Friday, December 07, 2007


Since Tuesday's post I have:

~ Been informed by
MuNKi that there is a pole-dancing class starting at the gym where he and another TKD friend lift weights. (And OMG, BG and I are getting mileage off the pole-dancing jokes, LOL!)

~ Taken a spinning back kick to the chin (thank goodness for my mouthguard, or I'd be concussed.)

~ Taken a spinning back kick (I think, or maybe a spinning outside kick -- it's all a blur) to the nose (I need to work on this whole getting back farther thing, LOL) but I DID land a gorgeous counterkick a half second later. Only then did I feel that I'd been hit in the nose (pretty lightly.)

~ Been scrapping like crazy trying to finish a Webkinz cookbook for Prawnie's 6th birthday (1 week from today! OMG!!)

~ Watched Casino Royale again and marveled at how delicious Daniel Craig still is

~ Made a ton of cookies

~ Finished listening to Deception Point by Dan Brown (very good) and started listening to Going Postal by Terry Pratchett (OMG freaking hilarious!) I do this while scrapping -- multi-tasking. Hooray! Mollusc is developing quite an appreciation for Mr. Pratchett, too. :)

~ Finished re-reading The Subtle Knife and started re-reading The Amber Spyglass (the 2nd and 3rd books in the Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman)

~ Laughed a lot

~ Battled a zit trying to grow in my eyebrow

~ Dug wood splinters out of my thumb

~ Tried to determine whether those are really shiny blonde hairs or *gasp* grey ones (I swear they change in the light.)

~ Gotten my glasses fixed so that I no longer have red marks on my nose and headaches. (No, not red marks on my headaches. . .)

~ Done the opposite of coming from behind in yet another Scrabulous game (Simon/Winters is deadly, let me tell you.)

~Decided that my mundane list of stuffity stuff is probably already too long. ^_^


Trundling Grunt said...

Are you going to see the Golden Compass so you can letch Daniel Craig again?

I just picked up Wintersmith but have promised to myslef that I will finish Water for Elephants first.

Candace said...

I'm seriously thinking about it. ^_^ That's the best of the books, anyway, in my opinion. They just get stranger and stranger.

I was looking at Wintersmith in Borders again the other day. I have a lot of Discworld reading to do. Lucky me! :)

Gawpo said...

Pole Dancing Spoken Here!

I can just hear the pole jokes. Here's mine: "Hey, it's December 7th. That when the people of Pearl Harbor got a taste of what the Warsaw."

tshsmom said...

I got 41 points for "HAD" in Scrabulous! My daughter hasn't forgiven me yet. ;)

Cindrarella said...

You have too much energy. Give me some, damn it.

Claire said...

Damn, you know how to stay busy. I'm all worn out just reading about your to take a nap now.

kitkat said...

Sorry, I've completely forgotten what your post about except for the part about Daniel Craig. Yum. I was disappointed he wasn't featured more prominently in The Golden Compass, but it'll have to do until the next Bond comes out.

I feel bad when I beat my friends at Scrabulous. Is that weird?

armalicious said...

I can't wait to get the Dark Materials Trilogy. i had never read them before, but I"m going to read them now that everyone wants to boycott the movie (ugh...I hate it when people get all up in arms about stuff they haven't read or watched). It's how I fell in love with Harry Potter, so I'm betting that I will like the Pullman series.

Oh, and I have to tell you that I got my ass kicked hardcore on Saturday at my TKD class. The instructers are a brother/sister duo and the brother taught the Saturday class. Anyway, he kicked me across the room because I honestly wasn't ready for his full spin kick thingie that he did. And I had a big bag in front of me. Oh, and my arms friggin' hurt because we did all kinds of weird punching exercises with rubberbands. I loves the hurt!

And, I have a questions. Can you do TKD if you're pregnant? I'm not (pregnant that is...I'm about 99% certain I'm not), but I'm curious in case I ever do get pg.

p.s. I forget you are a scrapper - have you seen the Cricut machine? I want one soooo badly! But I have to prioritize - KitchenAid stand mixer or Cricut? I have to go with the stand mixer for now. But I will get that Cricut someday.

egan said...

About the zit in the eyebrow, was a tear shed while popping it? The eyebrow is one of those places that can make a grown person cry when popping.

DC is still hot alright.

Candace said...

Gawpo - Ha!! Nice one, Gawpole!

Tshsmom - 41 points!?!?! That's awesome!! I think I can understand where your daughter is coming from . ^_^

Cindrarella - But then it wipes me out for days! From blogging at least. ^_^

Claire - I keep telling myself that someday I will slow down a little. And really, I think I do. But I go in fits and starts. ^_^

Kitkat - What? All I heard was "Daniel Craig." ^_^ You've seen the Golden Compass already? What did you think. I shall have to get to your blog and see! Was he naked? Oops. I didn't really ask that. Plus I know the book. But then again, it IS Hollywood. . .

Nah, it's not weird, but feel free to beat me at it anytime. I'm hooked. :)

Armalicious - Yeah, most of the people upset about it have never read the book and never will. :-/ Ah well. #1 is my fave. #2 is OK. Weirder, but with enough interest that I wept at the end. #3 is a drug trip. I've never taken drugs, but I imagine that #3 is what writing in a drug-induced stupor might produce. ^_^

OMG I've been kicked across the room my share. ^_^ Quite something, isn't it? But it's good to know just how effective those kicks really are. :)

I was just thinking about that very Q the other day. I think you would be fine with class (as long as regular class doesn't invlolve being kicked), but sparring would likely be a no-no.

OMG a Cricut!! ("cricket"?? "cry-cut"?? I never know how to think of it) Yeah, I would love one! :) Too bad they're so insanely expensive. And then there are the cartridges to buy as well. :-P

Egan - I didn't pop it. I battled it with zit cream. My neighbour was in hosp for like 3 days after popping one in the T zone, and my mom nearly died as a kid from the same thing, so no popping those for me. Fortunately, it never came to a head.

You do have good man -appreciation skills.

egan said...

Thanks and are you for real? Hospitalized? Wow, I feel like a jackass now.

Candace said...

No need to feel like a jackass. Not a lot of peole know about the inherent dangers of T-zone zit popping. ^_^ But yeah, hospitalized. Yowza, eh?