Friday, December 14, 2007

That Takes the Cake

At this time, six years ago, our newest kitten was attacking the midwife's foot, and I was somewhere between the fireplace and the Christmas tree, just 18 minutes away from giving birth to The Prawn. I'm feeling much more comfortable right now!

Since then, the kitten has gone through a devastating illness and been given up for dead, only to turn around and become Mr. Fat and Sassy whom everyone adores (though his now-black hair went all salt-and-pepper for a few months) and The Prawn has grown from an 8 lb 8 oz black-haired kicking machine to a 42 pound blonde kicking machine whom everyone adores. :-)

I'd stick around and post all kinds of sappy stuff, but I have rather a terrible track record with cakes. They fall. Whoever heard of cakes that fall? That was the stuff of our childhoods (mine anyway)- "Stop jumping in the kitchen; you'll make the cake fall." Modern cakes don't fall, do they? Mine never used to. But somewhere along the way I must have angered the God of Rising Baked Goods, because I can no longer bake a cake that doesn't fall. I thought of making a sacrifice to the Kitchen God. I mean, maybe he's making the cake fall so he can have it, and I just need to fill him up first. I don't know what he likes, though, so I'd better get baking and just let him have the first cake. And maybe the second. . .


armalicious said...

Aww! Happy Birthday to the Prawn!

Ha! My grandma used to yell at us for stomping in the kitchen when she was baking cakes, too! That and opening the oven door before it was time. "You'll let the cool air in and the middle will fall!" she'd yell from her chair. You don't use a box mix for your cakes, do you? I refuse to make a cake the old fashioned way. The last time I did, it was dry and no taste and while it didn't fall completely, the middle was lower than the sides.

Good luck with the cake and I hope Prawn has a wonderful birthday!

Diesel said...

"When Cakes Fall" - coming this Spring on Fox. Thank the writers' strike.

Cindrarella said...

Happy Birthday Prawn!

I'm so relieved that there is at least one thing you don't do seemingly perfectly. Maybe you are human after all. :)

Wishing happy warm yummy good times on this special day.

Candace said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Prawnie is so tickled and says "tell them that I say thanks!" :)

Amanda - Yeah! My mom would say that, too. I don't know what's wrong with me. I do make them from scratch, but I really thought there was a time when they didn't fall anyway. :-P This one WAS a lot better, though. In fact, it didn't cave in (though it looked like it was considering it for a while there) and was yummy. For some reason it's even yummier today. It's a Hershey recipe. I guess they really do know chocolate.

Diesel - Are they still striking? Let's storm Hollywood and make a mint. From what I've heard of the more recent shows, they'll air just about anything. Yeah, I think the cakes one has potential. You've inspired my next post.

Cindrarella - What? Perfectly? You need to click on the "kitchen disasters" tag. ^_^ "Marshmallows" spring instantly to mind. ^_^ Clearly I need to post more about my failed knitting attempts and sewing projects that I end up ripping out 16 times. :-P And show more bruises again from bad sparring moves. I should have a really nice one coming out on my bum in a few days. (yes again! at least it's the other side this time) ^_^

I have to say that this was the least disastrous cake in a while, though. :) It wasn't gorgeous, though. Prawn wanted "a swimming pool" done with Playmobil guys, which, if not glamorous, was at least pretty easy. ^_^