Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fields of Chives

I think I planted 2 of this kind. One of them was planted across the sidewalk from the spot shown below. ^_^ I do love self-propogating plants. If you get a chance to eat chive flowers, by all means, do! They have a complex flavour that comes in 3 or 4 waves. Very tasty!

I think this is supposed to be a weed, but I've decided to call it a flower. Do you think if I nurture it, it will die?

My current "artistic" project is making an herbal of sorts - a book to keep track of all my herbs and other garden plants, lists of what needs to be done to them and when, and all of their various uses and properties. I'm having fun making the cover pages for the herbs.

But it doesn't have to be a completely serious undertaking. ^_^

If you have any fun herb quotes that I can include, please let me know.

In other news, I've sparred twice since spraining my ankle. It seems to set me back just a little, but not badly. I'm trying not to hit with any spinning back kicks.

Sluggie has a job being a Mommy's Helper for a second family, which I may or may not have mentioned. Today she got paid to swim in their pool. (yes, Mom was present!) Lucky girl! :)

Mollusc has changed her research paper topic from ravens to bats. Today I took her to the birdseed/feeder store to interview the Audubon lady there who fosters orphaned/hurt bats. The woman said she asked some great questions. :) She had a darling baby bat to show us. She had just fed him and he wanted to hang out with her instead of going back into his little tent. Very, VERY cute. :)

I'm currently reading Lety's Gift for review, and it's great! I have another of her books -- Passup Point -- coming for review, too. And I'm still chowing through Outlander #5. Whew!

Last night on a spur-of-the-day thing, we had a bunch of TKDers over after sparring for a pancake supper. What a blast! :)

We have the new Avatar DVD, so now it's time for an Avatar fest.


ARM said...

We've been missing you!!

I love the catnip page. that Tim Curry?? I can't see the little photo very well.

How do I get a job that will pay me to swim in a pool? Seriously...sign me up!

egan said...

Yes, we've been missing you. In fact Arm and I have been stalking your internet wanderings. Are bats cute? Your plantings look very good. Yes, sign me up for the swimming job.

Candace said...

Amanda - Yep, that's Tim Curry. ^_^ I was trying to make a bigger picture, but sometimes Adobe lies about size. I'm not sure why. But then I decided I liked it tiny like that. ^_^

Isn't Sluggie a lucky girl? And she makes more money than I do. And the little boy (1 yr old) she takes care of is super cute and loves her to death. :)

Egan - Yo! Bats are, indeed, very cute. :) This one was naked and tiny, and squeaky, and craning his little bat neck all around. ^_^

Want some chives?

Is it not the coolest to make money swimming? Usually we have to pay if we want to swim in a pool. :)

egan said...

I would love some chives. Basically anything from Candace I want... wait that sounds rather naughty. I miss having her around, but life calls. Have a great evening.

Candace said...

Do you have a place to plant them? I could make you a dirty package. Well, earthy dirt. I could make a dirty package, too, but I don't think I should combine them.

Naughty is never a bad thing, is it?

egan said...

Nope, never a bad thing to be naughty. I mean really, it doesn't matter one bit. I have a spot to plant them on the south side of our house. Plus I would love some other homemade goodies from Tall Chick.

ARM said...

I think the smaller picture is clever. Besides, it's probably more obvious when looking at it in real life rather than a picture. Tim Curry rules.

Sluggie is very lucky. When I used to watch kids (I only did this for one summer, mind you...I got bored with it easily), no one had pools yet and there were no public pools to go to close by.

Do chive flowers taste different than chives themselves? Is it like eating a dandelion (texture-wise)?

I snorted at the dirty package comment. You so funny, Tall Chick!! We really have missed you! But like Egan said, life calls and I understand that. In fact, I'm jealous and wish that I had wonderful plants to plant and herb scrapbooks to make instead of sitting at my desk all day!

Candace said...

Egan - excellent! :) I shall attempt to be creative. :)

Amanda - I adore Tim Curry. :)

The flowers are very chivey but with something extra - kind of peppery. They're very complex. Texture-wise it's hmmm - a tiny bit papery. I can't think of something to compare it to. Maybe I'll come up with something.

Everyone should get a dirty package now and then. Hmm, there's probably a package pun in there somewhere. . .^_^

egan said...

I have a large package, for what it's worth.

tshsmom said...

Your garden book puts mine to shame. I keep scrawled notes in a spiral notebook with seed packets and tree labels taped to the pages. Some pages are a bit muddy, as I write in the book as I'm planting. :(

ARM said...

I'm going to have to try a chive flower now. Would they taste good on a baked potato with sour cream, cheddar cheese & bacon?

And Egan's comment is what I was waiting for with the package bit. Right on target.

Candace said...

Egan - I know. I could tell in that photo of you when you rode for the Polish Olympic bicycle team.

Tshsmom - Hey, at least you HAVE a garden book! I'm only just starting one. And right now it hasn't even got any useful info. ^_^

Amanda - Oh yes, they are WONDERFUL on baked taters. Oh, I'm so hungry now.

Haha! That's what she said. Or something. . . ^_^

egan said...

No, let's not revisit the Polish Sausage Cycling team photo. I had nightmares for a week.

Claire said...

I grow pumpkins for their flowers. I feed them to my Iguana. She might also like chive flowers. It is hot as hell here in the summer, will they bolt?
Love your garden books.
Baby bat, awwww...