Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kaboom=the sound of your body hitting the floor when you pass out from the stench!

Here's a warning to all you people who might have been thinking about trying KABOOM cleaner. DON'T!!! Here's what I had to say about it in my epinions review:

How can I accurately relay my feelings of revulsion here? I thought this was supposed to be some kind of miracle cleaner. I finally broke down and bought some at Costco - 2 packaged together. First, I read the warnings. There are a LOT. Basically, it says everything short of "do not actually use this product." I don't know how I didn't see all that before. Maybe because those folks had cleverly packaged it so the warning labels faced each other and the bottles were then conveniently shrink-wrapped together. In spite of all the warnings, and against my better judgment, I figured I'd at least try the stuff - hey, if it's this caustic, it must be effective, right? Well good luck spraying the stuff. When I tried to squirt the stuff in my sink, it gouted out of the nozzle and flowed down my hand. A pitiful "after-spit" did barely spritzle my sink. I was then over come by a completely NAUSEATING MILDEW SMELL! Holy Cow! My first thought was that the kitchen towel I'd used to try to tighten the spray head (a pitiful and failed attempt to reduce flowage and enhance spritzle-age) must have really needed a wash. Even the bottle and the sink smelled like mildew. I have a very strong stomach, but I actually gagged. I let the sink sit while I dealt with the towel and then scrubbed out my sink. The result was no better than with plain old water. I was afraid to use any more spray just then, because I had a sneaking suspicion that the smell was actually from the "Kaboom".

Since this was a 2 pack, I figured I'd give it a fair shot by using the 2nd bottle in my bathroom. I sprayed the sink (this nozzle did actually work) and sure enough - KABOOM! - the stench of mildew once again filled my nostrils. BE WARNED! When the manufacturer labeled this stuff as having a "New Fresh Scent," they apparently neglected to point out that it's a "New Fresh MILDEW scent!"
KABOOM! There goes 6 bucks.

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Cheryl said...

"fresh mildew smell" now that's an oxymoron! I'll steer clear of that stuff - I can't stand mildew smell - or most caustic chemicals for that matter.