Thursday, December 20, 2007

Creative Streak

No, sorry, no streakers or other nudes here. Just this stuff:

I made sleeping bags for Prawn and her friend's Groovy Girls.

Then I turned these

into these. I wasn't thrilled with the pattern, because the seam allowance got in the way of the buttonholes that hold the elastic in the top of the shoe. I improvised and did the stitching lower down in order to avoid the buttonholes, and did a fancy scallop stitch just for fun. Of course, because I was dorky enough to use fabric with lines on it, everything looks a little wonky. :-P I used this pattern, but found these instructions a little more helpful. Next time I'll try the pattern from the second site. It looks like the buttonhole markings are in a better spot.

Then I made some sherpa and flannel washies to go with them.

Round about the same time, MuNKi was making this fabbo beef stew and bread.

And for Tori, the Webkinz Recipe Books I scrapped for Prawn's B-day. Clio the Kitty is here for size comparison. Of course, this only helps if you know how big a Webkinz is. >^_^<
The original album I had for stove recipes wouldn't fit them, so I had to redo the cover pic for the new, more expandable album. I stuck the other label inside the front cover. ^_^

And I loaded the album from back to front, so I ended up with a blank front page. Of course that was all wrong, so I hastily threw this together.

Random spread #1 (they're alphabetical, but what I'm gonna do when I add the new ones as they crack them makes me cringe to consider.)

Random spread #2

Blender recipes!

I just did random spreads because there are way too many to show.

And some from the sandwich book. . .

That is probably more than enough. :)


Gawpo said...

Croly HAP! I love MuNKi. Look at that meal! Judging by the picture, he not only STEWED over what to make, but WINED about it until the dinner plates BREAD. Anyway you SLICE it, he sure didn't FORK up, probably because he didn't have time to get BOARD. And even though I think they should legalize POT, that vino is in a GLASS of its own.

Your TABLE relationship with the man has me GREEN with envy on the SURFACE.

ORANGE you glad I commented now?

armalicious said...

Oh dear. Gawpo's food puns are killing me.

I love those recipe books!! And those slippers look so warm and comfy!!

radioactive girl said...

You are making me really really want to learn to sew (without breaking the machine like I do now).

Holy cow! Those books are AWESOME!!!! My kids would kill for those. Well, I hope they wouldn't actually kill for them, I hope they would just covet them nonviolently. I'm going to need to work on copying your idea if that is ok.

Anonymous said...

oh my word... you are one seriously talented lady; I can barely see to thread a needle and if I sew a button back I feel amazingly virtuous

your stuff is ab brill

love ann

Anonymous said...

We've got a cast iron Dutch oven JUST LIKE YOURS!! :)

The stew looks yummy.

James has been making soups a lot lately. Chicken soup, then butternut squash soup with coconut milk and Thai spices.

tshsmom said...

I made sleeping bags like that for my daughter's Barbies when she was little. Somebody gave her a Barbie tent for Christmas and you MUST have sleeping bags in a tent.

Claire said...

You are one lucky lady to have a man who cooks! I am so jealous. Love the sewing projects too! Why do webkinz need recipes? WP isn't a computer girl, so I know very little about the webkinz thing.

Candace said...

Gawpo - I eat up your pus, Dude. ^_^

Armie - I couldn't believe how tiny the slippers came out. It's hard to believe baby feet can be that small, even though I know that they are. :)

Tori - I was inspired to really learn to sew by an online homeschooling friend who, in the space of 3 or 4 mos went from asking about how to learn to sew, to starting her own online biz selling stuff she made.

"Covet them nonviolently" ^_^ That's so funny. Yes, by all means, copy away!! :) We're all using the Prawn's here. ^_^

Ann - Thank you! I do love making stuff out of plain old fabric. Especially when it turns out! Of course, I have plenty of instances where stuff doesn't turn out as it should, too. ^_^

Cameron - Oh, I LOVE that Dutch oven! Any plans to post the butternut squash soup recipe? It sound mouth-wateringly delicious!

Tshsmom - Yes, a tent SCREAMS for sleeping bags. ^_^ I bet your dd got tons of play out of those. :)

Claire - I count my blessings every day, believe me. I LOVE that he cooks! And such yummy stuff. The best part is that he was raised in a non-adventurously eating household, but cooking has really broodened his horizons. It's totally awesome. ;)

One of the things you can do in Webkinz is buy a stove, blender and sandwich maker, as well as tons of foods. Then you can combine various foods in the various machines to make really cool-looking stuff. Homemade food gives your pet a lot more happiness, fullness and health points, and is just fun to make, but if you mix random stuff, chances are that you'll make "gunk," "gak," or "blech," depending on the machine you use, and your pet will eat it but not enjoy it or be restored much by ut. ^_^

Gawpo said...

You eat pus? Ew.

Candace said...

Oh eeeeeeeew! TYPO! TYPO!! And NO it was not Freudian in the least. Blechhhh.


tshsmom said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS Candace and family!!

Candace said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours too!! :)

egan said...

Look at all that scrapbooking. Damn cool stuff I must admit. You're a true talent and those kids of yours are rather lucky to have such a great mom.

Candace said...

Egan - aren't they just? ^_^ **snort**

Come build a snow fort with us. It's fun! But it's hard work, too. :-P