Monday, January 03, 2005

In Which All My Appliances Begin to Break

You know how bad things always come in threes? :-/

First it was the fridge. The door FELL OFF! Do not ever buy a Kenmore Elite refrigerator - I don't care WHAT Consumer Reports says! The fridge costs about $1000. The door costs over $800. I wonder how much the freezer door costs? Considering the main door price, I'm thinking $200 would not be out of the question. So why don't they advertise it as "buy these doors and get the fridge for free?" OK so the door fell off during the summer. John flipped it and rehung it so we'd get by until the service call. Thank GOODNESS it was still under warranty. They shipped a new door, which was beaten up, and then another new door, which the service guy hung for us. Now, a few mos later the part where the door mounts is cracked again. I'm so glad we were on the ball enough to do the extended warranty. But I don't get it. The kids don't hang on the door or push on it, or overextend it, so why is this happening? I guess cuz it's a piece of crap.

Next, enter the oven, stage left. It doesn't light. You turn it on, and the smell of natural gas fills the room, but no light. Fortunately, I discovered that this can be solved by beating the crap out of the oven. Care to guess how I came to that conclusion?

And, finally, the washer, not to be outdone, commited suicide. Now really, I ask you, isn't that a rather desperate plea for attention? Maybe a bit over the top? I certainly think so. John has fixed it twice before, but this was some electrical problem. So out comes Mr. Repairman and guess what? Because John has fixed it before (saving us a considerable amount of $) with parts that SEARS sent us, the Sears guy is "not allowed to touch it." OK, there is NO warranty to be voided here, so WHAT'S THE DEAL?!? Double sigh. For a family of 6, going washerless for the better part of a week is a Big Deal. Our options were 1) call someone else to fix it and possibly pay hundreds with no guarantee it gets fixed, 2)buy parts and start replacing via guesswork as to what could be wrong (with no guarantee it gets fixed) , and 3) buy a new washer. We went with 3. We are now destitute. On the lighter side, the one we wanted was on sale, had an additional rebate, and was bought before Jan 9th when the appliance prices will go up $50-$100 each due to rising steel prices. So we've got that going for us. I'm trying to focus on the positive things...

So today I asked Mollusc if she had clean undies for tomorrow. (New Washer Day!!) She said that she'd taken out today's, and, surprisingly, there was an unexpected, clean pair underneath for tomorrow. In her words, "it was kind of like Hannukah." Yep, it was The Miracle of the Clean Undies. ;o)

In Other Breaking News, John and I tested for (and received) our brown belts a few weekends ago. Woo hoo! We have been getting to do more free sparring on sparring night, too. Hooray! My jump-roping regimen is up to 3.5 mins, 30 sec or so break and 1.5 more mins. (still sounds kinda wussy, huh?) It has made a huge difference in my sparring stamina.

We went sledding at Kensington on Wednesday and had a blast! I still have a bruise on my bum. Which reminds me of a spectacular sparring bruise I got a few weeks ago. I'm not sure whether my "cup" saved me from a painful death, or actually caused the bruise. At any rate, it was a magnificent bruise, and I couldn't even show it to anyone, except for John. Wah!

I did sew a fair amount for Christmas - lots of lounge pants & fleece socks. Now I'm so busy scrapping calendars (yes, I know it's January!) for my mom and MIL, as well as revising stories, that I'm not sewing much. After my calendars are done I'll be able to sew more again. Yay! I'm also on a fabric fast, except for my gift card for JoAnn's (oh joyous JA's!)

I'm contemplating whether or not to invent New Year's resolutions to post. Maybe not. Then I'd be accountable. We wouldn't want that. ;o)

Hey, did I mention that our popcorn popper died, too?


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