Friday, May 04, 2007

Mini Post

~I can do 400 situps now. Turns out if you do them in batches of 50 with 10-20 second breaks, you can just keep on going. :) I only have to do 150 for blackbelt testing, so no sweat there as long as I keep this up.

~I can do 150 pushups but it's not pretty. I need to work on those.

~I took some bird pics today that I think are going to look pretty decent. Maybe I can get them up tonight.

~I sheared Fishy's head for the summer. After the first 3 passes with the buzzer, I sent him in to show MuNKi, who was properly disconcerted. ^_^ Now I have to go out and paint blue arrows on his head. Later, dudes!


Winters said...

Your sit-up prowess astounds me, C.

Perhaps if you shaved your head you could do 500?

Claire said...

400 situps after four kids! You ARE the most amazing woman, ever...

ARM said...

You are hilarious. That's a great MuNKi link and did you take a pic of Fishy after the first 3 passes of the buzzer? I wants to see!

"Turns out if you do them in batches of 50 with 10-20 second breaks, you can just keep on going." For me, if I do them in batches of 5 with 1 minute breaks, I can do about 40 total. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating the breaks, but I can really only do about 40 total. But it's better than being able to do only 10 like I was a year ago!

Candace said...

Winters - I can sit all day. ^_^ I have seriously considered shaving my head. Or at least thought about considering it.

Claire - And still I have this little roll of belly pudge that refuses to leave. *sigh*

Arm - I thought about taking pics, but sadly, did not. I might take some "arrow head" pics, tomorrow, though.

Oh, there's a secret to the situps. The secret is: jam your feet under the bottom of the couch. It helps a LOT. Of course, everyone develops their own technique. Mine is to put a couch cushion on top of my feet, and then jam the whole works under the couch. Oh, and listen to Regina Spektor's "Apres Moi" because it has the perfect timing. It has become known as "the situp song" at our house. I guess for me, the refrain should be "I must go on sitting." ^_^

egan said...

By jamming your feet under the couch, aren't you cheating a bit since you're using quads more than your abs? Just asking Tall Chick.

No matter what, I'm hella impressed. 150 pushups, you're there. You're making great progress and clearly healing.

Candace said...

It would be, except that for testing we take turns holding each other's feet, so I'm training to do them the way I'm going to have to. :)

I can jump off my left foot now for the jump snap kick in my form. Now I just need to get to the point where I can land on it, for the mirrored kick.