Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The boy's father showed up and stayed for class today. That was a first.

Did he watch and take notes so he could help his kid study? No. He sat there reading a book.

Oh well, at least he showed, which is more involvement than he's ever shown before.

And now, because laughing is good medicine, I give you: Extremely Cute Baby and his Goofy Sounding Dad: (note - this is not my vid, nor is it one of my children, though I think I'd take him in a heartbeat. ^_^)


Gawpo said...

He's got the Hong Kong Phooey going pretty good. What a riot!

egan said...

Do you feel better yet Tall Chick?

ARM said...

That kid's laugh is hilarious! He even does the silent laugh thing...too funny.

I wonder what made the boy's father show up to class?

Candace said...

Gawpo - Isn't that a scream? ^_^

Egan - I always feel better after I laugh. I have to teach the boy again today, so I'm hoping his mom doesn't show up because I really don't want to get into it with her.

Amanda - The silent laugh got me, too. I usually associate that with older kids or adults. ^_^

I don't know why he came. MuNKi suggested that maybe they thought we'd treat their son poorly after Mommy's tantrum. I really don't know.

Slade said...

oh my gosh how incredibly cute that is! Thank you for makes me more excited that Slade will be here soon!

Anonymous said...

A brilliant kid-vid, C If they were all like that, the world would be even more massively over-populated than it is, but a great place to be. :)

Claire said...

Reminds me of long ago... laughing babies are the best.

egan said...

Did the mom show up or not?

Candace said...

Slade - It won't be long now. :) (though it might seem like forever right up until then. :-P )

Winters - too true, Winters. Especially if they all had dimples. Genetic, isn't it? ^_^

Claire - There's no way I can watch stuff like that with out breaking out into the biggest grin. ^_^

Egan - nope. :) Yay and hooray!! Dad showed up AGAIN *gasp* and I think he was taking pictures with his cellophone. Or maybe vid. (can you do that?) Shocker! No, Egan, not that kind. Geez. Get your mind outta the gutter.