Saturday, December 15, 2007

Captain Chaos

Wow. I've been sewing lately (!) and tonight I was trolling blogs for fun baby gift ideas. You would not believe how many beautiful crafty-type blogs are out there. Or maybe you would. They all have these gorgeous pictures of their amazing creations (with all those yummy, pricey fabrics I've seen online but always considered to be a "you can look but not touch" item), and everything is clean and orderly. There are great tutorials, and I found some really inspiring stuff. I also thought, "Wow! I should declutter my life, declutter my blog, get everything in order and live like that, with fresh huckleberries and organic milk and crocheted antimacassars (OK I didn't really think that part right there) and beeswax candles and stuff."

But you know what? That's just not me. I'm not an orderly person. My mind is always whirling, my house is never, EVER perfect (and sometimes it's a LOOOOOONG way from even decent), I usually have too many irons in the fire, and I'm running on a budget with no room for organic milk or designer fabrics. (Or else I just blow it all on books.) I do have a weakness for beeswax, though. ;-)

The more I think about it, the more like my dad I realise I am. He always had tons of ideas and projects and some of them never came to fruition, but he was always enthusiastic about all of them. And you know what else? I'm OK with that.

So, no, I'm not going to be decluttering my blog, or very likely my life, even though I really do admire - and yes envy - those women who can. And I'm still going to post like a chicken with ADHD, because that's who I am. So there.

In that vein, I shall switch tracks completely and post pics of our Dec 1st adventure which I mentioned, and then never came back to. ^_^

So there was this lovely little celebration in our town. I don't know what it was called, but they had reindeer for the kids to check out and Santa, and caroling, and carriage rides, and once it got dark there was a parade. I took the kids after sparring and lunch and we found the line for the carriage rides close to quitting time. So close, in fact, that I was pretty sure we'd be the last ones, if indeed we made it at all. Sure enough, we didn't make the last ride, but were given the option of riding the carriage to where the horse trailer was parked if we didn't mind walking back. The woman driving the carriage jokingly added something about helping them push the carriage into the trailer after they got the horse taken care of, and when we got there, I saw that she really didn't have any help. It was just her and a 15 or 16 year old girl, neither very big, a horse, and a heavy carriage that needed to be pushed up a ramp. So we offered to really help, and I'm so glad we did. :) I almost hate to say it for fear of changing our luck, but somehow we always fall into awesome situations like this where we get to really talk to the people handling the animals at the bird shows (all by ourselves after everyone else is gone), or help pack the hot air balloon that landed down the street back into its basket, or brush the horse, and push the carriage into the trailer.

Chaotic or not, life is good. :)

Festive Scarf Horse

Tess and her 2 people and (heavy) carriage

Sluggie does not impress Tess

Tess makes an impression on Mollusc

Brushing Tess -- shortly before she swung her back end around and knocked all the kids over like dominoes! ^_^


KreativeMix said...

love the pictures :-)

Candace said...

Thank you! :)

Claire said...

I think you sound like the best mom ever! When I was little, my mom and I visited a friend of hers that kept her furniture covered in plastic. I asked Mom about it later and she just brushed it off by saying "She's neurotic". For a long time I thought being neurotic meant that you were obsessive about your furniture, LOL!
Needless to say my mom's house (w/seven kids) was far from perfect. My house simply contains too many pets to be perfect by any stretch but I'm ok with that.

armalicious said...

Hmmm...I swear I commented yesterday.

Apparently blogger ate it.

Anyway - i love the pics! That horse is beautiful!

And I'm kind of the same way with the having a ton of ideas and a lot of them never coming to be. Hubby is always amazed at how often I change gears when it comes to projects. But I think that it's better that way.

Jay said...

Great pictures.

And for what it's worth - your life may be chaotic, but your priorities are just right.

Candace said...

Claire - That's so FUNNY about thinking that "neurotic" meant having a clean furniture obsession. ^_^ Wow! 7 of you? That is VERY impressive. :) How cool! :)

Armie - I hate when blogger does that. :-/ Fresh is good! Right? ^_^

The horse was SO SOFT! I couldn't believe it. And she had the coolest whorl of fur on her neck. I took a pic of it, but it was blurry. :-(

Jay - Thank you. :) I'll just have to make sure my priorities don't shift as much as my obsessions. ^_^

radioactive girl said...

I am so much like you with the too many ideas that I am crazy enthusiastic about until I'm not and I move on to something else. I also wish I had some neighbors that were ok with a non perfect house. All my neighbors seem to think that everything has to be perfect at all times, and while I like my house neat and clean, there are always about a million projects scattered around everywhere either mine or the kids. Can you move near me so we can craft together? Please!

Candace said...

That would be awesome! Just think of the mess we could make together. ^_^