Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Candy

I have stuff to post, but I'm too worn out. I did class tonight in case I don't get to tomorrow (Prawn was sick last night, but unless she spikes another fever tonight, I think she's going to be fine for me to go tomorrow) and I just finished my review for a Beowulf audio CD as well as a last-minute order for MuNKi. So it's eye and ear candy for you all (provided you like these actors and actresses and Nickleback. . .)

How many of these flicks can you name without looking at the info? I got all but 4 or 5, but I think some of those are from the same films. :)


armalicious said...

Christmas candy indeed. Wow...all kinds of yummy looking boys in that vid (and can I say that that scene from Pirates where Will & Elizabeth kiss during the battle always makes my knees weak. Always).

I have some TKD questions for you. I know that you don't really have to worry about your chest getting in the way of things when you're doing stuff...but don't you have a friend who does? How does she handle that? How does she manipulate her body to where she's in the right position (damn this sounds like it's going to be dirty, but it's not, I swear!) but not have her boobs in the way??? I'm trying to perfect this stupid block and the girls aren't cooperating and my instructor keeps having to reposition my arms and then I'm all squished. Ugh. I need a breast reduction.

The OE said...

Beowulf is a tough guy but he isn't subtle enough to be a secret agent

Candace said...

Armie - Yummy, aren't they? :)

Well, there is one that even *I* have probs with. Otkoro Araemaki - a low cross block with both hands in fists in front of you, crossed at the wrists. Is it that one? I do know someone with huuuuge gazongas I could ask, but I don't think she's doing that block yet. Which one is giving you trouble? Patang Son mom-tong maki? (palm mid block) Oooh, maybe pyun son gut chirigee (spearfinger)? You might just have to deal with squishment. :-/

Candace said...

OE - You speak the truth. The idea of subtlety is utterly lost on Beowulf. ^_^

Claire said...

What, no Phantom of the Opera? hhrrump...
I'm looking forward to PS I Love You cuz I Love Gerard Butler. So hunky.

Candace said...

Claire - You're right! That was a grievous omission, indeed! At least they had him in there from Timeline. He IS hunky. Why does he have to die in every freaking film? Here's the formula for GB films: don't get the girl and DO get to live OR do get the girl and DON'T get to live. Arrrrrrgh!

egan said...

You're alive. I've missed you, but now I feel like ass. All three of us are sick yo. I think it's neat your YouTube shot is a guy on top of a woman.

Candace said...

That sucks! We're all fighting a cold, but it's nothing major.

More importantly, the woman he's on is your own Eva Green. Do I love you, or what? ^_^

armalicious said...

I totally love that you call me Armie and started using it.

Ok, I'm not sure what block is called. But it's the one where you cross your arm in front of your chest to stop a punch. Ha...helpful, eh? Your hand is in a claw-like shape. Damn, I need to read my handbook and learn the proper terminology.

Oh, and I hate pushup. Just thought I'd tell you that. And I think my teachers know this and are now making us do pushups all the time.

Anonymous said...

I saw Nickelback when they were
Bon Jovi's supporting act last
summer, but sadly I was pretty
useless guessing most of the films;
I was really looking out for Vincent D'Onofrio kisses... now
they are the best :)

love ann

Candace said...

Armie - Glad you don't mind. ^_^ Yeah, pushups can get old in a hurry.

Claw-like shape? That sounds like Kung-Fu. Does your teacher do a mix of styles? Oh, or maybe patang son mome tong maki? (palm mid-block) Yeah, boobs could definitely get in the way of that. I think I'd flat out ask the instructor about that one. Preferably the girl. ^_^ Maybe, though, you could reachout a little farther with your upper arm, and angle your forearm back towards you a bit to compensate.

Ann - On MAN! I jealous!

I'll try to find some of Mr. D's stuff next time. :)