldn't sleep (something about reading about stiff neck being a sign of tetanus, LOL!) So I went online and researched tetanus at about 3 in the morning and learned that there was no way I had tetanus. Of course I was relieved, because it's always good to find out you don't have tetanus. :oP What a paranoid freak I can be from time to time -- usually only in the middle of the night though. About 5 days after it happened, I was cleaning the entry spot and some cotton ball fibers got stuck in the hole, so I asked Prawn to bring a tweezers so I could pull them out. Lo and behold, a piece of toothpick about 5/16" long came out of the hole! *gasp* EEEEW! Sure gave me the willies, but it healed up really quickly after that, LOL!

In the meantime, I figured it was time to get the kidlets up to date on shots, but no one wants to give them to them. Hmmm. The doc doesn't stock them and told us to go to the Health Dept. The Health Dept. said that as we have insurance, they'd rather we went elsewhere. So I called and got an appointement at their old pediatrician. I was told they did not need their check-ups first, even though we hadn't been there in about 2 years. When we showed up, there was no appointment on record and the doctor didn't want to give the shots (understandably) since she hadn't seen them in so long. Balked 3 times, and we were just reading about Balaam and his donkey. I think someone may be trying to tell me something.What do you think? Not to mention that in the preceeding week, Sheila had linked us to an NPR interview about the vax/autism link, and one of the Sewing Mamas' babes had a bad reaction to her 18 mo shots. Argh! Decisions, decisions, eh?

I got to go to sparring this morning. I escaped relatively unscathed from last night's session, but today I got large lumps/bruises on both shins. Ow. But is sure was fun! :o)

So today's project was a simple batch of jammie bags to help the kids corral their jams. Anything to help control clutter, you know? There's a second ladybug one that didn't make it into the picture.

It's great to be out of my sewing slump! I was just so intimidated by all the iron-ons, and the uncharted waters of the pattern for that circular holder. It really wasn't a difficult pattern; just fiddly.

I've also been reorganizing the sewing stash/scrapping stash/computer room. It's changing slowly but surely. Sewing up a bunch of my stash would help. :o) I want to get some of those Yoda/Darth Vader pillow panels from Walmart, but John didn't see them last time he went. Maybe I can find them this weekend. He did say they had other Star Wars fabric there. :)

My mom has been going to antique stores lately and she said that the old Star Wars guys are worth a LOT now. We're having too much fun playing with my old ones to sell them, though. Plus, as you may recall, Luke Skywalker's head fell off...

I've been planting all kinds of things in the weedbeds lately. Maybe I can take some pics tomorrow. So far, I think the creeping phlox has made the biggest difference, visually. I really want to put in some lilac bushes, but haven't yet figured out where to put them. John put the kaibosh to my idea of putting them in the weedbed bordering the driveway. Phooey!

Here's a big reason why everyone should love Star Wars. DARK CHOCOLATE M&Ms!!!!!!!! YUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!! I love both kinds - plain and peanut. And we bought some of the SW mini Ms yesterday - also yummy! And not freaky to feed to a 3 yo - no choking hazard. Then again, I've never met an M&M that I truly disliked, but I think the dark chocolate peanut Ms are my all time faves.

I'm hoping to draft this A-line skirt pattern for myself this weekend. One of the Sewing Mamas posted it for me. Looks like fun. :) People I know will be absolutely shocked if I turn up in a skirt. Do I dare fly in the face of pre-conceived impressions? We shall see. Sadly, I have no adult fabrics, though, so I may *gasp* have to buy some fabric. :o) I guess I'll hunt through my stash once more just in case, though. On the other hand, I could make a delightfully freakish skirt from children's fabrics. Tempting...

In the meantime, I need to make this impressively decadent-looking torte that Mollusc got a recipe for with her Birds and Blooms mag. If it turns out great, I'll post it.

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