Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nothing much

When I started blogging again, I had visions of making this more of a photo blog. Unfortunately, the computer I use for storing (and then uploading) photos is toast on a stick right now, so that's going to have to wait.

So today you get:

* no pictures

* no wine recommendations (because, seriously, what are the odds you're going to be able to find the same ones in your area, regardless of how good they are? Hell, I can't even find the Sacred Stone that was so great at the same store where I originally bought it.)

* no description of my super amazing electrono-gizmophone, because I don't have a cell phone, nor do I want one

* no MuNKi link.

OK so, I lied about that last one.


SM said...

I do love the MuNKi links.

maccandace said...

Well, I'm going to look for Sacred Stone now anyway. We love vino, exclusively.

And, um, thanks for the MuNKi link...I think.

I look forward to your photo computer's recovery and the publication of your novel!

Candace said...

SM did the MuNKi link work for you? It worked for me last night, but this morning it reverted to the main (horrid) site. Ack!

Candace - My sincere apologies. Yuck. I've tried to fix it.

SM said...

Ha! That was so not the link it went to when I looked at it last night.

egan said...

Obvious we love you.

GuTTer MuNKi said...

Now what did I do with those pics of Major Malfunction and General Discrepancy?

kitkat said...

I have delusions of grandeur about putting up photos too, but it never happens. I'm glad to hear you don't have a cell phone. I'm torn between not wanting one at all and wanting a superduper phone like a Blackberry.

Wine's good, though. Instead of giving us recommendation, some wine-induced blogging will suffice.

Candace said...

SM - I'm not sure what was up with the link changing. Blech. I switched it to a photobucket copy of the pic, but I can't see it because I think I accidentally blocked photobucket pics from my laptop and I haven't yet figured out how to undo that, LOL!

Egan - that's Captain Obvious. ^_^

MuNKi - Yes, we need to find the whole gang!

Kitkat - I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with no cell, LOL! Honestly, when I'm out and about with the kids, the last thing I want is someone bugging me about something. It drives me crazy that people bring them to the beach. :-P

Wine-induced blogging is always fun. :)