Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Wednesday Eve

Ahhhhh. Wednesday eve. Tomorrow is my Holy Day. My Day of No Commitments.

No doubt I'll be in the throes of rewrites, but perhaps I shall also make more soap. Shall I tell you about my last batch? I had Sweetgrass, which is a fantastic fragrance, amazingly similar to the real item. In case you're not familiar with sweetgrass, here's what Wiki has to say about it. Lovely stuff. I have a braid of it that I can never resist sniffing, and so I was forced to buy some when I saw it at Brambleberry.

I had visions of making a batch of pure sweetgrass scented soap for my mom and myself, and then selling leftovers at the co-op. But I didn't have enough of the oil, and honestly, what fun is soaping if you can't do some experimental mixing? So I mixed it with Black Tea, and that was really lovely. But I was still a little low on fragrance, so then I added chammomile, and I kinda wish I hadn't, though it still smells good. Live and learn. Such are the ups and downs of soapmaking. You have to be part chemist and part perfumer, and what doesn't work out, I hear you can grate and use in the washing machine.

For those of you interested in the books I mentioned on Facebook, I will be weeding out more tomorrow, so fear not; the list will be ready soon. For those of you who aren't on FB, LMK if you want a list of the books I'm getting rid of, free for the cost of shipping.

I've had the extreme pleasure of introducing my kids to Dr. Who recently. I've been a fan since 5 BCE (the 5th Dr, before Christopher Eccleston) and CE was their first Dr. Tonight I saw what is one of my all time favourite scenes. But now we are in mourning because we're out of episodes. At least ones that we can get our grimy mitts on.

And while we're on geeky admissions, Mollusc has informed me that today was Square Root Day. I'm not going to make any ROM bus or tuber jokes. I'll just say I hope you had a fair one.


Winters said...

I hope you're enjoying a blissful Wednesday devoid of obligation and strife, C. :)

Mathematical formulae provide the (theoretical) possibility for time travel. So, no square root day, no Doctor Who. See, it all fits! ;)

Candace said...

Thanks, S. It's been lovely. :) There was a world of possibilities open to me, and in the end I worked on the novel all day (with interspersions of internet-based procrastination.) But I loved every minute, and that's what Wednesday is all about. :)

Candace said...

PS, that is an excellent point you make on the mathematical plane!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very funny, it's nice to make the acquaintance of another Candace. We are few and far between, especially those of us with the genuine, Biblical spelling. Thank you for your compliments. I will bookmark your blog and continue to visit.

Candace said...

Thank you! :) And yes to the spelling! I got the "like Candice Bergen?" thing all through childhood. :-P

I'll be visiting your blog regularly for photo inspiration. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you get this "Candance"? That happens to me all the time and I just hate it!!!! I can't dance!!!!!! I don't want to dance!!!!!

Candace said...

OMG YES!!!! ALL the TIME! It drives me insane. It even said "Candance" on my 8th grade student ID card. :-P