Saturday, January 08, 2005

P.G. Wodehouse was a comic genius :o)

Holy cow, could that man write!! Douglas Adams wasn't kidding when he said that Wodehouse was "the greatest comic writer of all time." I lie in bed reading those books and just cracking up. Jeeves and Wooster books are my faves so far. And I can SO see the influence in Douglas Adams's writing. Sigh. :o) There's just nothing quite like the pleasure of having a good book waiting for you, is there?

Now, for those awaiting the latest with bated breath, I shall press on lest I disappoint...

We went sledding at Kensington park again today. We bought our 3rd annual membership sticker for the park. It doesn't seem like we've been here that long. Sledding was a blast, though I'll prolly have bruises on my bum all over again. I'm eyeing up that extra piece of chair cushion foam in my sewing room pretty seriously now. I know it would fit in my sled. :0P

So my friend and I are scrapping calendars (yes, STILL!) for our moms and MILs. I thought October was in the bag, but I got socked over the melon with a bad case of the dreaded Scrapper's Block. Argh! It's just not coming together the way I wanted it to. Cute pics, but too much white space (wall backround in the pics and if I silhouette the pics they're gonna look dorky.) I think I'm going to just emboss a bunch of pumpkins and fill in the spaces. I dunno. She and I are both down to about a page a day, and unless you're an addict or somthing that is not a Good Thing. I wonder if there ARE addicts. I wonder if there's some kind of Betty Ford Clinic for scrapaholics. "Hi, I'm Betsy and I'm a scrapaholic. My last layout was 2 weeks, 2 days and 4 hours ago, and I didn't see my family for 3 days. The kids ate fruit snacks and dirt, and I actually gave the baby a box of matches to play with. He set the curtains on fire, which was not cool, but I threw them in the swimming pool, and I did get some great pictures for a House Fire layout."

My friend and I went to the scrapbook store yesterday (no matter HOW MUCH stuff you have, you always need "something else" when you have a specific project!) and we walked in with our herd of 5 kids, collectively. The lady at the register said, "Wow! That's a lot of kids! Are they all yours?" Nope. We just thought we'd borrow a bunch of kids on a school day and take them to the scrapbook store to hinder us while we shop. :oP I almost told her it was a homeschool field trip day, but I wasn't sure how that would go over, so I refrained. The kids were really good though (of course they were! They got to watch Star Wars while we shopped. I have turned them ALL into Star Wars Geeks - even the one that's not mine! :o) ) and while I was rounding up the kids and my friend was checking out, the lady told her "the kids were really good - very quiet! To tell the truth, we were all a little afraid when you all came in." Bwa ha ha ha!!!

After shelling out all my food money for supplies (what problem? ;-) OK it wasn't really quite that bad) we went swimming at the pool at my friend's apartment. Wow. It must have been too long since we last went. Prawn (age 3) started the Series of Weird Questions and Comments by asking if we were going to wear our clothes for swimming. Nope, we're going to wear swimming suits. OK. A while later she wanted to know if we'd be wearing our coats. Nope, just our swimming suits, babe. OK, she was good with that, but what about our boots? Did we plan to wear our boots for swimming? Uh, no. We don't need to wear our boots for swiming. Then, when we got to the pool it was Gogo's turn. (he's 5) We were all ready to jump in and he kinda pulled me aside and informed me "I'm not wearing any underwear." snickersnort! I told him that was just fine, he wasn't supposed to. And that's when I really knew we had to get out to the pool more!

In spite of being fish out of water for so very long, we all had a great time, and my friend got some really good pictures at the pool. I'm pretty sure we can crop out the charred curtains in the background.


It's late enough that it's the 8th now. Happy Birthday, Daddy. I miss you! Hope you're jammin' with Bach and Mozart. :o)

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Kym said...

"Nope. We just thought we'd borrow a bunch of kids on a school day and take them to the scrapbook store to hinder us while we shop. :oP"

ROTFLOL! You crack me up! This is Kymmi from the swap, I asked for your blog link. I'm also a blogger ( and a scrapper (could relate to the food money going for supplies *LOL*). I've always enjoyed your posts on the swap so I'm bookmarking your site. I'll be back to visit soon!