Friday, January 21, 2005

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Well, not a whole heck of a lot is going on right now. I'm back to writing again, as planned. I have something almost revised that I wanted to get out by Friday, but may slip 'til Saturday. (children's picture book)

We had class and sparring today. That's always a blast! :o) I kicked my 1st poor sparring partner in the face, though. Yikes. I didn't mean to - I was just going for the head. John says my kick was right on, but he turned into it. Ouch. I felt my heel contact bone (spinning hook kick and it hit him in the cheekbone) and then he was just standing there all dazed for a while. Oops! :o( But he gave me a nice head shot, too (good thing we wear headgear!) so hopefully he feels better about that. :o)

I finally finished and mailed both calendars on Tuesday! WOO HOO!! So I made my first scrapbook page (2 pg spread) for MYSELF after that, and then I finally got to sew again.

I made a baby gown for a friend today - well I meant it to be for a friend - and it came out all wonky. I used a lap shoulder shirt pattern and just lengthened it for a gown.

As you can see, the neckline is all rippled. The instructions said to turn under and stitch, but that made it all wavy. Even washing and drying on hot didn't help. On top of it all, I serged on the elastic, and it gathered the bottom of the gown, but it was too weak to gather it once I'd turned it under for a finished edge, so I had to pick that out again. Shoulda made a casing. I guess it will be a dolly gown. :oP Some of the sewing mamas said to try clear elastic, so I'll have to find some of that.

I scored at the resale shop for Fishy today! Neat stuff I couldn't have made myself for the prices! I always love a good bargain! Sluggie got new tennies, too, for $6.50. That girl's feet are growing like crazy. Zoiks! Maybe it's just that she likes shoes so much she *thinks* she needs new ones. The girl does like her shoes... But I saw her pass up a pair of cute shoes that she liked today because they were too small, even though they were a size larger than her current ones! I think she may outgrow the Mollusc soon!

Mollusc went to the orthodontist and I was shocked yet again that they didn't recommend doing anything. (Have YOU ever known an ortho to pass up recommending any kind of treatment? That's like a shrink saying "OK, you're done. All Better. Bye-bye!") So she doesn't have to go back till next October, and both visits have been free. I'm a teensy little bit worried about that in the back of my mind. Wouldn't you be?

I still need to sew. Obviously the wonky baby gown would not satisfy my creative urges, and I need to make some kind of baby present, if I can just figure out what...

Prawn and her friend (the Master's daughter) did great at TKD today and both got stars on their foreheads (a big deal, believe me!) After that, they proceeded to decorate the dojang with bandaids and salve during the homeschool class. We all realised they had been WAAAAY too quiet. Little stinkers!

Still doing Flylady. Not sure if I'm doing it right... But I'm decluttering more and took in a load to the resale shop today. More goes on Mon if I'm on the ball. I also really need to post some of my goodies on eBay as SOAA auctions. I have a lovely purple cape, a fairy skirt, etc. that need to go.

I'm currently coveting a new camera. Turns out my old one is broken and that's why it's been giving me fits. What I really want is a Powershot Pro1. My uncle (a photographer) recommended it and I apparently have his and my dad's bloodsince I just LOVE to take pics, and am dying for an awesome camera with a superb lens like my old film camera, but digital. I also want a guitar. Must be entering the "creative" phase of my life... In the meantime, I need to get my current camera fixed, at least.

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