Monday, May 14, 2007

Any Wagers

as to how long I can go on without posting?


D'oh! ~_~

OK, well, now that I'm here I may as well say something. Sorta.

We put in a paver patio by our front walk and it was backbreaking work. Without the help of good friends, we'd never have gotten done in time to get the rental compacter and brick cutter back before we had to pay for another day.

They look GREAT! Pictures to follow once I do something about planters at the edges. ^_^

Life has been seemingly hectic for the last week. I'm hoping things will settle down soon. I'm not sure that they will though. Holy Wednesday has been defiled by the necessity that I teach after school class at 3:00. However, it should only be for a few weeks. Then it will be defiled for the whole summer by kids' sparring. O_O On the plus side, the Bigs will be attending 3 hours fewer per week. And the Littles can take class together, so instead of having to try to get to 4 different age group classes, there will just be three. I hope. Unless I'm still needed to teach the 3-5 year old class.

OK. Enough rambling.

MuNKi has been making fabulous food and bread. We've had sleep-overs the last 2 weekends. The sun is shining, the peas are growing, and I think the tomatoes bought the farm due to frost.

I guess I need to face the fact that my blog is pretty much only rambling.


The kids are watching Spirited Away, which I definitely recommend, as long as you're OK with bizarro surreal weirdness.

Oh, and I finally caved and bought a Swiffer, something like 7 years after everyone I knew was going nutso over them. I just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger because of the expense for all the pads. I think people found that a bit laughable. I'm still not big on the idea of buying cleaning pads to use once and throw away, though, so I bought microfibre cleaning cloths at the dollar store. They ROCK! Yay! :) Those things used to be somewhere between $8 and $24 when they came out. Now they're 2 for $1. Who's laughing now?


Trundling Grunt said...
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Trundling Grunt said...

I've been making bread and noticed that it seems to go down faster than I can bake it - apparently Mr Happy and SWMBO like it. Damn my good baking!

tshsmom said...

We laid 72-16"x16" pavers last summer...I feel your pain!

LMAO about the Swiffer! I'm the same way: too much money and an ecological waste to boot. My SIL bought me a dry Swiffer for my kitchen. Guess what? 2 used dryer sheets fit perfectly on it and work like a charm!

I got 4 microfiber cloths FREE at Menards with a rebate. I paid $15 for my first one, years ago. :(

Claire said...

Oh dear Candace with 4 kids you MUST get over feeling bad about throwing away anything! hahaha!
Sorry about your tomatoes.
Happy Belated Mother's Day! Mine was fantabulous...

Winters said...

I have nothing in particular to say, yet I feel the irresitible urge to comment on your every post, C.




fall over

egan said...

Wow, you're alive. Many bloggers have been dropping like flies recently. I was afraid you were another casualty.

ARM said... husband loves his swiffer thing. It's also a vacuum or some shit. I don't know.. I'm not a cleaner...he is.

We've missed you mucho!

Candace said...

TG - OMG there is nothing like fresh-baked bread. MuNKi has been making mostly French, Vienna, and Le Pain Ancienne or something like that. Yow - SOoooo yummy! Good thing I exercise, that's all I can say!

Tshsmom - were your fingers rough and sore afterwards? Oh, and my bum muscles and the backs of my thighs, and my back. Whew!

Free is ALWAYS good. What a deal! :)

Claire - I just can't bring myself to pay that much for something I only use once. But the microthinggies are working great! Hooray! I'm not sure if the 'maters are totally dead. The stems might live. Can a tomato plant make a comeback if all the leaves die? I know it will make photosynthesis kinda hard. . . :-P

Thanks! I did have a good Mother's Day. We looked for paver things to build planters with. ^_^
Glad yours was great! :)

Winters - Heh! I've had that problem on your blog, but usually because you've swept me away with your bizarre and intriguing universe. ^_^

Egan - just barely. Sometimes I seriously think about pulling the plug. It's much easier to blog in the winter.

Amanda - Mine is just a stick with a rectangular head, basically. It's very good for getting right up to the baseboards and under the edge of the fridge. I'm not really a cleaner, either. I just do enough to keep Child Services at bay. ;)

I miss everyone.

egan said...

I hear you, the longer days are nice. Blogging definitely drops off during the summer months. I will take a sporadic Tall Chick over none at all any day.

tshsmom said...

Yup; scraped, jagged nails too. :(