Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"You can tell we're geeks because we're composing Dr. Who episodes in Latin."

"Are you still employed?"

"Mater in horto herbum ingneus."


"Gavin Rossdale!" (*gasp*)

"My calves are sore!"

"It's Wednesday!" (exultant sigh of happiness)

"It really does look like a body."

"I got a great Bigfoot picture through the smoke."

"My calves are sore!"

"I still have a job."

"Which one of these is Jimmy Hoffa?" (there was a weird correspondence between a newly resurrected newspaper/headline/photo and our family's running joke)

"The Master!" (*swoon*)

"Eheu! Dominus ad est!"

"My calves are sore!"

"Euge, more like!"

"Where are the binoculars?!?!"

"Why is the rice purple?"

"The world's biggest land animal!"

"Lara, put fwoaty cwoaffee beens in tha potatuh coolah!"

"I'm sharpening my wit."

"Want some of my nutritious slop?"

"I'm covered in chocolate."


SM said...

My calves are sore, too! So are my biceps.

tshsmom said...

My calves are fine, but my back hurts like hell. ;)

Anonymous said...

My ankles are sore...

I also want to know why the rice is purple, and I want to know what looked like a body. I love these little snipits of conversations.

Candace said...

Armie - mu calves are STILL sore. Not sure whether it's from Monday or Tuesday, or a combo of both! ^_^

Tshsmom - snow shoveling much? ^_^

Kitkat - Like you, I've had 2 days since the activity and am sore! But for me, the 2nd day is always the worst anyway.

The rice was purple because we did 4 scoops of jasmine and 1 scoop of 6 grain rice that a friend gave me, which included black rice, which turned the whole pot purple!! It was yummy, though. And the body was a pile of leaves we were burning. We joke that Jimmy Hoffa is buried in our backyard, cuz the FBI was looking for his body in a nearby town (where we go to the pool) last year, and the garden we planted out back shortly thereafter looked suspiciously body-shaped. So now, things in the back yard often involve Uncle Hoffa if they are remotely body-sized or shaped. ^_^