Saturday, January 29, 2005

Is That a Banana in Your Pocket?

What will they think of next? My friend and I were perusing the Not Martha site when we read about the Banana Bunker. Now, honestly, we could not help sniggering a bit - OK a lot - about this product. I mean LOOK at it! We even felt compelled to email it all the way downstairs to John, who was using the computer in his basement lair. He had pretty much the same impression we did. It's obviously a product that is intended to look very innocent - in case, say, your bags are being searched at the airport. No longer do you need to fear embarrassment at what might be pulled from your bag. "That? Oh, that!" *light laugh and toss of head* "That is simply my ribbed banana protector." At which point you open it and pull the banana from within with a flourish.

Perhaps you could even purchase it with an upgrade! "Why is there a battery pack attached? Ah, well, you see it's refrigerated! Yes, yes indeedy it is." Mmmmm hmmm!

Now, if you go to that Not Martha site (I'm going to make you go there if you want to see the other one because she has a great site) there's also a link to the Banana Guard I'm not sure I should share my thoughts on this G-spot other banana protector, so I will let you form your own opinions.

In other breaking news, it's cold here!!!! Yeeesh! It's not as cold as Wisconsin was, but it's cold enough. No, it's too cold. The kids are getting cabin fever. We took them all to sparring today, and even after an hour of lighting up their partners, they were all nimbly-bimbly when we were leaving the do-jang.

In light of the weather, I guess I need to get back into the sewing swing and make those Sew Baby slippers. Look for an S&S soon.

After that flop of a baby gown, I made myself some lounge pants. Suffice it to say that they had problems of their own. Sigh. I'm not feeling very sewing-savvy right now. I used something kinda veloury and forgot about nap when cutting, so the nap on the front goes one way, and the nap on the back goes the other. Wah! I decided on a whim to lettuce the bottom edges, and they have a fun flare-y look and feel. They're pretty comfy, but I feel like a dork about that nap issue.

I'm definitely in my "Blue Period" in scrapbooking. Out of the 5 layouts in my book, 3 are blue. Well, they're winter pics, and that's about all that seemed to work. I need to pull diff pics I guess...

On a totally unrelated note, I can no longer type the word "the." Instead, it always, ALWAYS comes out "teh." I hate that. I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I'll abbreviate it to just "t." Maybe I could start a new trend in blogging, or even REAL writing. "T quick brown fox jumped over t lazy dog." Hmm... I could be onto something. Think of all the ink and paper we'd save just by omitting the "h" and "e" in every "the" in a book. "Save a tree, use a "t!"" Yep, that could be my slogan. Or maybe "Get the he out of the." Remember, you saw it here, first!

Now it's late, and I need to get the he out of here. :o)

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